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Blues January 18, 2005

Googleshng - 4:00 EST

OK, let's try this one today... needs work but I'll deal with that later. Anyway, I just got a christmas present from someone... from last christmas. A Megumi Hayashibara CD. It's full of upbeat J-Pop by one of the more unsettling Japanese voice actresses out there. When I popped it into my computer, I saw that all tracks therein were classified by the CDDB as "Blues" for some reason. I'm rather curious about the person who uploaded that information. I mean, what else does he listen to that this sounds like Blues in comparison?

What the heck is the point of this? I have an intro blurb sitting right there...

An Opening!

…….Hey goog, hey Andrew, hey guest's I've been playing SH2:Covenent for 6 hours or so now. The looks are quite good, the music is nostalgia inspiring, and the fights are ok -.ĐI do hate the fact that I have to pay attention to every battle I play, it gets old, fast

?The question is….who did the translation on that thing

…With such classic out takes like "we will take it even if we have to fight a demon itself"….they got to be new to the business…..well ?.are they

he who type with nine fingers


OK... first off, while I don't recall that particular line, you're hardly in any position to pick on anyone's writing style. Midway translated the game though, as it says on the package.

As for your first comment... that doesn't parse. You'd rather not have to look at the screen during battles? Why don't you just watch a movie instead of playing a game then?

Ys N Mby

QNA peeps, Here's my question, how come no one is talking about the upcoming Ys game, ark of napishtim? It looks amazing to me. I've never played an Ys game but I've read and followed them and this one looks very well done. It's also very rare to see an action adventure game on the PC that is based like this one, it's like a souped up zelda game for the computer. The graphics and sound are scoring very well with reviewers, the game play looks like it has a lot of fun factor in it as well. This is also the first action/adventure RPG that maintains 2 D environments but amazing backgrounds and graphical environments I've seen in a while. So what are your thoughts on this game, is there a reason no one is talking about it? I recently started paper mario as well, and I must say, it's great, and hilarious, when mario turns into a flat piece of paper and walks all flimsy-like, HILARIOUS flimsy-like, how's that for descriptive Anyway, thoughts?
Thanks for reading as always!
Doug Mcslug


I'm guessing nobody is talking about it because, well, you just described just about every game in a series that's been around for something like 20 years now, and not a particularly popular one at that. As for Paper Mario, yes, quite good that.

Quotes and Deals

The new quote is from Super Mario RPG...Booster says it, I believe. Oh, that crazy Booster.

By the way, do you know anything about the preorder bonus DVD that's supposed to be coming with Xenosaga II, the one with all the major cut-scenes from the first? I thought it was just a regular preorder deal, but neither Gamestop nor EB Games has any clue what I'm talking about. Do you know anyone who's gotten one, or if indeed the major chains will be carrying it? What's goin' on?

- Feep "Drugs are bad"


I have a little piece of spam from EB sitting right here pointing this deal out, so you just have a local store full of clueless employees, like a lot of people.

And here's your tilde. ~ And some for everyone else who got it: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Not everything is about Jesus.

Ok...granted, it's been a while since I've played through FFVII. But the possible allusions towards Christianity seemed a little off base in one regard: Aeris was never "reborn." She died, and never came back. The brief glimpse of her at the end was just as a memory of her. It was more of an "in honor of her actions" moment than "she came back" moment. I can't be the only person who thinks the idea of her coming back is absurd.'s the question....the ending CGI scene (you know...the one after the credits)...was the human race obliterated? That's what I always thought. Bugenhagen made the comment at one point in the game that ultimately, the planet would decide if humans are good or bad. In my opinion, it looked as though the planet decided it would ultimately be better off without humans, and thus saved itself by wiping out the uman race.

An RPGfan


As I understand it, not all of humanity was wiped out, just those in Midgar... so what? 90%? The message is somewhat lost in the glowing lights though, isn't it.


Another day, another column... another Resident Evil game. Woo!
Sometimes, an Googleshng is just a cake.

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