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Googleshng - January 17 '05- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

OK. We still don't seem to have an Official New Look for subsections, but I have a template to switch to once we do. Since it requires images that aren't in place though, we're sticking with the old one today it seems.

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Hey Google
About Vandal Hearts 1 & 2, 2 was much longer, had an interesting strategy but had a too complicated battle system (too much prediction was needed instead of strategy). VH1's story was good too and so were the battles. What I didn't like about 2 was that *SPOILER* the Vandal Hearts sword has NOTHING to do with the main story, and the ending (why did Adele had to die even after Yuri became "good"?) * END SPOILER* I did like the Vandelier thing from VH1, though
My Tales of Phantasia EVER coming to US shores? And I just got to disc two of Baten Kaitos.....sure it has some lack of character development (just what are their REASONS for joining Xelha on her journey?) but the battles are interesting and the bosses are hard. Why didn't it get the attention it deserves? Well, enough ranting.

Why isn't Baten Kaitos as popular as it should be? Well, there's a lot of things which I'm sure contribute. There's the card based battle system, that turns some people off. There's the fact that it's from the makers of Xenosaga, that turns off another group. Screens featuring whipped cream mountains topped with cherries will lose you a lot of other people. Then there's the wings losing you a handful more... mainly it's a question of developer fans and concept fans clashing here.


So, have you been keeping track of Phantom Kingdom?
It looks like quite an interesting departure from Nippon-Ichi's last two games, mainly because it appears to be much larger scale.

Well, that's just the impression I'm getting. Smaller sprites, building buildings...

Plus, you know, Prinnies piloting mecha.

Makes me wonder, though. N1 seems to be the industry leader in tactical RPGs as of late. Are there any others on the horizon?


Well, there's an Arc the Lad here, and a Fire Emblem there... Nippon Ichi just has density going here. As for PK looking like a departure, I wouldn't say that. Granted, I actually have some idea what it'll play like, instead of the head scratching their last two games produced, but I expect it to have the same basic feel.

Itty Bitty Gnosisity

hey goog

I am really enjoying Xenosaga episode 1 and am very excited about xenosaga ds. SO what do you think the chances are of xenosaga ds coming to the states??

Well, like darn near every RPG since 1998 or so, I'd say the odds are quite good.

Opinions may vary.

Greetings, whoever recieves and prints this letter,
I've been considering getting into the Suikoden series, but there's no way I'm blowing $100+ on 2. Should I pick up 3 or 4 as an introduction to the series, or maybe avoid them altogether? Also, I tend to take critics with a grain of salt, so I ask you; What critically acclamed game have you hated, and are there any games you've liked despite being panned?

Well, I'm at something of a disadvantage here, because I'm part of the big ol' game criticism machine, but sure, I can toss a couple out here. SaGa Frontier isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be in my book, and at the time at least, critics were in love with Vagrant Story. I think you know where I stand on that one, right?

As for Suikoden, I'd play'em in order. It'll probably cost you less, Suikoden 2 has some unlockable fun if you have a Suik 1 save, and it's generally agreed to be downhill from there besides.

The Last Laugh:

Don't forget kids, it's about a month until NonCon... and hey, their web page hasn't gone down yet this year. Knock on wood...

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