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Googleshng - January 13 '05- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Not as ominous, is it.

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Japan One

Phantom Brave Spoiler (maybe) [Bonus Battle: Laharl, Flonne & Etna, Laharl]

Hey Goog/Cast/unexpected Host,

What do you think of Phantom Kingdom? I know there isn't much info out on it, but with the new screens, it's looking pretty sweet (like Fried honey-barbecue Prinny sweet)!! I know you beat Phantom Brave a while back (Goog), but did you defeat Laharl and the other Netherworld battles? If so, what level were you at the time? Anyways, the new design's pretty neat, but the warm colors aren't so easy on the eyes.
keep on slimin', V

Give the world a lift if you've got room cause mine's a two seater

I did a few of them, but then got sucked back into getting everyone their best possible weapon in Disgaea. As for my levels, well, it's pretty much a huge span between various characters. I think out of the ones I actually use there might be a 50 level gap.

It's a slow day.

To Google,

I thought I'd just throw in a comment about emoticons and Tales of Symphonia. As much as I like them, one emoticon that never grew on me was those dashed red lines in speech bubbles that indicate that the character is blushing. It just looked really silly to me. Every time I see this, I'd say "If they want to show that character blushing, why don't they just color his/her face red? It can't be that hard."

My point exactly.

Past Present and Future

Hey Q&A Guys:

With the higher storage capacities of HD-DVD and Blu-ray, I would like to see studios release compilations of their games (especially ones I have missed the first time around) for the new consoles. There is always a new generation of gamers, so it would be nice for them to play games before their time. Plus the money the companies make on the compilations can go towards development of new games.

I personally would like to see these compilations:

Final Fantasy: FF7, FF8, and FF9 (A graphical update would be nice too, but that may be asking Square-Enix too much.)

..hack Series: 1, 2, 3 & 4.

- Ratch & Clank: 1, 2 & 3
- Jak and Daxter: 1, 2 & 3

What do you think would make a good compilation?

Most of what you just listed are games which just came out within the last year or two. They don't need remakes. In fact, at this point, I don't think anything really does, since every major RPG developer has been spending the last few years steadily cranking out remakes and ports of their older games. I just want some new stuff.

And speaking of new consoles and higher capacities, I feel these new technology are somewhat double-edged swords. Everybody expects better graphics... well, higher production in general, but all this takes time, a lot of time and at increasing rate, especially for RPGs! Some games take what, three or four years? So what about games for the next consoles, five, six or seven years? Well, since I should ask a question, how do you think these new technology will impact the future generation of RPGs?

Thanks for reading!



Uh... no? A year to a year and a half tends to be a good approximation of the average game's development time, and has been for years. Better hardware isn't going to slow that down. Poorly designed hardware could, but that's hardly better. Honestly speaking though, in terms of graphics, at this point everyone who really cares can create amazingly detailed models, and then just reduce the polygon count as needed, so upping the numbers they have to work with shouldn't really affect anything.


In regards to the discussion of emoticon bubbles used in RPG's, specifically regarding comments about Tales of Symphonia, I just thought I'd point out that ToS uses the bubbles in addition to facial expressions and gestures, so they weren't taking a lazy way out. For instance, Lloyd will close his eyes and hang and shake his head with a sweatdrop bubble overhead, or Sheena's eyes will widen and she'll put a hand to her mouth in addition to having a blush-lines bubble.

- Ju

That's all well and good, but I'd still prefer to see, say, a character blushing than see a character nodding with a little (this person is blushing!) label over his head. Mind you, you could have him actually blushing AND call undue attention to it, as that sort of thing is funny.

The Last Laugh:

There we go, another week, another pile of questions answered, another weekend for me to obtain and play the heck out of a new Resident Evil game. Whee.

Googleshng "and don't forget NonCon folks!"

Or else!

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