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Googleshng - January 12 '05- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Hey, zombies are in the mail! Woo!

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Dodongo Dislikes Smoke

Hi there Goog or Cast if this is late or guest host person... yeah...

Anyway since I'm playing through an anime RPG that sadly got a really poor translation...

So I was wondering what are some other RPGs that got the short end of the translation stick? Simply because it's fun trying to guess what the story was really about... and garbled engrish is always funny

I know Wild Arms 2 would be on the list so what are some other RPGs that had a slacked on translation?

Also I hope the font on the site gets a bit larger in the final stages of redesign, it's a bit tough on my poor eyes

Arros Raikou

Well, I assume we're ignoring all the games predating the expectation of a coherent translation, so that leaves at the top of my list: Everything else ever localized by Sony, and Illusion of Gaia. Oh yes, and Robopon. Most early Square stuff for the PSX was pretty bad too really.


Hey Google,

From your column yesterday, how you said " In the meantime, there's still Wild ARMs, Shadow Hearts, and Skies of Arcadia for the rest of us." in response to the persons remark about how games are becoming nothing but graphics(and yes, yes they are,) I'd say that Wild ARMs and Skies of Arcadia are probably the best choices to choose out of the new generation titles that have been released that still keep good gameplay(even though Skies of Arcadia isn't really new generation.) I have to say that Legaia 2 even though not as good as the original was a really great game as well and I don't see why someone would dislike it because of the lack of a world map. The story isn't really that good, but it is decent, and battles you can setup some good combination of arts depending on the size of the enemy, as well as if you need AP or not as well, so it's pretty diverse.

Also, you already mentioned it in the opening of Q&A, but yeah, why are you guys changing the sites design? I thought that even though RPGamer didn't have as much coverage as I'd like on a few games(little to none,) and a little too much on others, the reason I liked the site so much is because of the awesome site design. How come its being changed? I know that you guys may feel like it should be changed being a new year, or the fact that it's been like that for a long time, but is there another reason behind it?

That's it pretty much really. After 5 years of looking at the same thing, people got tired of it. Plus it gives some encouragement to put through some other changes that have been in the works for the last 7 years or so.

Seeing that you like Resident Evil, I just wanted to ask what your favorite(s) and worst games in the series. I just recently started playing Outbreak again, and while not nearly as good as Resident Evil 2(the best in the series,) I don't really see why many people don't like it, because the game is pure survival, and the fact that there are five scenarios doesn't lower the games replay value, because how long does it take to beat the other Resident Evil titles? A little over and hour and a half to three hours(depending on whos playing and which game you're playing,) so it's not really different in respect to that(and yeah, this isn't RPG related.)

-andrew- -kupomogli-

I've never met anyone who didn't agree that 2 was the best in the series (although I'm sure making this statement will change that). As for the worst, I'll have to go with 3 I think, but honestly speaking, if you took out the obscene overabundance of ammo, 0 could probably step in. Outbreak meanwhile I think is underrated just because people haven't actually checked it out. The multiplayer notion wasn't a good idea, but what it actually turned out to be is nifty.

I am, of course, ignoring the existence of those gun games and outsourced GBC thing here.

The first rule about Wolf Bout is...

Hey, Goog,

In response to what you said about emoticons in text boxes being unforgivable in RPGs, I agree -- for the most part.

The one instance of this that I have seen where it worked to have emoticons in a character's speech was in Shadow Hearts 2, in an optional 1v1 fight against an alien wolf. The wolf can't speak "Earth Wolf," so it communicates in Japanese emoticons. I thought this was really funny and made progressing that far into the Wolf Bout sidequest worth it.

Well, that and the Soul Comet hit, but that's beside the point.


Yes, that's an obvious exception. And is it just me, or is everything about Blanca even crazier than what came before?



I promised myself i'd never write emails with know-it-all comments (especially since I JUST had a small debate about this the other night) but i must make a comment on emoticons in RPG's...

More specifically, the emoticon type in RPG's such as Tales of Symphonia. It is my understanding that these types (large sweat drop, steam lines, strange plus-shaped vein of frustration, etc.) are an artistic part of certain anime styles. ToS is clearly an anime-style RPG and i think without them it just doesn't have that zany, often tension-breaking element that so many animes have (think Trigun, Tenchi, blah blah blah). This is just another reason why ToS is so great.

Now, money and polygons may have a touch of influence but i don't think that is the reason those types of emoticons are included in anime style RPG' for those smileys in lines of text....guh!

Thanks mate!


If you have nice high detail faces for your characters, and you want to throw sweat drops and eye sparks and that blue shaded effect to indicate moods, that's all well and good. If you're putting those in speech bubbles over their heads though, you should be trying harder. Heck, FF6 managed that sort of thing, working with only 16 pixels. Incidently, this is probably the only time it would make sense to link to this.

The Last Laugh:

One element of this redesign that hasn't been implimented yet is the proper placement of the Q&A link on the main page... this seems to be having a noticable effect.

Googleshng "Over here!"

Right by the uh... bios? The heck?

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