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Googleshng - January 6 '05- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

If the title makes any sense to you, you have my sympathy.

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Post Scriptum

Hey Goog,

I'm a big PSO fan, I recently bought the GC BBA and started playing online. I've made a few friends, played the online quests and generally whooped up! I love it!

Last month, I found out that Phantasy Star Trilogy was being released for PS2 in February. I never had a Master System or Genesis so, I never got to play any of the games. I'm really overjoyed, espcially for the price... $19.99 for 3 games! It's a friggin' steal! And, it's nice that we don't have to pay for each one seperately like they are in Japan.

My only question is why doesn't it have PS3? I've heard a few things... I doesn't fit in with the story, Sega doesn't own the rights to it, etc. What's the real deal?

Also, is it true that the remakes of Phantasy Star 2 and 4 aren't even out in Japan yet. I know that they got PS1 already. Have they gotten the others remakes yet?


It would be safe to assume that they're all out if yon collection is, yes.

Anyway, PS3 was A- Outsourced to a different developer. B- Only connected to the actual games in the most marginal fashion. C- Not a particularly good game. You're not really missing out on anything.

People need to read more.

Hey Google,

Just wondering how you are liking World of Warcraft so far. I see you are playing as Undead -- what class is your character? Tried any other races or classes that you like? Thought about taking up any specific professions yet? I don't mean to drill you or anything, just curious. :) My main is an Undead Priest, who is a Tailor and Enchanter (she also fishes in her spare time), and I love her. But I'm also rather fond of my Night Elf Druid, who does skinning and leatherworking. I must say, the professions in this game are much more fun and affordable than crafting ever was in Final Fantasy XI!!

Anyway, have a good day. :)


Well, like it says in the only place I've really mentioned playing WoW... an undead warlock/tailor/skinner. And if you think tailor/enchanter is cheap, talk to me again when you're above expert.

Key Word: Point


" CAN'T make a game like Smash Bros. featuring RPG characters. The entire point of the game is that you have a diverse range of platformer characters each obeying their own personal rules, in a competitive environment. That just doesn't work in this context."

Marth, Roy, Ness, and Pikachu are all RPG characters put in a Smash Bros. game.

Kirby, Samus, the Ice Climbers, and the Mario Bros. cast are the characters from platformers. For the characters that weren't (Fox is from a flight simulator, Captain Falcon a racing game, etc.), Nintendo was still able to devise some special moves for them that were coherent with their character, like giving Fox a blaster. This was probably easier for the RPG characters, because for them, Nintendo did have some inspiration to draw upon when developing their special moves and making them work in a platformer environment.

I think this can theoretically be done for Square-Enix characters, too. In fact, if Square-Enix does try making a game like this as a way of capitalizing on their franchises (which they have been doing lately), my best suggestion would be to team up with Nintnedo, because they really know how to succeed in making this style of game in which you put characters from various genres into a fighting platformer. I also suggest that there should be an item like Magicite or Summon Materia that, when activated, will call a summon monster to use its powers to attack opponents, kind of like how the Pokeballs work in the Smash Bros. games.

Yes, there are characters in Smash Bros. who aren't from platformers, but you will notice they are in the minority, because again, the whole point of the game is the juxtaposition of the platform characters in a field where all their abilities function. The other characters are just tacked on extras. If you had such a game without the platform characters, you'd just have a Licensed Knockoff like *insert awful kart racing game here*.

When did I last mention Vandal Hearts 2?

I'm sorry. Can you rewind that for me? Vandal Hearts 2 "sucks"????? What is that about. It surpassed the original in every possible way. The music is better. The plot is better. The characters are better. The graphics are better. And, I'm tempted to say that the battle system is quite possibly the best in any TRPG. That dual system is ingenius. I guarantee you that if you asked most people who have played both, they would say that 2 is better than 1. could be have possibly enjoyed 1 more so than 2.

an RPGfan

P.S. The reason why 2 had nothing to do with 1 is because 1 had an awful plot that wasn't worth continuing.

Here are some of the issues I have with Vandal Hearts 2:

  • The unique gimmicky missions of VH1 are no where to be found. This should be the only reason I need to list.
  • Characters have no real unique qualities.
  • The graphics are awful. VH1 didn't exactly have appealing artwork either, but in my opinion, these are far worse.
  • The simultanious turn notion is an interesting CONCEPT, but the execution just doesn't work. When I take 2 steps backward and attack the air behind me while a monster walks into it and swipes at the air, this is not more realistic than taking turns, nor more strategic. This is just plain stupid. This one should also be enough of a reason by itself.
  • Length to variety ratio. See also point one.

The Last Laugh:

Bit of a sleepy week this, wasn't it. Here's hoping everyone is over their holiday vacation euphoria for the weekend.

Googleshng "Yaaaaaaaaay! I'm gonna be SICK!"

Why is there BACON IN THE SOAP?!?

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