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Googleshng - January 5 '05- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

There are certain things you should never say to certain people. People need to keep this in mind. OooooOOOOOoooo... Cryptic!

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Bad Girls

Spoilers for... well, if I told you that would be a spoiler...

Hi there Googleshng, or Cast if it is really late

Mark possible spoilers on this please

Thanks for answering my questions, I sorta guessed that would be the answer to both but still.

Ok since people keep harping about female leads, I was wondering how many RPGs have a Female Final Boss, I can only think of 5 or 6 and some of those are technicalities(FF8, Legend of Mana, Drakengard, FFTA technically Wild Arms 3((The dream demon Beatrix' parralel Filgaia)) and La Pucelle(Darkness in Croix's Heart))) So what are some other female final baddy rpgs?

Thanks for answering Goog/Cast/Guesthost

Arros Raikou

Well, if I'm allowed to list off instances where the last form of whatever pure evil whatsit or evil mage ends up looking like a 50 foot tall nude purple girl with spikes, then there's a truckload of 16-bit RPGs that get the job done. It was the big thing before the whole angel motif took off. Koudelka also comes to mind here... the ratio is a bit better overall I'd say, particularly when you look at the huge percentage of entries in the N/A column.

WoWie ZoWie


I know this probably has been explained in a past QnA (I have been reading rpgamer on and off the past year), but I thought you disliked MMORPGs. To my surprise, I saw in the "Last Laugh" that you're playing WoW. I'm just curious why you chose WoW... did Andrew threaten you with an pointy stick? Or am I completely wrong about this whole thing? I must know!

One part curiosity over what you get when you give a MMORPG a license which is actually well suited to the medium. Star Wars and Final Fantasy involve a small group of people, at least one of which has some special unique magical property doing everything important, but everything important in a WarCraft game is generally done by a few dozen anonymous soldiers, and the occassional bigshot, but they're still usually just a particularly dignified one of those anonymous grunts.

A bigger part is, well, someone needs to write our review, I'm not hooked on FF11, and my computer can actually handle it.

Where did THIS come from?

Eyo Cap'n Cast

First of all I would like to say that rpgamer's review of Kingdom Hearts chain of memories made me laugh. Your reviewer thought this game was hard? Compared to what? This had to be one of the easiest rpgs I've ever played.

Well ranting aside this was a good month for games for me, i got Kingdom Hearts COM, SMT Nocturne, and I traded my copy of Xenosaga for BOFV.

I have an actual question as well, I have enough cash left for 1 game, do i get Growlanser Generations, Paper Mario 2, or Baten Kaitos?


P.S. Crazy weather this month huh? We had tornado warnings in L.A. county this week, and it seems part of Asia is gone.

Hmm... that's a toughy. I think I'd go with Paper Mario 2 myself. The other two have less universal appeal it seems.

Can we get off this topic yet?

ey Google, Last time I was just naming off plenty of games that no one has named off, so I was guessing no one thought of them.

Also, the thing I meant about the Legend of Zelda the main character being a girl, where you have to take into consideration that I actually do know who the main character is in each of them, because I've played every single Zelda besides Four Swords, and two Gameboy Color games, and it's obvious Zelda isn't on a couple. Now I don't know if you get what I meant now, as it has to be pretty obvious what I was talking about by now. But if you don't, I was basically saying, that the main character, is a female, and that main character is Link(which implies I was making fun of the game.)

Congratulations. A thousand or so people now hate you.

Anyways, one thing I want to know is that the Xenosaga 2 preorder you're supposed to preorder in January to get the limited edition Xenosaga DVD, but they don't have it in stores yet, and they haven't even hard of the preorder offer(Gamestop and Ebgames respectively,) so my question is, if we will recieve this preorder offer, when will they know about it, and when will we get it? Once Xenosaga 2 is finally here, or do you think it will come in sometime in the middle of January?

-andrew- -kupomogli-

Many employees of any given local store are going to be completely clueless as to their chain's policies, games' release dates, states of existence, promotional offers, etc. I would suggest that you go over their heads and asking as high up the chain of command as possible. I'm not in said chain though.

The Last Laugh:

So yeah, feel free to ask questions about games for tomorrow, which don't necessarily involve the prominence of female characters.

Googleshng "Random"


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