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Googleshng - January 4 '05- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

There are two things that make it inherently amusing to play an undead character in WoW. First, there's the laugh. Second, there's the fact that you can eat people. This is ESPECIALLY amusing if you happen to be going for a nice friendly zombie like I am.

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The Unstoppable Ba-ding!

I have a problem, I love RPG's, but I have no console. I'm looking to buy one of the new handhelds, but I can't make up my mind which to get. I was wondering which you think has the best RPG potential, and would be the most suited for a traditional RPG lover like myself. The DS seems to get getting some great final fantasy games, and can play the GBA ones, but the PSP has some great newer ones, the tales games and gagharv heroes, though its looking more and more like these may not see the light of day in America. So, to sum up this email, which system is a RPG enthusiest to get?

The DS. I'd explain why, but you could just as easily dig through the archives for similar questions any time anyone other than Nintendo has ever tried to release a handheld.

If you don't have anything to add...

Hey Google,

Also, seeing as some people want to write in about female leads. The easiest to point out games, even if no one likes a few of them, has lead female characters. For example, Star Ocean the Second Story(boo,) PC RPG's, Brigandine, Ogre Battle, Suikoden 3, Xenosaga, Phantasy Star, Phantasy Star Online(you could say this one,) SaGa Frontier, Parasite Eve, Threads of Fate(action adventure,) Legend of Mana(action adventure,) and the last I want to name, is the Legend of Zelda series(who's the main character? that's the answer.)

There are tons of games that people really don't even think of as woman being lead characters because most of them have multiple storyline choices where you can choose from a male or a female from a set choice, multiple choices, or creating your own as a male or female.

There are alot of male lead characters over female, but if you count the ones that have some female characters as lead characters(even if a male is a lead character as another choice, it's more like 15-20 RPG's to 1 have males to females.

-andrew- -kupomogli-

A- This was already covered. B- Look up the definition of "lead character" please. Zelda isn't even IN several games of the series.



2 Coments...First, whatever happened to your weekly cartoons about your bunny alter ego?

Second, click on this link...
.... and have you ever done a time attack on an RPG just for the fun of it, not because it could lead to a reward like Excalibur 2 in FF9?


Well, I'm not Andrew, the Andrew you're thinking of hasn't written a Q&A column in quite some time in fact, and personally, I don't think I've ever rushed through any RPG unless I had some deadline to finish the whole thing.

How often must I point out that Koudelka exists?

This isnt necessarily a question but to the duu' questionin' the ending of SH2:Covenant. The last two messages in japanese characters read: *SPOILER* "Not long now before Yuri meets the woman of his dreams" and finally.. "The End". I dont know how long go tha message was posted but I figured I'd holla at cha anyways. I LOVE SH2. Yuri has the deeply emotional appeal that I look for in a character. I would like to see Halley or Kurando return in a third game. Holla at cha boi.


4th game you mean. Koudelka, Shadow Hearts, Shadow Hearts Covenant, _____.

O... K...

meow i love you! Your readers will love this too! GAMES are for playing this i know, but my love for you and kitties is not for show! Play growlanser baby!

This is one of the most vaguely disturbing quickies of all time not to propose marriage. Be proud.

The Last Laugh:

Hmm... the spell warlocks use in WoW to steal people's souls looks kinda like a glowing purple lasso, especially if they're trying to run. At higher levels, I get a demonic horse, and theoretically the ability to make cowboy hats.

Googleshng "Soul Rustler"


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