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Googleshng - January 3 '05- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

That seemed like a short weekend. Of course, this is probably due to the fact that, thanks to insomnia and fixing the results, I was up for 24 hours, slept 8, then up for 28 hours. For those unwilling to do the math, I only sleep twice in a three night period here.

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And most of all... why are there so few female protagonists in RPGs? Are there really not that many girls that play them? I can only think of La Pucelle Tactics (sort of, since a boy was narrating), and I can pretend that Terra was the main character of FF6, but that game didn't really have a main character like the other FFs did. Are there any (good) RPGs that really truly have a female protagonist?

LetÍs see: Phantom Brave, one of the two paths in Kartia, one of the two paths in Gladius, parts of Unlimited saGa, rhapsody (I think), valkyrie profile, and FFX-2 all have female leads. FFX, as well, if you squint real hard (IÍd say that Yuna was close to as important to the story as Tidus).

Off the top of my head,


Oddly enough, last week I was having this same conversation with someone. Here's a couple more off the top of my head. Koudelka, Phantasy Star, Wild ARMs 3, and the first one for that matter it can be argued, the end of SaGa Frontier 2... I could go on all day if I also listed games that give a choice.

There's a fair number, not even getting into games where you have a choice. It's still something like a 50 to 1 ratio though, which is somewhat skewed.


Hi there Cast or Goog if it makes it real late,

Ok no comments just a question one semi-serious one just for laughs...

Do you know why Square Enix didn't have the Tarzan world in KH:CoM? Since you go through easy craptastic rehash of the other worlds from KH why was this one skipped?

And since Cast was MIA on Boxing Day and since he is Canadian WTF does Boxing Day consist of??

Hope you actually get, answer and post this, if not oh well

Arros Raikou

Well, it could be that they didn't think it would work trying to recreate the setting in a more constrained format, or they could have just skipped it to save time.

As for Boxing Day, clearly, this is the day when people take the Christmas presents they didn't want, and put them back in their boxes to be returned.

Flagrant Mascot Abuse

Hey Andrew or Google,

Saw the Castlevania information yesterday before it was on RPGamer due to a Castlevania forum I go to. The best Castlevania forum there is I might add. Anyways, to let everyone know in case they're a bit more curious, other than the information in the propaganda pictures, Castlevania for the DS is going to include a mode where you can create your own castle map, meaning you can basically end up recreating the entire Castlevania series if you wish. This is something that wrestling fans have been doing for so long, recreating their favorite wrestlers, and as a Castlevania fan, this is something I'd love alot more than most creation engines. Seriously though, because of the fact that you can create your own Castlevania and even(if the Nintendo DS can) hook it up online and download other peoples as well to play? You could seriously create anything you wanted for it and make up what you'd really like to see(castle wise atleast.)

Anyways, I actually have a question. The Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Special, or is it backwards. I don't know what the actual name is, but anyways. You're saying that it's a stupid idea, but what about the 6 Mario Party games that have already been released? I don't know if you like Mario Party or not, but most people do and I think Square-Enix actually thought of a good idea by copying Mario Party.

Another thing I think they should have copied, is Super Smash Brothers. The same basic type of gameplay, but different characters, stages, music. Now even though I do dislike FF 7, 10, and 11, doesn't mean I'd love playing as Sephiroth in a Smash Brothers type fighting game. Characters like Sabin and Edgar could be added due to the fact that their attacks are unique, and they could give someone like Edgar a spear as a main weapon instead, but just redo the characters to be 3d. Anyways, the reason I said how I would love to play as a character like Sephiroth in a Smash Brothers type game is the fact that Ehrgiez is my favorite fighting game, and Sephiroth is one of my favorite characters to use(because I know everything there is to know about him off hand and I play great using him.) So what do you think about that idea, because maybe RPGamer could have alot of people post and put their opinions, send it to Square-Enix and we may actually see a game like that. Konami did it but we didn't recieve it(except with most their games, and I wanted to play as Simon Belmont,) so could Square-Enix be the one to do something like this?

-andrew- -kupomogli-

I think you're overestimating the appeal of the Mario Party games somewhat actually... and you CAN'T make a game like Smash Bros. featuring RPG characters. The entire point of the game is that you have a diverse range of platformer characters each obeying their own personal rules, in a competitive environment. That just doesn't work in this context.

Date fun

With the recent references in the past couple articles, it's interesting that the Phantasy Star remake collection, due to be out the first of February, is not listed on your upcoming releases list. Is the 2/1 release(reference outdated? Because I'm holding out on game purchases so as to devote my full time and attention to what i consider the best rpg series ever created. -chapster

No, we'd just somehow overlooked throwing the date into our database. It's been fixed now.

Two questions, one answer.

Hey guys,

Two sequel questions:

1. any Skies of Arcadia news?
2. What about another.HACK game?

Zachary BeHage

Nope. If there was, you'd have seen it on the way in.

The Last Laugh:

I spent yesterday watching a bunch of discs install their contents on my computer. Here's why.

Googleshng "Needs salt."

OK, so I don't use the bones...

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