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Googleshng - December 29 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Wow... there's just something about the weather this week and my electrical system... on with the show!

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I could be way off here...

I was wondering if ever will they make Dragoon 2.. I have ALWAYS loved Dragoon played it about 3 times and STILL love it;... was hoping they made another one same format.. I thought one of the BEST GAMES ever made was Dragoon

Please let me know ;)

David Bourque

Assuming we're talking about Legend of Dragoon here, it's possible, but I really don't think the demand is out there for one. The original sold well enough, but the actual reactions to it were pretty lukewarm, and I think any name recognition sales potential has faded by now.


Good day...

I haven't really got many questions, aside from my pimping of/statement that "Tales of Symphonia rocks go buy it"...but anyway...Is there any word of a European/PAL (therefore Australian) release of Shadow Hearts:Covenant, Baten Kaitos, or Shin Megami Tensei:Nocturne? Cuz I'm really dying for those games...

Also, in the discussion of sequels, I don't mind if companies pump out continuous, barely different sequels, of games that I truly love. Just the idea of playing a new, long, Metroid game with everything the same just different areas, different bosses etc. Pure joy.

In response to reader "Clayton", who asked about Harvest Moon:AWL on GCN, I'm sure he appreciate's Goog's answer...but as a huge fan of the game I thought I might give him a more accurate response.

Regarding the Brown Cow not giving milk, they take a couple of months to grow up to the point where they are then able to be impregnated, using a "Miracle Potion" (hohohoho the cutscene is hilarious) from either a Bull you own yourself (whereby it is free) or another bull (costing you a fair amount...)
Regarding the Blue Feather, if you gave it to a girl and she accepted it, you are now engaged to her. At the end of the first year, a cutscene plays where you marry her, and make sweet love and have a child. Who is ultra-cute. Beware of their spell.


- Nic ^_^

Wow... what a deeply disturbing picture that must paint for anyone unfamiliar with the series.

As for British releases of games from people who don't have as much clout in the RPG field, I haven't really heard anything, but I'm also not the best source. A British site/mag is much more likely to have the most up to date info on PAL releases. They tend to get left out of most of our press releases unless every date world wide is clustered.


Yo, what's happening.

Anyway, whoever gets this, tell Andrew to get off his tail and send me my fabulous (but not fabulous) prize! With interest, he now owes me at least a semi-fabulous prize, in the range of about $200-$400. If he wants, I'll send him some Peppero (Korean version of Pocky. I figure if I'm over here visiting family I should pick up some food).

Ok, questions and thoughts.

1. So yeah, I recently got SO3, and I must say that the game is a vast improvement over SO2. The voice acting (with the exception of Cliff...shudder) is top-notch, and the battles require at least a little more strategy than the last game. So my question is, is there anything that is wrong with the game? Note: I just started playing, I'm only about 10 hours into it.

The thing aboput the Star Ocean games is, they seem great at first, but once the novelty wears off, many people start to notice some really nasty things all over the place.

2. Well, yeah...FF6 was a pretty bleak RPG, but characters were dying left and right in FF4 (or at least being lost until the ending), and a major character dies in FF5. Hell, 4 party members from FF2 get killed by giving their lives so you can escape (which was a little overdone).

People die in lots of games yeah, but what I was talking to was the general tone of games. I mean, when the brave warrior gives his life so everyone else can leave, that's all about bravery and nobility and such. It's quite another thing when you have, say, cute little kids dying in their sleep, or you know, the complete destruction of an entire planet with a pretty substantial population. Those are major downers.

3. As for remakes, yeah, I'm not really a fan. I was impressed with the FF 1 & 2 remake, even though they made FF1 entirely too easy. FF2 needed its difficulty dropped solely for the massively annoying way to increase your levels. I mean, really...if you have to resort to attacking your own characters to at least stand a chance against a Gigas, something is wrong. If they ever do FF4-6 again for DS or something, I just want a port.

Here here.

4. What did you think of Suikoden 3? I have it here, sitting in front of me in my brother's room...should I steal it and take it back to college with me?

I think I haven't played it, as what I've heard about it doesn't appeal to me.

5. Lastly, this is kinda non-RPG related. Silent Hill or Resident Evil? I think Silent Hill wins by far, namely because it is freakier, requires more thought to solve puzzles (which are insane at times...a little too insane), and has much better stories.

That's all!


I answered this in depth way back when, and I stand by that for the most part. Let me tell you this though. If RE4 doesn't outshine SH4 by far, someone will have REALLY dropped the ball.

The pain! The pain!

Hey, I was just reading the Q&A from 12/25/04 where they were discussing whether or not any homosexual characters existed in RPGs to date. And the guest host answered "no".

So I am assuming that Mr. Guest Host hasn't played Shadow Hearts Covenant. Because, if you've played that game, you'd know quite well that Pierre Magimel, the tailor who makes all of the dresses for Cornelia, is RATHER homosexual. It's extremely obvious, in just about every way possible. Just thought I would point that out.

And on that front, talking about sexuality in video games. I believe there are some "pornographic" ones already out there for the PC. Silly anime ones, but as far as I can tell they are indeed video games.

Anyway, here's what I'm asking. How many RPGs have you played? How many have you beaten? How many have you decided were no good and tossed aside before finishing?


Yes... I already pointed that out. I'm pretty sure only RPGs were in question though... otherwise there's dozens more.

As for your questions there... most of them, most of them, and two.


This is a test, please disregard and delete... my email hasn't been working, and I'm testing a new setup.

Why are you testing your e-mail by sending things to me? Shouldn't you be sending them to another address of yours to make sure they're going through?

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow's column should be on time... if it isn't, I shall spend the weekend ripping cable out of my walls and uh... replacing it with better cable I guess..

Googleshng "Bort Bort Bort!"

I wish I had two seperate puppeteers...

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