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Googleshng - December 27 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I call tech support for my cable modem:

"Hi, remember me? I call in every few months because my computer isn't getting an IP from you..."
"Yeah. What's your problem?"
"My computer isn't getting an IP from you."
"Oh. Try rebooting it."
"I already did. I always run down the list of common problems before calling tech support for anything, especially you people since I've been through it so many times."
"Try doing it again anyway?"
"There. Still nothing."
"Yeah, that should have fixed it. It must be a hardware problem at your end."
"That's what you said the last 8 times this has happened. Every single one of those times, I was given a run around for two weeks, forced to test everything three times, buy a new ethernet cable, and take the modem in for repairs. After doing all of this, every single time, the call is eventually passed up to the one person working there who knows that if I hook a new piece of hardware to the modem, it creates a software problem at your end, where the system won't assign me an IP until someone resets it from your end."
"Well, I'm telling you, this time it's that your computer just spontaneously stopped working." "So you're saying it coincidentally stopped working the exact same instant I hooked up a new piece of hardware... despite the fact that you said this the last 8 times I hooked up a new piece of hardware and it stopped working, and every one of those times it turned out to be the exact same software issue at your end."
"Yeah. Amazing coincidence, isn't it?"
"Well can you at least check to see if it's this same software problem before you tell me to buy a new computer?"
"Uh... no."
"Why not?"
"Because I have absolutely no idea how to do that."
"So only one person there knows what I'm talking about, and after going through this 8 times, he still hasn't left a note explaining it for everyone else?"
"Yeah... I can see how this could be annoying for you."
"Well is that one person there?"
"Not today no. Call back later and see if you can get ahold of him."

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Silly problems.

So Google,

I'm in Japan, which ironically has me cut off from videogames. I didn't bring any consoles with me, and am living with a host family on a study abroad program until the end of June, whence I shall return stateside. I'm planning on buying a Japanese PS2 to return with along with a number of RPGs in Japanese (I am trying to become fluent). However I feel I need something to tide me over, and it's probably only a few days before I mosey down to Akihabara in search of a used GB SP and some RPGs. So my Question: What are good RPGs for the GB SP? Feel free to include insane things that never made it stateside. In fact, I'd like to hear about those really. My Japanese is pretty decent so it shouldn't be a problem to play them.


A Very Tall Foreign Man

Grab Mother 1+2. Right now. Go. Fire Emblem games are also quite snag-worthy.

Can we bury this topic yet?

I think this will spoil the plot twists in just about any game.

--The Irken Child wishes you a Merry Christmas.

Hmm... I've seen better versions of that list over the years, but it's always good for a chuckle.

Sequel Fun


I tend to agree with you for the most part on your remake rant, but there is one thing I thought I'd toss in. Maybe you just consider them ports, but personally I think those remakes made (err.. localized, but I can't remember the real developer) by Working Designs rocked. In particular, I loved Lunar and Lunar 2 on the PSX far more than the originals.

That said, I'd like to extend the concept to some degree: Sequels.
To developers: If you're going to make a sequel to a very popular game, please remember that people liked the FIRST game overwhelmingly, and therefore it is NOT a good idea to completely change it around for the second game. I'm quite tired of miserable changes ruining a series, as happened with Zelda II (though the series recovered),Chrono Cross, Dark Cloud II, Parasite Eve II, Warcraft III, and probably a million others I can't think of right now. I don't imply that sequels should be cookie-cutter copies of the original like some companies use <cough>Capcom</cough>, but the game should heavily rely on the same elements that were popular in the original.

I'd love to hear your take on this

- Bob Miller

Don't tell that to the developers. Tell that to the publishers. Usually when a sequel bears no resemblence to the previous game, development was handed over to a completely different team. In any case, I'd say Capcom actually has the right idea when it comes to sequels. Make a game. Release it. Wait for people to start griping about problems with it. Release a sequel which is, effectively, the exact same game, with those problems fixed, and a bit longer. The problem here is, by the third time, you're going to have it down unless you just suck. So if you want to keep going with the series past three games, you have to start throwing around the crazy ideas.

This incidently is how we get games like WC3. You can't really expect to outdo StarCraft, so you have to try a new angle. Might work, might not, either way, you've got a new concept to try and refine.

Correction Time

Hey Goog,

Jeff entertained a question over the weekend about openly homosexual characters in RPGs. His response mentioned something about a piece of tape on a nipple. Was he talking about Janet Jackson, or Morrissey?

PS: If we really wanted to get technical, there was that Super Famicom Sailor Moon RPG that involved the two "outer star" sailors whose sexuality is questionable... -Sleazy

I'm surprised I didn't get a few hundred letters like this. There are plenty of RPGs out there with gay characters in them, even if you don't go to the trouble of looking for obscure anime-licensed stuff not released in the U.S. Take FF7 for instance... or the Shadow Hearts games.

Dark Harvest

Alright I just got Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life for Christmas and I'm kinda lost in a few things. I saved up for a brown cow but I can never milk it do they not give milk? And when do you give the blue feather to a girl? I did but I'm not married yet. So if you could Tell what I'm doing wrong or tell me what kind of cows give milk that'd be great. Thanks a bunch!


Just having a cow doesn't magically let you milk it a la the original Harvest Moon. Now you have to actually get that cow pregnant first. Either buy a bull too, or get some of those creepy "Miracle Pills" from the store. As for getting married, you have to get the girl to like you a lot first.

The Last Laugh:

Ah, how much I love my ISP. Back to getting ready for NonCon for now...

Googleshng "No connection and no connection make Google ANNOYED."

Repeat 400 times.

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