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Googleshng - December 21 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I can get packages sent from anywhere in the world with no problem. This person here can send packages to anyone with no problem. But if he sends a package to me...

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As my 27th birthday approaches, I have to ask--have RPGs gotten much much harder or am I just getting senile in my old age? I know they are definitely more complex, but it seems with games like Final Fantasy X and Valkyrie Profile, I couldn't beat them without some kind of strategy guide. Even Gameboy RPGs seem to have gotten harder. I miss the good old days when I beat Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior all by my self.

You needed a strategy guide for FF10? Seriously? I think you ARE going senile then (hey, you said it first). RPGs have actually been getting much much easier as the years go by. VP is an exception to the trend, but FF10 is as big of a cakewalk as they come I find.

I've quoted enough twist songs.

Hey Jake,

*spoilers for Wild ARMs 2 and Tales of Eternia ahead*

Some of my favorite plot twists include finding out Valeria was a primary sponsor of Odessa in Wild ARMs 2 and that Balir was Meredy's father in Tales of Eternia. So the latter one *may* be a bit clichéd, but it did surprise me.

*end spoilers*

-Jeremy, the Duke of Otterland

Ah yes. Wild ARMs 2 had a pretty interesting plot didn't it. Really is a shame it was hidden behind such a butchered translation you could barely make it out.

Plot Analysis

Hail, a small green slime.
Be you not small or green, that is beside the point, and if you actually catch the reference in the greeting, then shame on you. I was unsure on weather or not the plot twist topic was still valid, so if not then please forgive me. Although it may not have been the most creative plot twist ever created, the twist in SO3 had to be one of the most infuriating. Not only did it manage to make everything I had accomplished up to that point completely meaningless, it managed to do the same with its predecessors as well. Now THAT takes talent. As to fulfill my role as the provider of the Q, what is your personal all-time favorite plotline in an RPG? Least favorite? And to top it off, most insulting. Happy A'ing.

Zephyrus, the almighty AI

OK, these are going to be somewhat arbitrary just so you know, but let's go with...
Best: Koudelka, as it's pretty much the only RPG that ISN'T about saving the world.
Worst: Legend of Dragoon, as it's as generic as it comes.
Most insulting: Well, the real answer would get me flamed, so let's go with Phantasy Star 3. Not only did the "plot branches" not really change a single thing, except for what order you do a couple things in, but the first branch choice leaves you with either a totally pointless plot for the entire game, or a choice of marrying either your cousin or a jerk who hates you.

Can I play the piano anymore?


....well then, that's what you get when you look forward too much to a game that doesn't look like it's going to come over here and then rejoicing when it does. (now if only Magna Carta came over here)

Well, on with the questions! In your expert opinion, which contributes more to the overall story of the game or are they all equally important: background history, character development, non-cliche characters, or good setting. Personally I always thought having a good background with an excellent setting usually produces excellent results but that might just be a coincidence.

One thing I've been meaning to write in about, what are the best characters of any game you've ever played, I really liked Disgaea's cast enormously and although it's not an rpg I like Halo/Halo2's cast a lot.

-Jen 'Losing hope for a NA Ps2 Tales of Symphonia' Tool

That's a tricky one. I'd have to go with non-cliché characters, which really should be lumped into the same batch as character development seeing how hard it is to have one without the other. I can't answer your character question though, because mentioning Disgaea put it in my head.


Dear Goog/Andrew,

With my impending completion of Star Ocean: TTEOT, I am faced with the prospect of returning to reality. Now that's no fun, so I need a new game to play. Any suggestions, or should I just do what I always do and replay Chrono Trigger?

Uh... I need a bit more to go on here. What platform? What else did you recently play? Does it have to be a new game? I'm going to recommend Panzer Dragoon Saga for now.

The Last Laugh:

Well, it's December 21st. You know what that means, right? In just 4 days it will be... exactly 2 weeks until NonCon! Oh yes, and it will also be "the holidays" I suppose. Looking under my mother's tree I see a package with my name on it which clearly contains a Toblerone... because absolutely nothing else is shaped like that.

Googleshng "Mainly NonCon though."

I need to get these demos ready...

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