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Googleshng - December 16 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I love how WC3x contains a mission where mainly, you just repeatedly steal units from other people. This has nothing to do with this column though... but uh... hey, the orc campaign is more or less an RPG!

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Arbitary SNES game spoilers

Hey Google,

Actually, in your last post, in the technology oriented question, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is about as much of a stretch as the Wild ARMs series is. Does having trains and such mean it is more technogical, because every WIld ARMs(except the first, which has transporters) game has those same stuff throughout the game, where it's just not seen as often because the area's are smaller, unlike Dragon Quarter where throughout the game there are all pretty small and short dungeons(without the enemies ateast.) The Wild ARMs series has a larger world, where every single town isn't overflowed with some sort of metal, where you're underground the enitre time in Dragon Quarter and exposed to something in order to find your way around. You also forgot to mention games like Breath of Fire 3 and Vanguard Bandits as well.

Anyways, his previous statement and your answer, is that, if you don't count characters that you have for a few battles, like the Bee on Earthbound, or Vicks and Wedge on FF6, there really aren't that many SNES RPG's where characters die. Shadow wouldn't be considered as dead, but more along the lines as you couldn't find him, even if you do leave without him(because they don't tell you if he died or not, it's just that you can't find him, and if the rest of the characters can survive falling a few miles, which could be a hundred or thousand, from the airship, then shadow could have fell from the continent and still made it out alive.)

Lastly, I've got to ask if you have Growlanser Generations yet? The game is awesome, even after all the time I've played Growlanser 2, I'm still playing it, because it has two different routes you can take, as well as a bunch of minor ones that involve losing characters, characters changing ranks, and slightly different battles(which are more than a dozen.)

"Googleshng, Growlanser 2 is calling you" -Char(of course Char said Artesia and Amuro's names, but the point of the quote is still recieved either way.)

-andrew- -kupomogli-

Actually, I DID mention Vanguard Bandits... and I mentioned that Growlanser Generations is sitting right next to me too. In any case, the reason I'm not keen on suggesting the Wild ARMs series to someone who wants to get away from the traditional fantasy setting in favor of something more high tech is that, well, it doesn't really show. I mean, yeah, sure, you have some giant robots here, and space ships there, but 90% of the time it's still killing weird little critters in caves.

As for lovely SNES death, let's see... FF4 has plenty of people getting killed out of your party on you. FF5 has a biggie. FF6 has quite a few potential instances of permanent character death actually, let's not forget Mog. Chrono Trigger kills the main character off, we all know the favored tradition of the Lufia games... point taken yet?

More following up...

Ok so FFX had hard/stupid Minigames, but the rest of the game, and especially the last boss was horribly easy. If you go out and do all of the minigames, the last boss dies with *One* hit...and that was an overkill. How lame is that? Compared to other super-evil mofos in RPGs, FFX's was a pansy, (Anyone remember Kefka and, Zeromus?) The Sphere Grid (while not the most horrible system ever), is a disappointment if you compare it to the likes of the Job, Materia, and even the Junction systems from previous FF's.

Phantom Brave's battle system received a 5/5 because it is innovative. It took a lot of guts to do away with the standard grid system in TRPGs and replace it with something new.

Although it was cumbersome at first, by the 4th or 5th battle you get used to it.

Also, Phantom Brave's difficulty level actually increases...

And for the person who was asking about games similar to Gauntlet, I'd recommend Champions of Norrath, or Demon Stone.


Well again, I like the concept of the system, that is, a bunch of branching, interwoven paths of ability increases laid out on a big chart. It's just the execution that's screwed up, in that you really just have one long, straight line from the first ability in a class to the last with no real choices anywhere until you reach the end and have some say in which class to run down next. If done properly, it would be plenty nifty. Either way though, there really is no excuse for the fact that moving one notch down the line requires me to press 14 buttons and do some joystick wiggling. Seriously.

I'm sure the game recommendations are appreciated incidently.

How do I type with boxing gloves on?

Google McShng,

I'm not too sure how to feel about the new portables coming out. Which one to get, etc....In your vast wisdom, which handheld do you think will have the best crop of rpg's? I haven't really seen anything that's overly impressive in the RPG arena concerning the new portables. Also, How soon (in case i missed something) do you think it'll be before we see a Zelda game for the DS, as that might be what sways me one way or t'other.

Many Gracias'

PS. Which Strong Bad episode is your all time favorite? Mine is "caffeine", hands down.

Well, let's look at the evidence, shall we?

Nintendo has always had such a solid grip on the handheld market that absolutely no one has ever had, or likely ever will have, any shot whatsoever at getting a foothold. Heck, back when people actually took them seriously, Sega literally released a handheld Genesis, with the added gimmick of being able to watch TV on the sucker, and more or less everyone passed it up in favor of the clunky old green and yellow Game Boy.

Look at what's announced for them as is.

Do I really need to make a third point? I could if I wanted, earlier today I saw a 3 page essay on the subject which didn't even get into my first two, but I don't think it's really needed.

As for Zelda, well, a new 4 Swords was announced for it already, but I think it's safe to guess you'll see an actual game mentioned by E3.

Oh, and Trevor.

GAMES! Characters...

in response to "The Man with No Name" 's remark about phantom brave's battle system sucking, id have to say hes obviously escaped from a mental hospital, especially comparing it to the spher grid, which isnt bad, but could never live up to anythin from nippon icchi. although id have to say phantom brave isnt half as good as disgaea or la pucelle. ive always been quite partial to suikoden 2's battle system and xenogears's hand to hand system. Squeenix cant produce quality battle systems (or quality games anymore) why!? is there a gas leak at the squeenix office? After the crap that they slapped the FFTA label on, oh well. so, on to growlanser. At the moment im not really sure what to think. First off let me say the deluxe pack extras rock. now on to the game...... the voice acting is mediocre, but in a charming way. I fell the same about lunar, I know the voice acting is sub-par, but i cant help but love it. The battles move to slow i give me the feeling that i dont really have that big of a part in em. I like the world map interface(very FFT-like). i need to play more to give a real opinion on it, but i just figured id throw out those thoughts. so, question.......... Do you have a favorite rpg character of all time? a least favorite? Also, same questions for anime. for me its like this: rpg: koudelka or etna/gogo or wakka, anime: alucard(from hellsing) or Haruko(from FLCL) or suzuka(fom outlaw star) and my least favorite is Shinji(from eva) could he be any bigger of a B****h? but although eva is definately one of the best animes ever, i noticed thats there realy not one truely likable character on there aside from Misato, did u ever notice that? sorry for the lenght of the letter.

FFTA had some issues in the plot department I'll grant you. "Stop playing Final Fantasy games and go deal with the real world!" is an odd thing to have shouted at me by such a game for instance. I don't see what problem you could have with the gameplay though. I mean, it's the same system as FFT more or less, but without the timing issues that made mages suck, more variety to your characters via the race/class combo bit, and the whole judge deal mixed things up quite nicely (although, again, this sucks from the plot angle).

As for best and worst characters though, it's darn hard to pick favorites, so let's just arbitarily go with Myau from Phantasy Star, and Wolfwood from Trigun, with worst characters going to that annoying freaking bard from FF4 and uh... Nanami from Utena. What with the kitten.

Oh and uh... Penpen, Eva 01, and Asuka. In that order.

Time for Difficulty

Hey Googy! My first of two questions; One of the things I really respected about S-E was that they left the Crono series basically alone. Trigger rocked, as I think most readers will agree, Cross was "Ehh" in most regards and generates mixed feelings (I personally wasn't crazy about it, and judging from your last column, neither were you, but I digress) After the whole "Chrono Break" thing turned outto be nothing, I thought they were done with the spinoffs, so imagine my surprise when I'm in Suncoast purchasing Dodgeball as a gift for my younger brother when I see an anime DVD entitled "Chrono Crusade" in a very familiar font. My knowladge of Anime is limited, but I was surprised as I would have expected to know SOMETHING about it. Is this some old series that's been around forever, gliding under the radar, or is it something new. As far as I can tell, it has nothing to do with the game's story, but I'm quite sure it's not a coincidence. I googled it and found what seems to be an official site at but no S-E logo in sight. Your take? Part 2! Are video games getting easier, or am I just getting better? I picked up a blockbuster game freedom pass for my vacation, and I've found that I'm just tearing through games left and right. Yet when I rent something like Ninja Gaiden, I get crushed quite handily. I guess what I really want to know is whether there's a current-generation RPG that actually presents a challenge. Happy Holidays! Eakin

I've answered this a LOT at this point, but once again... Chrono Crusade is a fairly recent manga/anime series with absolutely no connection to Chrono Trigger aside from the incidental fact that both have Chrono in their title to indicate that there's time travel. Like 50 other things.

As for games getting easier these days, well, yeah. Heck, that's always been the case. Go take a look at, say, Megaman 2. Then compare it to, say, Megaman 6. Compare THAT to Megaman X3... or if you want examples from RPGs, one out of every 10 people reading this died to a slime in the original Dragon Warrior 2 steps outside of the first town, because it's an even match at level 1. Enough said. I'd check out Shadow Hearts and BoF5 though for something somewhat tricky.

The Last Laugh:

At some point this week, someone sent a letter in placing the quote from SotN and didn't get their tilde. So here it is. ~ Have a good weekend.

Googleshng "Say it out loud and you'll get it."


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