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Googleshng - December 15 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Wow, look at that Growlanser actually being here. The joys of holiday shipping.

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Climates can be stereotyped now?

Hello from the land of snow (Canada)
Lately, it has trully become like an American stereotypes (as in, I have shoveled snow for a total of 6 hours on Saturday)

But I am not writting to complain about meaningless solidified water. No sir, here stand Soul Maru at level 30, at the beginning of disk 3 of Koudelka.

First off, thank you. I have bought this game quite a while ago, but if it wasn't for your constant admiration and recomendation of this game, I might have never played it.

You might (or might not) think that I am quite advanced in levels for where I stand in the game. And this is what puzzles me the most about the game... I am one to complain about long battles (see Xenosaga for an example) I like my battle fast and simple until I hit a boss... but that's me. Koudelka, on the other hand is different. I enjoy so much beign in a battle, that I hardly played the game for the first 8 hours. I only leveled up.

Now I face a problem, the bosses are too easy. One hit kills are no fun.

I do have a question actually. I heard there is 3 endings and don't plan on playing this game 3 times. Which one is the best and how do I get it. And by best, I mean one that connects the most with SH (if there is such an ending)

Thanks for the time

Soul Maru

Luckily for you, you can see all 3 endings on a single playthrough. It's only a 10 hour game though, so it's not like it WOULD be that hard to go through again.

Anyway, here they are, in a way that should avoid spoilers:
#1 (My favorite)- Go to the last boss' room without a certain item in your inventory. Instant, spiffy, cut-scene death. #2 (The "bad" ending)- Kill the last boss. Simple enough. #3 (The "good" ending)- Get to the last form of the last boss, and die. You'd think this would be the bad one, but nope.


Dear Goog,

First off, I have an explanation for possible reasons why FFVII happened to draw such a large fan-base. It was my first RPG (so sue me, i grew up on Mario, Donkey Kong, and Street Fighter) and that probably swayed me from the get-go (i can't call it rehashed plot if its the first time i've seen it). However, for others, i think it was the first time a main character died. I know that until that point, i figured my characters were pretty much imortal (sure if they all KO it is game over, but if you start back at the last save it is like it never happened, right?) It was one of those "by golly" moments that stuck with me. However, the more RPGs i played, the less special FFVII became... but Aeris' death may have caused players to become all touchy-feely with FFVII.

Anyway, my top RPG's include games like Xenogears, FFVI, FFVII, and so forth. I'm on a hunt for more rpgs (new and old, and playable on the trusty PS2). I like the games for many reasons, but one of the common reasons between the three is their use of machinery. More specifically, i like Gears setting (along with the gears themselves), and i like the worlds that VI and VII are set in. My question is: what would you recomend for games that have similiar settings to those games? I've just begun branching off of S-E, and i don't really know where to look. any tips would be welcome. thanks


Uh... nope. I'm hard pressed to think of any 16-bit RPGs which don't bump off a party member at some point. The odds of never running across such a thing prior to FF7, unless you've never played an RPG before, are extremely low. Besides which, I've never run across any weird rumors on how to revive the first character to ever die in an RPG.

As for RPGs with a more technologically oriented setting, let's see... we have the Phantasy Star series, I suppose we can count the Star Ocean games, Skies of Arcadia has a tech level on par with the 1800s for the most part, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, and I'm tempted to mention the Wild ARMs series, but that's a bit of a stretch. Then of course if we spill into TRPGs, Front Mission and Vanguard Bandits go without saying.


Multiparter today. First ever. Well, first ever labeled. Normally they're just mashed together.

1) If we have questions and/or comments and/or suggestions and/or offers to help in regards to your kekkai web page (which I've become an avid follower of, for the record), where should we send it as opposed to RPG/RPGamer related stuff?

Uh... the same place to be honest. One of these days I really should get me a second e-mail addy for such things.

2) I just got an XBOX for Christmas (I cheated). Aside from Shenmue, Fable, and Sudeki, what are good games? I really want a game that's like Gauntlet: Dark Legacy but newer, I just haven't seen any (for any of the big three systems, in fact).

Hmm... I'm not the best person to ask here I don't think. The only Xbox game I've ever seen any appeal in is that mech sim with the huge custom controller. Everything on the RPG front anyone seems to mention is worth a look has a superior PC version I'm fairly sure. Feel free to look for a second opinion though.

3) There's a new race in WC3? How the heck did *I* not hear about that, in addition to you?

That's a really good question. There's all sorts of crazy stuff in the solo campaigns nobody ever talks about. There's an entire campaign where your forces consist entirely of all new, just for the campaign races. It's amazing.

4) I'm running out of good things to name my characters in RPGs both on line and off. You got anything to throw out there off the top of your head that you don't mind me and eight million other people using?

I have a computer program someone made for me, whose sole purpose is randomly generating names. So, short of digging up the source code to it, I'm not much help in that field. I suppose there's always the method of cramming 2 names together though. For instance, Cloud+Locke=Clocke.

You can see why I need this program.

Get a job!

I've been playing Final Fantasy 5 lately, and it got me thinking about the many many jobs available throughout the Final Fantasy series (most notably in FF5, FFT, FFTA, and FFX-2). I was wondering if you had a favorite job class thing. I'd say my favorite is probably the Thief. A Ninja/Thief like Edge in FF4 is even better. I just like the way a Thief lets you get equipment before you can buy it in stores. It's always fun to steal some awesome sword or robe or something from an enemy when you weren't expecting it.

I guess my second question would be: what do you think is the most useless FF job ever? I think when they start splitting up magic schools and making specialized mages like Time Mages and Oracles, they just aren't very useful. I like it when Haste is a White Magic spell that my healer can cast when no one needs healing. It's annoying when it's the best spell a Time Mage can cast until they finally learn Meteor.

Let's see... favorite? Red mage, followed closely by FFTA's assassins. Most useless... that's tougher, because never using them, it's easy to forget them. Oracles were pretty darn lame though.

A living example!

Dearest Google, or shall I say, JAKE ALLEY!

First, I am f--king sick of all the bloodthirsty critics and arrogant [WINDOWS-1252?]fanboys who unfairly flame FFXs nearly perfect battle system. I thought that the Sphere Grid system was the *best* character development system *ever* to appear in any RPG to date, WAY better than any generic-ass experience system, and had no problems whatsoever navigating the thing; [WINDOWS-1252?]maybe you just suck, or something. Way too easy? Did you even *play* those mini-games? While most, Yours Truly included, probably agree that they're perhaps the worst part of the game, the game isn't "way too easy" if you figure them into the picture, Alley. Yes, Tidus is a complete dork, and yes, they should've actually called him by name, but the rest of the story is excellent. How the hell can you like feces such as Phantom Brave (5 for the battle system? What a load of bull...) and not FFX? Sorry for the angry letter, but I just *had* to let this steam off.

-The Man with No Name

Now see boys and girls? This is a perfect example of what I was saying yesterday. If you don't see the problems in a game, that's all well and good. If you take someone pointing them out as a personal attack though, then it's really time to reassess the priorities of your life.

Anyway, one point that stands making here. If you have a extremely easy game, with frustrating minigames that reward you by making the game obscenely easy, that doesn't make the game harder, that's just a design flaw.

The Last Laugh:

One package remains in the mail. It shall be the last one to arrive, barring some sort of strange temporal mishap.

Googleshng "Hey, CLAMP!"

Oh, not CLAMP.

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