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Googleshng - December 13 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Stuff! Come to me! Be not held up within the postal system! People want to know my thoughts about you!

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It's not the weekend, my name isn't Andrew.

Hey Andrew,
Actually both you and the Man the Myth the Legend Gryphon were incorrect on the spelling.  Its proper spelling is "bona fide" (two words), from Latin meaning "in good faith."  The phrase being Latin, the technically proper pronunciation would be "bon-uh fee-day", but the how-you-guys-spelled-it pronunciation has passed into common usage, and we've been over the common-usage thing before.
Say, have there been any RPG's announced for the DS?  Besides Xenosaga DS, I mean.  I haven't really been paying attention to any games for the DS besides the Metroid one...

-Jackson Ferrell
loves Metroid and nitpicking

A disturbing number of people pointed that out. In any case, RPGs announced for the DS include:
FF3, a Baten Kaitos game, a Xenosaga game, a Pokémon, and if you want to count it, another iteration of Zelda: 4 swords.

A Question about FF7 that doesn't make me cringe!

Hi, first-time mailer here. Final Fantasy VII is one of my favorite games, and it is easily the most popular RPG ever made. Yet even fans such as myself would admit there are several better RPG's out there (eg. Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI). What then, accounts for its massive mainstream appeal? Graphics, story, gameplay, marketing, etc.? My personal opinion is that it was released at the right place at the right time (U.S. in 1997), along with an effective marketing campaign. It's also just a great game in its own right. What do you think?
                                                                                               Final Fantasy VII Fan

Actually, while FF7 has one of the most vocal fanbases out there, I can think of a game or two which are a good deal more popular. I'm pretty sure Pokémon is still on top if you go by straight sales figures for example, but we're getting off topic.

FF7 landed a boatload of fans. Why? I think you hit the nail on the head with the marketting statement. When the game launched, everywhere you looked there were commercials for it showcasing the FMV, which, at the time, was the Big New Thing. This drew in a bunch of people who had never played an RPG before, and tada, instant huge fanbase with a good number of unhealthy obsessions.

The Numbers

Andrew or Google,
Although I've only been reading your column for a couple weeks, I like what I've read of it so far. It's nice to see a game site taking the time to interact with its visitors on a regular basis.
Anyhow, I have a quick question. How many games does Rpgamer cover currently? I've been to many gaming sites over the years, and off hand I can't think of any that cover as many rpgs as you guys do. I could probably count them all myself, but I'm much too lazy for something like that.

I don't really want to go count either. So let me just extrapolate from the last time I actually did, and how often we add new games, and say... somewhere over 600. Give or take.

Breakfast Serials

thanks for the reply in advance.  Ok I am interested in playing xenosaga ep 01.  Does xenosaga 01 stand by it's self as a story, or is it more like shinmue.  A story that is choped up into parts? thanks Mike  I love your site it is as you know full of RPG goodness...

Shenmue rather, and yes. Xenosaga Ep 1, plot wise, feels more like the first episode of a TV series than a story that stands on its own.

Fun with mechanics!

Hi!  I was trying to get Square-Enix's e-mail address (the customer support address) but about a month ago the server was down or something.  I just tried it again and nothing is up yet (bad luck or bad computer?).  I wanted to register and blah blah but anyway I couldn't contact them.

Do you think that if I were to make my own RPG someday (I'm working on one), and I took Square's basic outline of the FFT battle system (jobs + abilities, move/attack on a grid, the charge-time meter, placing a limited number of your characters on the grid per battle etc.) that I would get sued?

I would make the jobs similar but different (and more than what FFT had), the abilities also similar but different (and more also), and the way summoned monsters would be used will be different.  Other things would be slightly different too.

I have no idea if you are equipped to answer this question but I don't wanna wait for Square to get its site running again they're too slow!  I think.

If I would get sued, how much of the BS do you think I would have to change to avoid getting sued?  LOL.  I have a feeling I'm gonna have to go ask some other game company or something.

Anyway thanks!  Bye.


I can't think of any game developer ever being sued for copying the basic mechanics of another game. So long as you're not directly copying the source code, I don't think there's anything to worry about. I mean, just look at Wonder Boy and Adventure Island.

Besides which, I can't think of anything in FFT that isn't a commonly used concept to begin with.

The Last Laugh:

There are an awful lot of letters here in my inbox demanding Andrew explain positions he has concerning Xenosaga and Lunar. He is not going to be in a position to reply to these until Friday. If you want me to explain flaws with popular games to you, I'd prefer you stick to stuff like Vagrant Story, or Chrono Cross. Heck, I could even get FF10 for you. I don't have anything mean to say about Lunar though really.

Googleshng "Weekends end on Sunday."

I realize there's plenty of people who don't read the columns frequently to pick up on the alternating Q&A hosts deal, but all these letters are from people who read it every day.

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