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Googleshng - December 9 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

We're at the halfway point of the week, and not one package has appeared. It might be a photo finish.

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Seriously. You don't want me to get into fantasy novels.

In response to what was said about Tolkien, I would like to say I liked the story of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I did not really enjoy reading the book. To me it came across like reading a history book because the conversation in the book was so formal. But I have always chalked that up to Tolkien being English and I am American (not to mention the fact he is a generation or two or three older than I am). And as far as the Wheel of Time goes I find it amusing that here people say the first books weren't that great but the series got better, while on all the other sites I have seen (granted not too many) say the opposite.

Ok now to a question. Why is it video game companies (ALL of them not just RPGs) insist on using the most God Aweful voice actors they can possibly find? I still haven't finished Star Ocean 3 because the voice actors give me a head ache.

Well, first of all, since you're stressing the word all here, I have to point out the many many games out there whose publishers shelled out the cash to get some top notch voice acting. Metal Gear Solid comes to mind of course, and Disgaea landed a pretty nice studio for itself. Then of course we have the Grand Theft Auto games pulling out all the stops and getting people like Ray Liotta and Dennis Hopper.

As for why there's people out there who don't do that sort of thing, I'm I just explained it to you. Getting top notch voice actors costs a heck of a lot of money. Much more than most people have to throw around. Particularly when you consider the fact that you aren't going to make that money back through increased sales. I don't believe I've ever seen someone base a decision to buy a game on how much they liked the voice acting. It's not something reviews tend to harp on besides.

Take Control

Dear Google,

I read this letter you posted today and thought I might lend a little bit of advice to the person who wrote:

"The new "thin" models of the system have nowhere to put the hard drive. We called a local video game store and found out we were in no luck of getting it to work. Ok, I'm a disabled gamer, and controllers are better for me to use, but I can get by with the computer game (she exchanged it.) I have a joypad for the computer, but it just stops when I use a keyboard command."

Silly!!! When I played Final Fantasy XI, I played on the PC. And you know what? I bought myself a controller for my PC and configured it to meet my needs exactly. I played the entire game with the controller (aside from typing every now and then). So there is hope for you! Get yourself a copy of the PC version and a PC controller comparable to the PS2 controller (I got a cool one with a palm-cooling fan built right in), if you REALLY want to play the game. Maybe the game store would be kind enough to let you trade in your PS2 version and hard drive...

So anyway, there you go. I know I don't have a question, but uhm... hmmm..... Nope, sorry, that's all I've got. No question. Maybe next time. :)


I would think you'd actually prefer a keyboard for MMORPGs to be honest, but hey, it's something to consider. Anything involving a lot of typing, which I'd hope there is in such a game, and any sort of RTS game, I really can't see using a controller for myself though.

There's something to be said for it really...

Hi Goog,

Quick question regarding Final Fantasy I&II. The reviewers seem to ignore this gameplay aspect - but I wanted to know whether, during the fighting sequences, an attack on a dead enemy counts as a miss (like in the original Final Fantasy and in Golden Sun) or if the attack passes on to the next enemy (like in most modern RPGs). Thanks!


Change it they did. You can now have everyone target the same Grimp and not end up wasting attacks. So I'm told at least.

Extra Emphasis

In your December 8th Q&A, someone named Robby recommended that you visit a company website to get old rpg's. This usually won't get you anywhere; Robby was just fortunate that Squaresoft re-launched Xenogears, Vagrant Story, FF Anthology, and FF Chronicles as part of a Greatest Hits lineup along with FF X and Kingdom Hearts. Robby got some old games from the company site, certainly, but they're two years old, not seven.

Yes... and I already pointed this out when replying to the letter in question. It's still not a bad idea to check when you can though.

Incidently, I got my factory sealed copy of Phantasy Star 10 years after it was released, at 80% from a warehouse in Braintree, Mass. I enjoy pointing this out whenever I get the chance just because I like to say Braintree.


Hey Googleshng, Was my letter the one that made your brain explode from the non-computingness of it? If so I'm really sorry ^^'''

Also regarding the christmas tree jousting, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who has used a christmas tree as a weapon, though I did it ages before Phantom Brave, which was the christmas after I played FF7 and pretended it was the buster sword... man I'm lame

anyway if you did read my newest letter are there such games floating about?

And would you be intrigued by a magical girl/boy vs undead type game?

Arros Raikou

Freakishly weird and packed full of flavor

Well, I don't see any other letters from you in my inbox, so it would be quite impossible for one to have melted my brain, much as it's quite impossible for me to tell what sort of game it is you question the existance of.

On the subject of magical girls vs. the undead though, I think the amount of time I spend playing Silent Hill 3 with a big glowing heart on my chest would require me to give you a definitive yes there.

The Last Laugh:

Well, it's the weekend. Time to kick back, relax, and ask Andrew questions for 3 days. If you get bored, I posted a rant about Logo Writer on my page not to long ago. If you don't get bored, well, I still posted it. That would be a really weird sort of causality otherwise.

Googleshng "Teela Brown Gene"

Heck, I barely even get the reference.

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