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Googleshng - December 7 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

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Hi everybody! You know what time it is? That's right, it's Q&A time!

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Greetings Guggenheim

Have you found anything interesting lately? I have an amusing story that happened here last night. Try seeing outside your window people jousting with Christmas Trees, I starting thinking that maybe the game Phantom Brave is onto something by having odd items as weapons. That and for some reason isn't that odd considering where I am. Have you ever seen odd things from games happen in your life? I realise being away for school that the town of Rolla, Missouri has to be among the strangest places around at times. Well it would have to be considering the idea of an engineering and science university full of geeks in the middle of the Ozarks, something has to give. Having commonly occuring explosions, flaming pirate ships, and tree jousting makes me think anything's possible. That and the possibility of a Disgaea cosplay group maybe being done, complete with Prinny tossing. I don't have a clue what to expect around St. Pat's weekend here but I can't rule out anything.

Imperial Mog

Hmm... let's see if any of these count... I once saw someone walking around a highschool in full chain mail for no particular reason... looking outside the window of my cousin's I once saw a masked Japanese superhero fighting a bunch of rubber suit monsters... and I think a spikey haired youth once thwarted some evil plan of mine.

Get Over Here!

Dear Google or Castomel (whoever reads this first)

Lately it seems that a lot of really good looking RPGs coming out in Japan don't seem to make it over here, and while I know there can be many reasons for this I still find it pretty annoying.

While I'm not sure you would have any better idea than I, I would still like to inquire as to your opinion on the chance that the games Magna Carta, Stella Deus, Waga Ryuomiyo: Pride of the Dragon Peace, and Generations of Chaos will be announced as titles for North American localization. I've looked at information and media for these games and they all really interest me, and since I'm not an importer of video games these are kind of out of my reach.

Some games that are coming out in the future that look interesting have, at least in my mind, a small chance to come over here, games like Zill O'll Infinity, the latest Growlanser games, the Romancing SaGa remake, and that game Nippon Ichi was porting to the Ps2 from the PC, Eternal Aseria. Just wondering what you thought of this.

I've basically given up hope for these two things but I still hold out hope for a release of the Ps2 version of Tales of Symphonia and a re-release of Valkyrie Profile like they're doing in Japan, think there's any chance of this happening?

One last thing, as I'm sure you're aware the developer Tri-Ace is developing a new game called Radiata Stories that I think looks just amazing. I loved Star Ocean 3 and was just wondering what your impression of it was so far.

Thanks for reading my letter and sorry for the length and number of questions I put forth.


I can't think of any notable games getting released only in Japan these days myself... don't suppose you'd care to elaborate on that?
I wouldn't bet on any given Korean game making it over to North America, but I wouldn't rule out the chance of getting your hands on a VP rerelease at some point. The demand seems to be there.

As for Radiata Stories... well, it seems to combine a lot of concepts I don't really care for. If I'm going to have 100 characters that I can't control directly, I want all of them at once, like Dragon Force. Otherwise, I'll pass.

Vowels aren't optional.


I have PS2.But I can not play final fantasy IX in PS2. Is this right?

Pls advise me.

Yunji Kim

FF9 works just fine in my PS2. You should have no problem.

Release Dates

Andrew & Google,

First i would like to apoligize for upsetting you guys. That was not my intentions, The *some store* way an anger thing, I just couldn't believe that they would treat a constomer that way, I didn't know that my emails were forwarded to you, I will find out why that happened and I ensure that It will not happen again. Again I do apoligize for getting under your skin and causing you anger. My source is *some other site* I am wondering if their information in valid, and how far do I take it.

It is not my intention to discredit you or accuse you of being incorrect, obviously you have very good sources, IE. the whole suikoden 4 deal. That is why I am asking you if *some other site* can be deemed a valid source for release dates, I trust you guys to get the correct information and prove my wrong on my optimisim.

If you could just e-mail me and let me know about *some other site* accredation instead of posting it, That would keep many more posts of the same topis from flooding in.

Thank You,

Not getting into the merits of any particular site's release dates, here's a good rule of thumb to follow:
The websites of store chains that specialize in selling games are going to be your best bet for accurate dates. Granted, they're prone to pulling dates out of thin air before a game is released, but when they get close enough to be definite, they are going to have them. Because it will cost them money if they don't.

Next comes news sites which essentially just mirror the databases of those sites, like we're retooling to do shortly.

Then comes other news sites, who grab dates off those accurate sites manually. They tend to be somewhat hit and miss.

Then comes the actual physical locations of game stores, where the employees are bitter and jaded and don't bother checking the current date in their computer when asked.

Then finally comes the official sites for games, which are updated something like every 3 months.

Not much I can do here...

Hey, I myself have never played the likes of Suikoden and Xenogears, yet I am having great trouble finding them in store for less than 70 dollars. Even online the games are very expensive. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


OK, I have lost track of how many times I have explained this. Looking for old obscure games online is going to give you the worst possible prices. Never do it unless you have no choice. The best place to find obscure old games for reasonable prices is in the used game bins of run down local stores. The less they know about videogames, the better.

At that, Xenogears shouldn't be that hard to find. There's plenty of copies floating about, and it honestly hasn't aged too well, so people should be willing to part with some.

The Last Laugh:

Now I must reformat my brain to remove the bad blocks caused by reading a letter I didn't print.

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