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Googleshng - December 6 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

It's always rather surreal to wake up and realize you've been asleep for more of the last 24 hour period than awake. I'd imagine at least. I can't recall ever doing so before. That pretty well capped off being sick over the weekend though, so on with being awake and healthy and writing the column.

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Nights of the round table


I've been a visitor of RPGamer for years, but rarely do I use the Forums and I only began reading the QnA's a few months ago, shameful I know. In any case, I'm wondering what happened to the Round Table Discussions? I loved those.

Also, with no announcement yet on Tales of Rebirth reaching Western shores so late into the game, should I give up hope yet? It seems less and less likely each day I'll come here and see the News article to give my pants a reason to be happy again.


Extreme lack of interest to be honest. People just plain weren't too keen on the whole concept. Shame really.

As for anticipating the release of a game, I find a good rule of thumb is that if a full year goes by after the Japanese release, and no announcement is made, it isn't going to happen, but otherwise there's a decent enough chance.

Christmas Decorations

I like your 'Christmas RPGamer' look. The snowflakes are quite cute.
-The Lizard

Thanks. We've had that going for years. It's no zerg-larva-for-christmas, but it's something, right?

Not to 50!

Have you guys ever done a 50 greatest role playing games of all time thing? I liked to read that if you have.

Hmm... we haven't done such a feature that I can recall no, save for our yearly listings of the best games of a given year. I hope we never do, too. If every single Square game isn't above everything else on the last, half our readers would flame us for months on end. On the other hand, if we actually did do that, the other half would flame us for months on end. This all on top of the 75% of our readers flaming us for not mentioning their favorite game high enough on the list.

What the heck brought THIS up?

Okay...I seriously contemplated everything that Intrinsic had to say (even that which he directly said against me)...and then realized I couldn't take any of it seriously. Why? Because of two words that he said: "Tolkien Rules."

To comment on this, I can't believe any world that's created entirely upon the actions of men. That's ridiculous. After reading through The Lord of The Rings, one can't help but wonder if Tolkien hated women. Where are they? What do they do? Apparently nothing but talk. So no, Tolkien does not rule. Thank God Peter Jackson altered Tolkien's work and had females filling at least minor roles in his film adaptation.

Back to the "better part" of Jordan's work. As I originally stated, Jordan doesn't have a very good story to tell. He's better known for his ability to build worlds (even if a monkey could do it). This is why the first couple books are awful. The story is horid...and the world hasn't been created yet. But, after the first couple of books (in particular, the first two), one finally is able to realize how complex of a world Jordan is setting up. That's what keeps the rest of the series alive. The story, already mediocre to begin with, is dragged out entirely too long. But, it's the complex world that have readers continuing to read each successive novel.

As for movies...Wheel of Time could never be adapted. It's too complex. And, after the first one, nobody would bother seeing the rest, except the die-hard fans. And that doesn't bring in enough money to make films. Sword of Truth is a far more likely candidate for film adaptation.

An RPGfan

Right. Because The Hobbit and such were both written and set somewhere in the last 30 years or so, as opposed to being written in the 1930s and set in an approximation of the middle ages, there's absolutely no excuse for the fact that the characters risking their lives on dangerous quests were predominantly male. It's just like that Homer guy writing The Odyssey with all those people killing each other. That's really un-PC.

As for anything at all related to the wheel of time series, I'm not touching that with a 3 meter pole.


Hey there.

Well, I've never went through all of FF2 yet, because when I was about half way through, I got busy with real life and haven't played it since. However, if anybody is having trouble fighting the last boss, or any other boss, there are fairly simple ways of making your characters stronger. Actually, they are fairly cheap and dirty tricks, but if you're that frustrated with the game, might as well do it.

This works with all the characters in your party, except the last one to choose what he/she does in a battle, so if you want to raise that characters stats, switch 'em with another.
To raise strength and weapon level, go into battle and with the character you want up, just choose to fight a monster, and when it's the next characters turn, cancel and go back to the other character, and repeat. Reason is, it brings up a point in weapon level everytime you choose what you do, not when you do it. And when you choose fight, it has a chance of bringing up strength as well. The only thing is, you're only allowed one weapon level up each fight, so when you've done it over 100 times, kill the enemies then start over. I think you can raise magic up the same way, just choose magic instead of fight. To bring up HP, attack the party member you want to bring up with a really hard hit, either until they are almost dead, or are dead, I can't remember, then just beat the battle and their hp is up. I think it also brings up their defense/vitality as well.

It takes a while, because you have to keep going in and out of battle, but technically you can be super strong at the very beginning of the game, even with the weakest of weapons. Actually, it's easier to bring up your stats at the very beginning, because the monsters won't kill you while you're at it.

Anyways... I hope that helps anybody who is having extreme difficulty at beating the game, and can't find a way to beat a boss.

To the guy looking for the RPG definition. Well, on, here it is.
A game in which players assume the roles of characters and act out fantastical adventures, the outcomes of which are partially determined by chance, as by the roll of dice.

People don't realize that some video games can help with certain skills, because they're focused at the content of the game rather than how it's played. Some types of games that can bring up skills or whatever, are RPG's, games with puzzles, often mini-games inside rpgs, and FPS's. Also, games like Uncharted Waters: New Horizons can help you learn where a lot of port cities/towns/villages were in that time period.. actually helped me in History class with a geography test back in 7th grade. :P

Now for a question.... have you ever played the game Crystalis for NES? (I believe they also made a remake for GBC). And, did you like it? I was about 5 years old when I think my grandpa got me that game, and it was my first rpg.


- Skye

That's a pretty good definition for a paper RPG, but I think we were talking about the console sort here.

Anyway though, I have indeed played Crystalis. Wonderful game that. Not so much the GBC remake though. They made some bad changes.

The Last Laugh:

Packages in the mail for me, la la la...

Googleshng "Containing happy things..."

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