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Googleshng - December 2 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I haven't been getting enough sleep lately. I should fix that over the course of the weekend.

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Great Warrior, yes!

Why do they change the name from Dragon Quest to Dragon Warrior for the North American releases, anyway? I mean, I can understand changing things like "Knight and Baby" or "Drag-on Dragoon", but why Dragon Quest?

"Moneys!" "..." "..what?!"

I can't think of a good reason for doing this, but to be fair, this was the 80s. Dodongo was disliking smoke, breezes were potentially knowing things, and Casltevania seemed like a perfectly reasonable name for a game set in a castle in Transylvania.

A LOT of stuff didn't make sense.

Beaten to the punch!

So what's the deal with Xenosaga DS? The game takes itself more seriously than any other game ever created, in my opinion, and releasing an actual chapter of this story on the DS seems completely ridiculous...and a remake of Episode I is out of the question, with the further hardware limitations on the system. No, what's more likely, I think, is a side-story type of thing (like Before Crisis or Dirge of Cerberus) involving the past of one of the less major characters, like chaos or Jin or something. Or, maybe, dare I say, a possible remake of Xenogears to be consistent with the completely-revamped-due-to-copyright-laws timeline of the Saga series? I don't know whether to be frightened or elated...

Baten Kaitos DS seems like a much more appealing idea. For some reason, touching the cards on the bottom screen to use them just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

- Feep "Touch fuzzy get dizzy"

Usually when I get a letter like this, I'll give some long meandering answer to it, explaining trends and likelyhoods. You already covered everything I would have though, so all I'm left with is "Yeah, that sounds about right."

Close captioned for the hearing impaired.

As a hearing impaired person, I was disappointed to read that SH2 does not have accurate sub-titles. Is this in fact true? I don't mind the odd battle cry not being captioned, but to have bad captioning on cut-scenes is unacceptable. I hear well enough that an accurate caption will fill in the blanks to understand the spoken voice. An inaccurate caption just confuses me. After being burned bad by SH1, I am extremely reluctant to even rent SH2.

As for that age old quesion, count me amongst the few that prefer text based dialog. At least then I don't have to worry about putting my hard earned money down on a game I can't/won't play.

Might as well ask, does Baten Kaitos have uncaptioned cut-scenes?

Not that I'm aware of no.

As for SH2, uh, no. The subtitling is just fine. It's just that it doesn't match up word for word with the spoken dialog. This happens in pretty much everything where you have a text and a language track incidently. One you have to worry about matching mouth movements, one you have to worry about screen space.

I'm sorry, but I find this hilarious.

Hi there, first off I'd like to get the ball rolling by asking a slightly non video game-esque question, are you familiar with the shadow run series of books, as well as the few vid games that came out based on the series?

As for the second question, I was wondering, if yes for the first, what your take on a company creating an rpg, tactical, or adventure, or what ever type or mix, on it would be, the basic premise for the sls and world is very deep, as well as how customizable the characters are, abilities, and general over all enchantment and facination the series brings, it's a perfect basis for a rpg of any type, and with alot of movies, books and other such media being used for the basis of video games and rpg's lately, what's your take on it, would you like to see some one take a crack at creating a game based on such, or would you even be interested in playing said game if it came out?

Sincerely, Rain

Uh... you know, Shadowrun IS an RPG. An RPG that's been around for close to 20 years. All those things you mentioned are based on it. For what it's worth though, it is indeed quite the spiffy premise for such a thing, and I do indeed enjoy playing it.

The G stands for Game incidently.

I was wondering just how long it usually take to make a rpg game from scratch, from the idea, to the release, generally anyway? Thanks PX

That depends on entirely too many factors for me to give you a straight answer. First off, there's generally a significant gap between when a game is finished and when it gets released for marketting reasons. Then you've got the size of the staff involved, the hardware they have to work with, the software they have to work with, how ambitious the project is, and how much they can recycle from an earlier project... to say nothing of how much they really care about the quality of any given component of the game.

The shortest you're likely to see is the MMBN games, which come out less than a year apart, and I don't want to think of how long they actually take to finish. Then on the outside, 5 years is pretty much the limit.

The Last Laugh:

Me sleep now.

Googleshng "zzzzzz"

Nin nin!

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