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Googleshng - December 1 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Trying to distort December to mean something else just gives me the mental image of cowboy pirates. Needs work.

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There's a pretty good chance that this won't be answered, but that also means that there's a small chance it will be here goes nothing.

When Final Fantasy 3/6 (American/Japanese numbering, respectively) was released for the Playstation, I was very happy and grateful. That game must be my favorite RPG of all time. But, to this day, I still haven't been able to make it through the entire game. I've started it twice. The first time, I didn't even make it past the World of Balance. The second time, I made it into the World of Ruin, but never finished the game.

Why you may ask?....because of the load times. I'm sorry...but the load times for battles and menu screens are just absolutely ridiculous.

So, my question there any chance we'll be seeing this game as a port on the Gameboy Advance or the Nintendo DS? That would be a dream come true. Just imagine finally being able to play the game again without those absurd load times. Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

*fingers are crossed that this will be posted*

An RPGfan

Oh yeah....your site rules. Thanks for the great job over the years.

Hmm... well, personally, I have a serious problem with the concept of porting all your games to modern hardware, then starting over again as soon as you finish, but, well, FF1 and 2 sure are gettin' around these days, so I suppose there's a decent enough chance of seeing ports of the SNES games without nasty load times thrown in.

Not a jock.

Dear Q 'n A,

What are the consequences of never entering a game of blitzball voluntarily in FFX? You see, I plan to never do so unless I need to.


You miss out on getting a couple things for Wakka. That's it really.

Someone sure likes killing slimes.

I am literally salivating for Dragon Quest 8. I am one of those people who received Dragon Warrior 1 for Christmas when I was like 9 or 10 because my parents saw a good two-gifts-in-one deal with the Nintendo Power subscription way back when. I've been hooked ever since. Fast forward past hundreds of fond, memorable hours slogging through DWs 1, 2, 3, and 4 until each one's save battery wore out and the result is the DQ addicted college student you see writing this letter today. I would trade all the Baten Kaitoses, Final Fantasy 12s, Star Oceans, and Phantom Braves in the world for a localization announcement and firm (heck, I'd even take SEMI-firm) U.S. release date. I know all about Yoichi Wada's slip about the possibility that DQ8 will see an American release- but, like addicts of any other substance, this little glimmer of hope has driven me completely batty and incapable of logic. My question, thus, is simple: What are the honest-to-goodness odds, in your opinion, that DQ8 will some day be transformed into a beautiful DW8 for yankee consumption?

Thanks in advance,


Yes, although at this point it looks more likely that they're going to quit changing the name to Warrior over here.

Non-linearity: The ability to go through a good chunk of the game in whatever order you want.

I really enjoyed FFT. However, the one thing I would have liked is a less linear interface - the chance to wander around the cities of the Ivalice, and maybe even some field areas. Given the more story-driven approach to many modern games, I think the opportunity to have a brief interlude is necessary just so you can have a break from progressing through the game. Yeah, I'm one of those gamers who finds himself regularily going back and visiting towns that he has no need to go to.

Anyway, onto the question. I have heard Disgaea recommended highly around these parts, and wondered whether it is much like FFT or Vanguard Bandits in not being able to actually explore the game's locations. Or am I grocely misinformed. Is the game good enough for me to ignore the lack of free-roaming, like FFT?
Much appreciated.

Confusing terminology you're using there, but assuming you're refering to the fact that towns in FFT are just menus, no, Disgaea isn't like that. There's basically just the one town, but you can walk all over in it, talk to various NPCs, and all that good stuff. Enjoy.

Pretty screwed up this.

I'm sick. I have a disease. I was playing Lord of the Rings: The Third Age today (no, wait, that's sick but not exactly the point at the moment) and decided it sucked. So I was going to turn it off and bring it back to Blockbuster to get something else (hopefully Growlanser). But I spent an extra 15 minutes after deciding this to go back and find a save point because I couldn't stand the thought of turning the game off without saving it first.

Sick, sick, sick.

That is pretty odd. Usually if I'm getting fed up with a game, I'm worse off than when I last saved anyway.

In a similar vein, a cousin of mine got a PSX way back when, along with Beyond the Beyond, at a time when memory cards were hard to keep in stock. So he'd just play it without saving it, starting over any time he somehow died, or lost power. Not sure if he ever finished, but that's crazy right there.

The Last Laugh:

You know, I can't stress enough how nice it is to be ale to play WC3... or how unappealing it is to play with random people on Battlenet. It isn't that I don't know how to counter rushing tactics, it's just that I'd rather, you know, actually play the game. Unfortunately, I'm in a minority there.

Googleshng "It's almost Decemberween!"

Seriously, who doesn't love Strong Bad?

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