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Googleshng - November 29 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

OK. I fought the good fight, but it seems I was unable to delay the onslaught of Christmas Time into December where it belongs. Heck, my own mother put her christmas lights up the day after Thanksgiving this year, first thing in the morning.

It's not that I have something against Christmas mind you, I just don't like the way it beats all the other holidays up and steals their stuff. I think I'm going to start talking about Halloween in August this year to try and restore the natural order of things.

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KILL THE UNBELIEVER! Or better, respect his differences.

Am I the only person out there who doesn't like Final Fantasy Tactics? I attempted to play the game three separate times. The first two I didn't even make it out of the prologue. The third time I actually beat it just by getting to level 40 or so in the first area and switching everyone to auto-battle for the rest of the game and just let the fighting happen while I watched something more entertaining, like the TV Guide channel. No one was above a "second-tier" class, and I still killed the final boss in one turn.

Battles took so long to complete, I forgot why I was even fighting during them. The main characters all have the same personality, the JP system was annoying as hell, 90% of the abilities in the game are utterly worthless, Cloud sucks ass, nothing ever hits, and the noseless people were disturbing. Hooray, the main character speaks. Doesn't mean a thing if everything he says is more than a little predictable.

I'm not a big fan of Nippon Ichi, either. Disgaea got boring around the time I was forced to go to the item world, and I have no desire to play any of their other stuff, either. In fact, Eternal Eyes and FFTA are the only Strategy RPGs I actually could stand to play.

So yeah, to reiterate: Am I the only person out there who doesn't like Final Fantasy Tactics?

I'm sure you aren't the ONLY one, but you're part of a pretty small minority. In any case, it sounds to me like you didn't really give it much of a chance. FFT is a whole lot more enjoyable when you actually come up with effective strategies to play through the game than when you use some cheap trick to fly up in levels early on, and then use those massive levels to just skip the rest of the game. As for the plot being perdictable, let me ask you this. Who are you considering the main character here? I mean, FFT has a pretty complex story to it, but that story doesn't really involve Ramza at all. You, oddly enough, control a pretty minor character when it comes down to it. Different, have to give it that.

Generally speaking though, yeah, if you aren't a fan of TRPGs, odds are you aren't going to like any given TRPG.


Dear Andrew,

I was oh so amazingly enough one of the 500,000 or so peeps in the WoW open beta... obviously not an amazing feet, but I feel good about it!

Up until playing WoW I hated MMOs. When I started playing my friend insisted we get on a PvP server. I did so I could play with my friends and it was okay, lots of running around and delivering beer and ale to NPCs(I was playing as a dwarf to begin with, they like their beer and ale I guess). But, not much action!

Then, the Sunday before it ended I was on playing in the Auberdine region when the Horde attacked the village(I really wish I could remember what server I was on). I was enjoying the game but, it was at that point that I started having fun. For two hours the Alliance members in the region fought off wave after wave of the same Horde raiding party. Nightelves were Shadowmelding in the woods waiting to jump some unsuspecinting punk that strayed too far away. Others stood along the main road, warriors with swords ready, mages casting buffs! It was at this point that I became addicted! I was actually getting an adrenaline rush from playing it. It was like I was playing Quake, Doom or Half-Life almost. Had Metroid Prime 2 not come out a few days before it ended I would have played til the end of the beta.

And now, two weeks after that epic battle I want more. It's like I'm coming down from nicotine and caffiene at the same time! Is this the reason why people lock themselves away from the rest of the world to play these games? Am I doomed to a lifeless existence in front of my laptop's LCD screen?


Not per se no. Generally speaking, what gets people hooked on MMORPGs is when you start partying with a certain group of people. If you take a week off, they all get too far ahead of you level wise, there's situations where, say, someone wants to take you out to dinner, but you're in a party at the time, all sorts of nasty social pressures.

This is a good way of thinking of things.

Am I the only one that thought of FFX-2 as camp more so than a serious RPG? (Or on the other end of the spectrum, thought of it as camp more so than a girl-power RPG?) Even if that's not what S-E intended, that's definitely how I saw it, and it makes the game a whole lot more fun looking at it that way. When Rikku, and then Yuna, says "Oh, poopie!", how can you possibly think of this game as anything *other* than campy? Who's with me?


Yeah, pretty much. Doesn't take itself seriously, gaudy colors, dance numbers... that's campy all right.

Wow! FF8 with no criticism!

What I would like for Christmas is world peace. Now, I'm sure you know about the Limit Break "cheat" in FF8, where you basically beef up Squall as much as possible and rely on Renzokuken. Well, frankly, that's the only way I've figured out how to play the game. First time I played it I was using GFs all the time, which was boring as hell. Some how the limit break method was entertaining enough for me to play the game like that 5 or 6 times. I have a love/hate relationship with FF8. So the question is: Can you really play it any other way?!


When I played FF8, I didn't rely on limit breaks, and I didn't rely on summons. So yes, it's quite possible. Besides, if you just use those tricks, you'll never have the fun of watching Quistis eat a behemoth.



Now that the intro's out of the way, ON TO THE QUESTION!

At a recent trip to my friends house, I happened to pick up the December 2000 issue of Playstation Magazine, and the cover story was on Dark Cloud. The writers inside had the audacity to herald DC as PSX's "Legend of Zelda". I laughed at this, not so much at the statement, but at the fact that the main character sorta resembled Link. Now, don't get me wrong, I thought that both DC games were fun an interesting, what with the georama's and time travel and whatnot, but an honest to gosh comparison to Nintendo's middle child?! I don't think so buddy. What's you take on this?


Any time anyone makes an Action/RPG, they compare it to Zelda. More or less none of these comparisons are in any way accurate, (what with how Zelda isn't actually an Action/RPG and all), but you're still going to have people doing it. Whether it's Dark Cloud, or Brave Fencer Musashi.

The same thing happens to other genres where everyone seems to have the same favorite game incidently.

The Last Laugh:

So anyway, no more eating turkey for me... and no more calling me Andrew for you carnsarnit.

Googleshng "Where are all the current questions anyway?"

Bunch of RPGs out this month, and we're talking about PSX games...

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