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Googleshng - November 23 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

It really is horrible how public broadcasting can stick stuff in your brain like this. I can't look at today's date without imagining a parrot shouting "5! Eureka!" I doubt I'm the only one.

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In Japan, I saw a McDonalds transform into a giant robot in a commercial.

I'm not really that pumped for KH: Chain of Memories. But I looked at the various media for them that are posted on the front page. I can't be the only one who thinks that the Japanese ads are incredibly chaotic every time I see one. I mean, I realize that it would help if I understood the language better. But even still, I can't help but think that the Japanese as a culture have a more spastic marketing environment.

If we're talking about print ads, most of that is just the fact that you can't read anything. Ours are really just as bad more often than not. Televised ads though, those are designed to melt some brains.

And, since noone's mentioned Phantom Kingdom, I'll break the ice. I've been trying to narrow down what it is in Disgaea that makes it so much fun. Honestly? I never play a game once I've beaten it. Half the time I don't even play through to completion. But I've put in a solid 60+ hours into Disgaea after I beat it. Heck, I think I've put more time in after than before I beat it. So is there one single thing, or one aspect of the game in your mind that would make or break Phantom Kingdom as a more true spiritual sequel than Phantom Brave was?

I'd say it's the transmigration and item world bits... and hard to get classes. You've got some lofty goals to strive for, and there's actually optional stuff where you need that stuff. Addictive.

Weird game designers.


A quick response to a letter posted Sunday. And I quote:

"Could you recommend an rpg that...

1. is for ps1, ps2, or pc
2. has cute chibi characters running around
3. has an awesome story w/character development
4. a bonus for me would be a strange unique style of art (in characters or whatnot)

I'm open to just about any genre! (no hentai please, lol)"

Besides Harvest Moon, I would recommend Thousand Arms. Quirky, but fun. Additionally, what is Tri-Ace up to these days? ( I recently got a hold of SO3 and was surprised to see the S-E logo on it.) Or APE even? Are they still around?


You know what really fits that description? Okage: Shadow King. Come to think of it, I need to track that down some time.

Anyway, tri-Ace is a developer, not a publisher. They don't generally get to put the logos on the games. As for APE, I'd imagine they're still around, what with the recent GBA Mother games and all.



The quote on the front page is from the first Dark Cloud, after your first confrontation with Sedar. After you defeat him, he tells this to Toan, referring to his power to wield the Atlamillia.


Yep. Here's your tilde. ~

Simple solutions to silly problems.

Oh great letter-reader, With Christmas vacation threatening me with the lack of dorm, I need a large pile of RPGs to resort to. Problem being I have consumed a disturbing number of RPGs already, and am now looking for advice on obscure ones I may not have tried. Said games costing over 50 dollars or so on eBay rules them out, as saying 'Valkyrie Profile' and expecting me to somehow afford it without selling a kidney and a testicle is preposterous! In short, what should I try to find?

Much love,
Davin Pavlas - "Te occuidere possunt te non edere possuna hefs est"

How about the big pile of RPGs released this month? They should keep you plenty busy if you grab the wad.

Weird personal questions.

Greetings Goog
There is one thing I've been curious for the longest time? What do you do in your spare time and where does the cash come from? From what I know, it doesn't seem you have any source of income or an outside life, gets me a little curious on that. Maybe you're one of those idle rich people or something. Also I am having a thing on my livejournal where people can ask me anything about myself so people can know more about me.
Imperial Mog

Me? Rich? Heck no. I spend my every waking moment either working on this site (which doesn't pay) or working on this stuff, which also doesn't pay. So, where does my money come from? Luck. A new Zelda game comes out. Someone I know wins $200 from a scratch off lotto ticket and hands me 50 bucks. Baten Kaitos and Metroid Prime 2 come out. The state government sends me a check for $100 they evidently owed me from 10 years ago but lost in the books. This sort of thing happens with surprising consistency. Admittedly, it's surreal, but there you have it.

The Last Laugh:

Speaking of Baten Kaitos, I haven't much talk about it... nor any walkthroughs on it. This would suggest that everyone understands it JUST well enough not to be confused, without anyone knowing it inside and out. Strange.

Googleshng "Prosthetic metal psychic wing go!"

Or stay. Whichever.

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