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Googleshng - November 18 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

There are days when I can look in my inbox and spot some sort of theme. Today is one of those days.

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Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger was NOT pretty much all sidequests. The real meat of the game, the core, the central plot, was all mandatory up until maybe the last 5-10 hours of the game, at which point you get the mad sidequests. Which really made the last part of the game, true, but it's not like the majority of the gameplay is taken up by it, as you alleged.

-Jackson Ferrell
(is nitpicking, and he knows it)

Uh, not really no. First off, I think you really need to go back and take a look at just how early in the game you're allowed to go after Lavos. I think you'll be surprised. Then look at all the side stuff going on in the first bit of the game. The millenial fair is just crawling with fun little optional things to do.

Even ignoring all that though, CT is a pretty darn short game. One of the shortest RPGs out there really.

I'm omitting the attached copy of yesterday's multiparter, as there's a link to it just above this.

I had some comments about the question 3)
I think there's more psychology behind why someone finds it difficult to talk in online games. There's the fact that no one can convey emotion effectively with text, which will cause apprehension when trying to word your chat to get across the right meaning. This leads to people needing to put effort into understanding what someone is trying to say, and obviously misunderstandings. There is also the fact that you never get to actually see people's facial expressions or tone of voice…this means that you have to place trust in the text you read, and choose when text is intended to be sarcastic, witty, funny or serious. Finally there's the culture gaps that online games try to breach, you can find yourself chatting with people from anywhere around the world. There are many things you can say/talk about amid one culture without any problems that would lead to anger or hurt feelings within another culture...

I'm not trying to say that any of these issues are actual problems that need to be dealt with in online gaming, just that certain consideration needs to be directed towards them, and that in doing this can cause stress/anxiety when trying to talk with other players in online games. This is turn can make it difficult for some people to talk online.

There's some valid points to be had in there, but this has to be said:
"There's the fact that no one can convey emotion effectively with text"

That isn't a fact. Thousands of people can do that no problem. For instance, every decent novelist, poet, and script writer. On the one hand, they all tend to have more time to collect their thoughts than one does having a conversation under these terms, but on the other hand, the conversations one has while playing a game shouldn't really be leaving a lot of room for misinterpretation. I mean, you have to be pretty darn paranoid to take something like "Hey, that's a neat sword. Where did you get it?" as an insult. Similarly, there's really only one interpretation for "GET LOST U STUPED N00B!!!1"

Come to think of it, that's some text conveying emotion right there.

This is STILL floating around?

On AIM there is this bot FFXI and it is like a game bot or what not but anyways it askes me what version of final fantasy were chocobos introduced and that is version 2 but then it askes where did chocobos originate from and i was wondering if you could answer that for me, i have looked every where on the web and cannot find the correct answer, i cant get on to the game or whatever if i dont answer that question!

OK, so for those of you who don't know, there's this poorly worded trivia question out there which people periodically try to get me to answer for them. Doing so would be cheating in my book, but I'll do the next best thing and phrase the question properly for you: In most FF games, if you're looking for a chocobo, you look around on the world map until you find a _____ _____ ______.


Yeah, about this message from watcher?
Hey, the new quote on the main page is from the G.Fly in Breath of Fire right before he attacks you. And afterwards you get the satisfaction of feeding him to a frog.

watcher...needs more tildes =D
He sent the same message to Andrew over the weekend and received a tilde for it then as well. I demand that you confiscate this man's tildes and further investigate his shady behavior, in order that justice may be served!

-Jackson Ferrell

Oh hey, so he did. I missed it when reading through and the e-mail was sent twice or something it seems. Well, this is easily rectified by chasing the spare tilde with the tilde's natural enemy I suppose, the integral sign. ∫

Weirding out the squares.

Ok, so I can top Pinball Quest. Katamari Damacy the RPG. Talk about the most freaking off the wall game, anyways.

I'm still inclined to give the honor to Pinball Quest because A- It exists, and B- It takes a lot more effort to adapt smacking a ballbearing into various bells and spinning bits of plastic into an RPG format than it is to do so with wadding together balls of junk to create stars.

The Last Laugh:

Due to the mysterious absence of our regular weekend Q&A host, it seems I'll be sticking around straight through to this point next week. So start tossing in those questions about all the various RPGs you may be playing whenever you get a chance to pull yourself away from Baten Kaitos, Metroid Prime 2, GTA5, or whatever it is that's hogging all your free time.

Googleshng "No rest for the somethingorother."

And no getting used to having a keyboard that's twice as long either it seems.

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