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Googleshng - November 17 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

So uh... yeah. New computer. File transfers. Downloading new apps. Watching Strong Bad. Good times.

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Where's the beef?

I miss the old days of minigames and sidequests, all games seem to care about nowadays is who can create the coolest weapon or best airship. I used to love spending an hour and a half completing some sidequest just because I could, no-one really cared that the items gained were useless it was more the challenge that made people drool. More developers should spend more time on the little things, it makes the overall flaws in the game alot less obvious. Can you imagine what Chrono Trigger would have been like without sidequests? well it would have been an excellent game but it would have lacked that special something.


It would have been SHORT is what it would have been. The whole game was sidequests pretty much. Anyway though, I find it isn't that developers have dropped such things, they've just been consolidating everything into one absurdly hard hundred floor dungeon. I prefer my weird extras spread out, like in Shadow Hearts: Covenant here.

Little green haired girl.

Greetings Google
I was curious if you know this following question. In Phantom Brave, is it better to have skills from weapons/items transferred to characters or other such equipment? I was thinking this since it seemed that there is a type affinity for various weapons/items that show up when you change their title and thought if this is a factor in anything? That and did you notice that some things lying on the ground already have at times skills that have some experience on them, and what does having a higher level skill do anyways?

Also I had this thought on the plot, am I the only one who got upset when various people said bad things about Marona? Especially considering the type of character she is? I noted that she's the type you wouldn't mind having as your little sister since she's not the annoying type.
Imperial Mog

Yeah, it sucks to be Marona. Anyway though, the higher a skill is, the more damage it does, just like in Disgaea, affinities just affect how quickly those skills (and the associated MP for the character) increase. As for what to fuse with what, I find it generally works better to keep skills in weapons, since if you stick them in characters, sometimes you have to wield that character as a weapon to use them.

I realize this makes no sense to anyone who hasn't played the game, but that can't be helped with such odd mechanics.

Rekindling interests

Hello Google,

Long ago, I played RPGs a lot but I haven't really played new RPGs in the last couple of years. I have a PS2 and the only RPG I have for it is Suikoden III, which I don't like that much (surpriosingly, perhaps, because Suikoden I/II are some of my favorites...).

Anyway, I'm looking into getting a few decent RPGs (or TRPGs) for the PS2 this xmas to see if I can't rekindle my liking for the genre. One of the last things RPGs I remember trying was FFX and I didn't really like it when I rented it (shortly after release). I'm not all that keen on graphics/visuals - the story and gameplay is far more important to me... do you have any suggestions for me?


OK, interesting challenge this, but I'll take a stab at it. We've got Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Disgaea, Wild ARMs 3, and Breath of Fire 5. If none of those click for you, it's time to move on to a different genre or a different platform I'd say.


Yay for Macs! I'm very envious of you now that you have a G5. My poor little iBook is only a G4. I don't like being obsolete. *sobs quietly in the corner*

Well, if it's any consolation, I'll probably still be using this here G5 in 20 years when it's laughably outdated.

The Last Laugh:

Eep. I just remembered some appointment I have to dash off to as soon as I wake up. So for now, I leave you with this one word.

Googleshng "Somnoflange."

You heard me. Just that word.

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