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Googleshng - November 16 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

OK. I now have this new computer'o'mine set up just about how I like it, and I've caught up on my massive backlog of Strong Bad e-mails. Now it's time to try and remember all the myriad things I've been needing a new computer to check out.

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Open Endery!

For the whole Castlevania timeline, Castlevania Chronicles was mentioned, but I didn’t see it mentioned that Chronicles is a US release of an old PC CV game from Japan, so technically that PC game should be in the timeline. My first time writing so I wouldn’t want to not send a question. So here goes. Why is it that the open ended world of GTA seems to be confined to that one series? I mean RPG’s are the perfect genre for that type of world. Granted games like Morrowind do offer an experience similar in depth, but still not the same in my opinion. When do you think developers will really bring that sort of open world to RPG’s? With a vast world like most RPG’s have it would definitely take much more disc space than a game consisting of a few cities so it may be asking a lot with the current generation of consoles, but hey, they could always start with a smaller confined space with incredible depth and continue the game with expansion packs. Ok I am getting incoherent due to lack of sleep so I wont go on. Just a thought anyway. What do you think?

That's actually pretty much the entire point of the RPG genre. If you look at pretty much any RPG predating FF7, or any PC RPG to date, you're going to find some big sprawling open world full of all sorts of sidequests and hidden discoveries, most of which can be explored at the player's leisure. Then we had some RPG released with one of the biggest ad campaigns of all time, bringing enough people into the market that RPGs went from a little niche genre with a small dedicated base of supporters to a guarenteed cash cow. At this point in time, anyone can give some spikey haired putz a sword and a dorky girlfriend who follows him around casting healing spells, and it's going to sell great no matter what. So, you still get games here and there where you can run around between two dozen towns doing sidequests, exploring the world, searching out hidden secrets, etc. etc. Wild ARMs for instance, but most people aren't inclined to put in the effort if it isn't needed to help sales.

Up and comers

Eyo Castomammal,

I was wondering with SE releasing games that have not been up to their previous level of excellency do you for see any specific companies being able to move a rung up the rpg ladder?

I was also wondering if any lesser known RPG's coming out soon that you find worthwhile? The reason being I've been hearing good things about Digital Devil Saga and Growlanser Generations.

Just wanted you to know that my first letter appeared in the Nov 7th qna with a title along the lines of, This guy is better at BOFV than you. I'm glad you wrote that I got a good laugh and you'll be hearing more from me.


Well, if you feel that Square Enix is starting to suck with so many people leaving, I'd think it would be a safe bet that the companies these people are leaving to form are going to do some nice stuff. Nautilus, Monolith, Brownie Brown, etc. etc.

As for Growlanser, Working Designs has a truly excellent track record for bringing over some great games, so I'm looking forward to it.

An interesting take on things...

No true hardcore RPGamer can rightfully complain about card battle systems. Because the game which that gamer most likely touts above all others has an airship-piloting gambler with a swingin' theme song who uses cards to battle with. ^_^_^_^_^_^


Hey, these people all COULD switch him over to just roulette.


i, love you Q&A, You and Casto are uber funny etc etc.

On to my questions,

1) In SH2, what in the blue hell do I do with a strand of straw?

Find someone who wants it, trade it to them for something, trade that for something else, and so on, and so forth, until you wind up with something spiffy.

2) Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines... Is it an RPG? And if it is why isn't it covered here as its fairly mainstream. I'm fairly sure VtM - Redemption was... unsure of Bloodlines.

It's on the border of our coverage last I checked actually.

3) Why do I find it difficult to talk to people in online games? I mean seriously, I'm popular enough in rl, can hold normal conversations with everyone in a wide variety of subjects, but as soon as I get on Everquest/FF XI I can't seem to start a conversation of any kind that doesn't result in me getting called a n00b or other less promising monikers and then widely being ignored. I'm wondering if perhaps my online characters exude some kind of strange obnoxious odour.

Well, to put it quite bluntly, most people who play these games are, ironically enough, decidedly anti-social... particularly if they've been at it a while and become totally obsessed with levelling. Just keep looking for the exceptions.

4) In Kingdom Hearts International (The one released inna japan only I think) there is a special ending that can be unlocked by completing various things in the game. Its called Deep Dive (I think... again, bit vague here, sorry) and having downloaded it (Can't read Japanese so importing wasn't an option) I can't make much sense of it. Any ideas? Also, have heard rumours that Kingdom Hearts 2 is going to be a little darker... but I'm pretty skeptical as how would it fit in the Disney setting.Any ideas?

Dark is a relative term I'd think. All I really have to say on the subject of KH2 plot details is that they make my brain hurt, and our coverage of the game will tell you everything I know.

5) .... ahahaha, there isn't really a number five, jeez I think I've asked you enough stupid questions. Thanks for your time.

Doh! I already editted the letter template to have a fifth slot!

Keep it away! Keep it AWAY!

Reason #2- You have really eclectic tastes, and are just really into that weird stuff that puts most people off.

That's me. Case in point: I thoroughly enjoyed Hoshigami.

There's just something cool about a game that mercilessly destroys you if you don't have perfect strategy from round 1.

--The Irken Child

I don't mind the difficulty of Hoshigami. I just mind having to go 5 hours without saving when one slip-up will force me to reset it.

The Last Laugh:

Oh yeah! Newfangled video codecs! That's something I've needed!

Googleshng "Download download download..."

Install install install...

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