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Googleshng - November 9 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Recently, I entered into a discussion about the economic problems of most online RPGs. All the characters gain money from stuff in the game. Be it cash dropped by monsters, rewards from quests, or goods craftable from infinitely replenishable resources. The main thing this money gets spent on however is other players' stuff. So... the total amount of cash in the system is on a pretty darn steady increase, and you're going to have a horrendous bit of inflation going on... without a balancing increase in how much people with no money can earn by working. Really, what you need to keep the system stable is some means by which the game reclaims the bulk of the cash that's out there. That or you fix the quantities of cash and raw materials in the system.

50/50 odds you found that really interesting or incredibly boring.

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Phantom of the uh... off-Broadway musical...

Regarding Marona's usefulness in Phantom Brave, I haven't actually gotten to that stage of the game yet, but if you watch the pre-game demos (the ones you get if you let the title screen sit), you'll see Marona doing weird, scary stuff. Something like, 1) summon phantom with weapon, 2) steal weapon from phantom, 3) kill something horribly, 4) throw weapon, 5) summon phantom with weapon out of that weapon, 6) steal weapon from phantom, 7) kill something horribly, repeat. I'm not sure how to get to that point, but it's pretty impressive nonetheless.

If you want to do that sort of stuff with any given character, basically what you have to do is, take'em to a fusionist, cram a whole bunch of things with great stats into their head, level like crazy, repeat...

... especially the speed stat.

Short trips.

Hi! I'm denith and i'm the fina fantasy fan in Cambodia. I have 2 questions. One is When will the FFXII and FFVII release? and two is Do you know any website that i can find FFX movies files to download? cos i like FFX movies files. Thanks

Well, up on the left there there's a little "Releases" link you can use to check any given game's release date, and our FF10 section has a good number of movies in it.

Castlevania is a really stupid name when you actually stop and think about it.

Hello, hello, my world-domineering friends,

Having played Devil May Cry and loving it, I went to look at Castlevania, Lament of Innocence, which appeared to be similar. However, not wanting to make a rash purchase, I tripped on over to rpgamer to check out their section of said game... until I discovered that the Castlevania section seems to be quite lacking...

1. Has Lament of Innocence shied so far away from the RPG format that it is no longer up for coverage by this site? I would understand if that may be the case, but I wanted to know for certain.

2. I know there are more than four games in this series, and that there were Castlevania games on such systems such as the NES, the SNES, and the genesis. Could you please tell me what you know about these games, since they may be worthy ventures as well (I love SoTN).

The Pezman

And the N64, the original Game Boy...

Anyway though, Every Castlevania game before SotN (and about half of the ones since) aren't covered by RPGamer because they're straight-up platformers, not even remotely qualified to be covered by a site that deals only in RPGs (well, RPGs, Action/RPGs, and Tactical RPGs). SotN and the GBA games just barely fall under what we cover. If not for having experience levels, they're essentially Metroid clones. Even then, it's a bit of a stretch, so there's no way we're going to extend coverage to the rest of the series.

As for what you need to know about the older games in the series, the original was quite hard, and somewhat forgettable, 2 kind of tried to be like SotN, but really didn't pull it off. 3 was quite spiffy, 4 was a remake of 1 on the SNES, past there I get fuzzy.

Let's go out to the Movies

To whom it may concern,

Why do people keep saying that Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was not set in a Final Fantasy world? It is the epitomy of Final Fantasy games.

You got a brash hero and a smart girl. They go around the wrold collecting 8 spirits (so it's normally crystals, but who cares). Oh, and an old scientist named Cid.

To get these crystals they have to travel through dangerous dungeons fighting monsters.

They end up collecting all the crystals but, oh wait, there's a madman in space with a big laser who'll screw everything up.

In the last minute, the space station blows up and the world is saved. YAY!

Sounds like a Final Fantasy to me.


P.S. And if some joker pulls out the "it's all sci fi with guns and flying aircraft", airships? And look at FFVII and FFVIII, seemed like they had quite a bit of technology there. In fact, all FF's had pretty hardcore technology. Big Whale anyone?

Well, it's a two-fold issue. First, it didn't live up to the preconception people had that it would be some big epic fantasy movie because, well, they went out of their way to ignore trailers I suppose. Second, they wanted chocobos... which I suppose is part of the same issue to an extent, but hey, they threw that bone in FF8 and 10.


I think Uematsu's departure from Squeenix is one of his better career moves. I hope he keeps on doing game music. Final Fantasy has went downhill since FF9...if FF12 sucks like I think it will, maybe it will be the final nail in Squeenix's coffin.

On the question side, I'm looking for a good game and keep hearing about Baiten Kaitos. Is it getting good reviews? And what is up with this battle system?

You realize of course that even if 75% of the FF fanbase jumped ship, it would still be the most popular RPG franchaise in this country, right? Hardly a "nail in the coffin" situation here.

As for BK, well, we have problems with review copies of GC games, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait until it's released for any first hand info on it.

The Last Laugh:

There seems to be a serious issue with letterflow since switching stuff around with e-mail. If you send anything in and it bounces, feel free to toss it to my usual address.

Googleshng "Empty box, creepy sight."

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