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Googleshng - November 3 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

This week I've been bouncing back and forth between election coverage, columns, and court appearances. It's all been quite exhausting, but I'm almost through with it.

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In your last Q&A session, someone mentioned that they thought the 'tag team' aspect of FFX was one of the best battle inventions that SE has come up with in a while. That statement kinda disturbs me, because I have seen 'tag team' battles well before FFX, I remember first seeing them in the first Breath of Fire. Is it just me, or does Final Fantasy and other SE series get credited with a lot of innovations that were actually introduced by other games earlier? I mean they do a fair amount of innovation but I often see people giving them 99.9% of the credit for the advancement of RPG's.

Oh, where to begin. I've seen the FF series falsely creditted with:

  • The first RPG ever.
  • The first RPG ever released in the U.S.
  • The first RPG to feature a top view perspective.
  • The first RPG to have a traditional experience system.
  • The first RPG NOT to have a traditional experience system.
  • The first RPG with vehicles in it.

The best one though was an account of someone claiming that FF7 was the first game ever released in the series.

Supply and Demand

Hey Informer Folk,

Have there been ANY rumors or buzz to indicate that Square-Enix have plans to bring Dragon Quest Characters: Torneko's Greatest Adventure 3 (or whatever it translates to here) to North America in either the PS2 or GBA versions? Even though both of these were best sellers in Japan I get the idea that the likelihood of either making it here are less than slim.

Thanks in Advance!

Tim "Lord Gek" Jordan

Well, if there were anything of substance to say, we'd have said it by now. The North American market tends not to be all that receptive to random dungeon crawl spinoffs of games most people missed out on though, so at this point I'd stop holding my breath.

The Last Laugh:

Sorry for such a brief column today. Next week I should have my time and energy back, but for now you'll have to bear with me unfortunately.

Googleshng "zzzzz"


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