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Googleshng - November 2 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I'm sure people are sick of the bombardment of political talk today, so let's skip straight into the letters.

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Shadow Hearts Spoiler


I don't think you should post this on the QNA, but just answer it over e mail because i doubt anyone will really wanna hear about it (if they haven't played Shadow Hearts AND SHC).

So I finished up Koudelka, finished up Shadow Hearts, and now I'm about 5 hours through Covenant (give or take). I just met Kato in...Southhampton I believe. Anyways, Yuri told him that Alice died because of the Four Mask Curse....but I saved her from that in Shadow basically that was the "good ending that didn't actually happen"? The "real ending" was the one you'd get if you didn't save her? If that's true, then what WAS the bad ending where she died? Cause I didn't see it....


Actually, if I recall, the good ending showed Alice sleeping on Yuri's shoulder while riding the train home, and it's established officially in Covenant that she lapsed into a coma and died on the way back, so as far as I can tell, the good ending does count, but she croaks anyway. Sucks for her.


My mom has The Legend of Zelda for her GameBoy Advance. She cannot find the entrance to the 8th dungeon and was wondering if you could help.



Well, the GBA Zelda game isn't out yet, so I'm going to take a guess and say you're talking about the port of the NES game. If not, check a walkthrough. Anyway, head up to spectacle rock in the northwest corner of the map and bomb the heck out of it.

UPDATE: Hooray for being blind. I somehow misread that at 9th. The EIGHTH dungeon is hidden under a conspicuously path blocker bush in the southeast.


Hey Goog,

Just wanted your opinion on something. Why do people have such a problem with FF9 when they knew up front that it was going to be a rehash of previous themes in the series? As I recall, Square was very up front about that, and even promoted the game as a rehash, for the people who missed that sort of thing after the more futuristic themes of FF7 and 8. I personally thought it was a great game, in fact one of my three favorite in the series, along with 6 and 7. You know, you just can't satisfy some people. I remember when FF8 came out people were saying "this sucks, I wish they'd do another FANTASY Final Fantasy" and then FF9 came out and people said "this sucks, there's nothing new in this game!" I guess there's just no pleasing some people.

Robust Stu
Leader of the Madagascar Separatist Movement

Uh... there's a huge difference between "We're going to go back to having a fantasy setting!" and "We're going to create a plot for a game composed almost entirely of plot elements recycled from past games!" Personally, I found FF9 to be fun but forgetable, but the lack of originality is still a perfectly viable complaint to make here.

The Last Laugh:

Crazy hectic week around here... more on that tomorrow.

Googleshng "Vote and such."


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