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Googleshng - November 1 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Three year olds are cute. I spent Halloween hanging out with some friends, one of whom has a three year old daughter. She repeatedly wanted to borrow the uber-cheesy wizard hat from my costume, noting it resembled a party hat.

This is a perfect example of the sort of thing which is highly amusing if you're there, but not even remotely interesting when recounted later.

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Tactics and Friends


A friend and I the other day were talking about Final Fantasy Tactics was brought up. We both remember how great the game was and how many hours we put into it. I wanted to know if there were any games like it (turn based, tactics, customizable characters) that were two player or had a more refined and newer system available on console or pc.



"A more refined and newer system" is rather vague, but if you want a TRPG with a two player mode, I'd highly recommend Kartia.


Dear Froogleshng,

I just wanted to be the only letter you'll recieve today that won't mention FF7: Crisis Core. Oh wait, I just ruined it for myself. Oh well. Somehow I can hear the sounds of angry Matrix ex-fanboys cheering...

- Elranzer

As consolation, you're the only one who DID mention it now. Odd no?


After reading all of these questions, I have a few comments and questions myself.

1. Why does it seem that nobody liked Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy IX? What was so terrible about them?

The first RPG I ever played was Final Fantasy IX and that is what got me hooked on them! It continues to be my favorite and I've played it 4 or 5 times through. Final Fantasy VI was also one of the bests, in my opinion.

Uh, everyone and their brother loves FF6, but I can tell you the problem a lot of people have with FF9. The entire game is just a rehashing of past FF games.

2. What's the big deal about a guy playing as a female character?

I'm a girl, and sure, I prefer to be a female character, but in a game like Final Fantasy XI, I might choose to be a Galka (which is male) if its stats suited my chosen class the best. Besides, there are a lot of games where you're forced to be a male character. Maybe you just want a change.

Just my 2 cents. :)


Think we've pretty much buried this issue. The only people who should have a problem with it are people who treat online RPGs as a dating service. Such people don't really get my sympathy though.



The quote is definitely one of FFVII's zaniest! The whole Wal-Market (*ahem... ALWAYS low prices) scenario had me scratching my head.

In regards to the now five-point rating system... is it really doing any good? Instead of everything getting a 7/10, now everything gets a 4/5. Let's just face it... everyone who works for a gaming site or magazine and gets to play games for free will tend to have a 5/10 average, but whenever you are reviewing a game that you just spent money on, you'll tend to pump it up more than it deserves. It's called cognitive dissonance. It's why Ford drivers don't like watching Chevy commercials.

-Tommy Moo

Well, I haven't calculated the exact statistics, but I'm pretty sure the average is 3/5, as it should be. There have however been some particularly good games released quite recently though, and plainly deserve the 4/5s they've gotten.

Last ditch fun!

I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but I'm pretty sure that Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door cheats in the final boss battle. The first time I fought it, both times I got the last boss below 10 HP, the stage itself iced me... both times I had the second character set to kill the boss, but couldn't because I was iced.

Luckily, after dieing while iced the second time, I had a smart idea: Take the boss close to 10HP, and do the rest of the damage all at once. That seemed to work, as I didn't get iced at all that time.

So... anyway... do other games 'cheat' and do things like that?

R. Bemrose

What, boss fights that do some last-ditch nastiness when they're almost dead? Happens all the time. I wouldn't really call it cheating though, plenty of games let you do the same thing.

The Last Laugh:

Don't forget what tomorrow is everyone! The day of the dead! So make sure to rent Day of the Dead... and if you live in the U.S. you should probably vote too... and actually, Day kinda sucks, go with Dawn, or Night, or all three.

Googleshng "Heluh au aueu."

Gotta love Bub.

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