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Googleshng - October 20 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I can't think of anything I can say in reference to Excel Saga that would be remotely coherent. So er uh....

Nin nin!

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Recently we have seen some of the more obscure Japanese RPGs being released in the US.

Do you think this trend will continue?

If by recently, you mean for the last 6 or 7 years, then yeah, that sounds about right. I think that's long enough though that we can safely label this as a shift, not a trend.

Or in short, "yes."

Double your pleasure.
Farscape Spoilers of all things

You think it's good that "The Peacekeeper Wars" is bringing the Farscape saga to a close? I was hoping for "The Pacemaker Wars," wherein Scorpius fights a geriatric John Crichton after years of harassing him, still trying to get them zany wormholes. Also, I suggest a moment of silence for Ka D'argo.

Alright. This FF3 remake. The fights are on one screen, and the other stuff's on the other? So, what's the fight screen doing the whole time that I'm not fighting? Just showing battle terrain? No, not for me, friend. I mean, I'm still going to be buying and loving it, but that doesn't mean I think the screeny dealy is necessarily a good idea.

I think most games for the DS are going to have some problem doing something with that screen... but the same can be said for every Dreamcast game. You have that little VMU screen. You're obligated to do SOMETHING with it. Most get by with just a silly little screensaver. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough though.


Hey Google,

I decided to play through Disgaea a second time using more Prinnies than I had in the past (which was 0). I was just wondering if the advanced forms of prinnies (captain, general, what have you) were unlockable on a by level basis as seen in human classes, or only by killing the advanced prinnies in Prinny Land?



Prinnies are classified as monsters, thus you can't get a type of them without having killed it, and the more of a type you kill, the cheaper they get. So yeah, Prinny Land.


What? Shadow Hearts: Covenant gets a 4/5? Out of 10? You're giving it a fraction of a point less than one? How bad can it be, that it can't even get a whole point?

Just kidding. Keep up the good work.

Captain Modifier.

What a great concept... I have half a mind to score things out of a max score of pi.

The Old Ultraviolence


Although my oppinion on the subject may be a bit biased, (as I'm only 12) but I think that it is ENTIRELY the parents fault if their child goes on a spree of violence after playing a M-rated game. The parent should know their child well enough to know if this will happen, and not letting their child play the game if it will. I have been watching R-rated movies for as long as I can remember, and playing M-rated games as well, and have turned out fine. The parent just needs to make sure their kid knows its just a game or a movie, not reality. These are tools to escape reality. Now on to censorship in games, or Americanization (was this a topic?). I don't really know of many games being that censored now a days, but I recently heard that Final Fantasy IV was heavily censored. This was is of my faviorite games, and this made ,me quite angry. I am now playing through a non-americanized version, and haven't found too many things inapproriate. But hey, nintendo can do what they want. Well that's my two cents anyways. Sorry for the rant (why does everyone say this lately?).


Well, no. I don't agree with that argument. I think the person primarily the kid on the killing spree here. Everyone is ultimately responsible for their own actions. If you want to assign additional guilt, then you can blaim parents, teachers, friends, etc. for causing and/or not noticing the kid's severely disturbed emotional state of course, but the implication that playing violent videogames will turn you into a raving psycho if your parents forget to tell you that there aren't really hordes of zombies living on the moons of mars is just plain silly.

Besides, everyone knows they're all on Io.

The Last Laugh:

So... Paper Mario 2. It's out. People seem to enjoy it. It's a nice solid RPG for the Gamecube.

Googleshng "Let's just not talk about the GC Advance Wars."

Seriously. Don't talk about it.

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