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Googleshng - October 19 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

It definitely seems to be time for me to update that there FAQ page. Between this here and that Koudelka/Shadow Hearts one I'm going

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I lost count of how many times I've had to explain this...

I've noticed a trend lately in which all the games RPGamer reviews get terrible scores (below 5). Now, I've played a few of these recent releases and most of them are far better than the scores they are receiving. Did I miss the announcement that RPGamer now hates games, or is there a better explanation?

Just curious....


No, but you did miss the announcement that we switched to a 1-5 scale several months ago.


"No, you will bite me." is a hilarious quote from shadow hearts:covenant. It is said by Rasputin.

- Steiner_83

Darn right! ~


Greetings Googlesama,

I didn't know they were remaking The Bard's Tale either, until I just happened upon a flash ad at Is there a reason RPGamer isn't covering the title?

I'm a veteran of the original Bard's Tale, produced by RPG juggernauts FCI and Pony </sarcasm>. It had it's charms... the whole first person view combined with menu driven combat. The last couple of dungeons were ridiculously frustrating though. There were invisible walls that were really there, visible walls that weren't really there, and not enough (*ahem) "root beer" to keep your bard's voice happy all the way to the last boss. God bless the 1985 censors.


I never did beat that game.

-Tommy Moo

Technically speaking, we do. Our coverage seems to be somewhat, uh, lacking though. Someone should be fixing that shortly.

Surprisingly, I got a lot of these.

Dear Google-san,

Just had to comment on the Farscape ref. Honestly, when I saw the line at the top " much later?" the first thought that popped in my head was that it was a quote from Farscape. I think it went (paraphrased) something like this:

(Stark's freaking out over something, as usual...)
John: Hey Astro! Work now, freak later.
Stark: much later?

But then I was like, naw, no way, that's a quote that could have been in many things. Then I saw the "Last Laugh" at the bottom. Huzzah, indeed.

Um, guess I need a question. Okay, what upcoming game that's being hyped to high heaven do you think will fall the shortest of expectations?


P.S. "The Peacekeeper Wars" rocked.

Hmm... am I allowed to say the next GTA game? I haven't seen a lot of RPGs getting insane amounts of hype in the near future.

This hasn't been asked in a while...

My only question is how exactly is Xenosaga and Xenogears related. I am wondering if they are in direct relation somewhere down the sequal line or are they just related due to the title and robots. I would like to know where it connects.

Well, basically, the person who came up with Xenogears had 6 games worth of story sitting around, and decided to make just the 5th one (Xenogears). Then later, he wound up splitting off to his own company, and figured he might as well go back to the beginning and make all 6 games. So Xenosaga 5 is going to end up being a remake of Xenogears, reflecting all the minor changes that end up being made between now and then. Hence the Xenosaga trailer of Citan talking to chaos.

The Last Laugh:

Yay. New review score images are springing forth to end the madness!

Googleshng "The Healthy Godstomach"


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