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Googleshng - October 18 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Ahh... finally, a reason to use my TV for something other than videogames again. Huzzah.

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Not really the best format for this argument..

Hey Andrew,

I was reading through the Q and A, and wanted to respond to the guy saying parents were idiots about letting their kids play mature games, not being responsible, etc. I would have to disagree, in a way. Yes, there are parents who aren't responsible, and let their kids do whatever. Then there are those parents who are responsible, and try to raise their kids right. Yet, on both sides, most of the kids do stupid things anyways. Either way, the kids have to want to learn, and sad to say, there are more and more kids that don't want to learn.

More and more, people are blaming others for things, because they don't want to believe they are responsible. People blame games for kids making stupid choices, because they don't want to believe that their kid made the wrong choice. People do the same thing for movies, shows, cartoons. I work in daycare, and some kids aren't allowed to watch Yu-gi-oh, or even scooby doo, because they say it's bad influence.

It's like the gun problem. Who's at fault, the one who made the gun, or the one who killed with the gun? If the gun was never made, the person wouldn't have killed, some would think. Wrong, the person would've found another means to kill. Same goes for games. No matter what, if the kid is going to do something, he's gonna find his reason somewhere, and if not from something fictional, then from real life.

Point is, the problem needs to be focused straight from the source, not blamed on the games, or the parents. Each punished for their own acts. Of course, if we can blame our acts on video games, or anything... I can predict that more and more kids, and everybody, will do more and more stupid things.

However, I don't agree to feed kids with stupid material, especially if they aren't mature enough to know what's right and wrong about it, but no one is capable of sheltering anybody for too long. And even too much sheltering can cause problems.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Humans have an inate, deep-rooted psychological need for violence. You have two basic choices of outlet for that. You can act on it (punch someone, smash things, go on a killing spree, etc.), or you can simulate it (watch zombies rip someone's intestines out in a movie, play some gorey videogame, play any given sport that doesn't fit in that first category). So if you see someone who appears to be a ticking time bomb of rage, ready to go on a killing spree, the worst thing to do is force them to quit playing violent games. The best thing to do would be instead to be nice to them, and attempt to remove stress from their lives. Of course, if someone is actually prone to killing sprees, what they really need is serious psychological help.

If there were any truth to the argument that kids emulate what they see in games and movies, then I'd have grown up running across highways, smashing everything I find in construction sites with a sledgehammer, swallowing my parents' keys, and attempting to stab people while riding giant ostriches, develop telekinesis and turn into a car.

Anyways, I'm done with my ranting.

Seems like there's a lot of MMORPG's coming out lately. Easy way to make a steady flow of money for years (if the game does well). But the ones I've played seem the same. They try to add a story to the game, that you can't really go through quick enough (due to leveling for days) to actually get a story out of. Then the story isn't really anything spectacular. And the games are mostly about leveling, and your character is always the same as the next character with the same class/job/whatever. The only way to get the cool equipment is to get lucky in a party of a million people to fight some boss, where your character repeats his/her same attack/support over and over. Then in the end, you have a almost impossible chance of actually getting anything. Then you can't even really call them bosses, because they respawn. So, what makes the games so addicting to people? Social life I guess. Waiting for World of Warcraft to go into Open Beta to see if it's the same thing, probably will be, but hopefully not.

Anyways, do you see any point in leveling for hundreds of hours, just to be the same as every other MMORPG zombie? And, do you think most games in the future will be online? Sports, Simulation, every genre. I hope not. *shudders*

Lastly, I'll shutup now.

- Skye

That's a large chunk of why I, and a great many other people have no interest in MMORPGs. In fact, there's honestly just a small minority of people who play videogames who have any real desire to play online games of any sort, so no, I don't see that becoming the norm.

Ancient Academy

Hey X-Googadeth!

Just like previous writer rpgdudeboy, I'm doing the whole Koudelka, SH, SH:C run-through for the first time, and shame on me for not having done it earlier. I hold my RPG experience in high regard, and this ignorance of SH is nothing short of sinful! Actually, my girlfriend, also a RPG player, is playing through the series with me. I think we'll start a competition to see who can get the most perfect hits.

With regard to your little duel with God, His rain, and His holy carbonated beverages, I propose that you join me in eternal vampiric life so that we may blaspheme against Him for all time's duration.

On that note, do you think it'll be so long before we see another RPG-ish Castlevania on a console? I suppose the length between SoTN and LoI can be attributed to SoTN's not-so-grand-debut, but now that the series has been brought back to life, (;D) I think we'll be seeing more CV around on consoles.

For the past few years I haven't found myself looking forward to many new RPGs, probably because I'm so "16-Bit Oldschool". I've found from this column that your tastes in RPGs are similar to mine, so it'd be great if you could suggest some (if any) RPGs within the past three years that are of the quality of the grand days gone past.



I can't say anything about the future of the Castlevania series, on the grounds that, particularly when it comes to following up on how past games were received, Konami is completely insane and unpredictable. I could point out dozens of examples of this.

As for your other question, let's see... Skies of Arcadia, and to a lesser extent, the Wild ARMs series are the best I can think of.


hey , i have read in many game sites that sell games , that Disgaea is a sequal to Rhapsody , and Phantom Brave is a sequal to Disgaea. Is this TRUE??


Well, they're all made by the same company (along with La Pucelle). Not much connection between any of them plotwise, although there is this running gimmick of having the main character from the last game as an optional boss who joins you afterwards.

Business Dealings

Dear Moogleshng...

What's up with the "Advanced Media Network" links up at the top of RPGamer's main page?

R. Bemrose

I'd imagine we're getting in on one of those deals where a bunch of websites pool pageviews for the sake of getting better ad deals and cross-linking and such. I don't really know all the details myself because, well, it's not my job to pay attention to such things, and it seems to have no real impact on my life. If I have some reason to care in the future though, I suppose I'll mention it.


hi , i just wanted to reply to "Quote Fun " about the title on your page "stay awhile and listen" it is from diablo/diablo 2 . thats pretty much it , unless it is in another game but i doubt it.


True, but that was last week's, and tildes have already been dispensed for it.

The Last Laugh:

More Farscape. Yay.

Googleshng "Such a spiffy show."

Me like very much.

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