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Googleshng - October 12 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I don't really have anything to say today in the way of rambling stories, so let's just get straight into the column.

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Dates and Figs

I am quite confused on the release date on suikoned 4. According to Media Play it's release date is November 11 this year. According to Konomi Its winter this year. And Platstation has it releasing January 15th 2005. I could just wait and find out if it ends up on my doorstep on the 12th of Nvember or not. But who am I kidding I am not that patient.

All your sources are wrong, according to all of mine. The release date is January 11th.

Rhetorical Multiparter


First off, what did everyone find so incredible about FF4? The plot was linear, the characters weren't very well developed at all, the battle system was annoying (most of all the 3 front/2 back arrangement), and it just wasn't a good game on the whole. I can understand why people might like it because it was their first Final Fantasy, but it still shouldn't rank as high as everyone placed it.

Secondly, why do game developers find it necessary to place the most tedious of sidequests in their games. The only reason I bring this up is because I'm currently getting the extra 4.4% I need in FF X-2 by watching EVERY SINGLE FRICKIN COMMSPHERE SCENE. Honestly, why?

Thirdly, that song in the FF7 trailer was Gotterdammerung, I believe.

Fourthly, after all this wait, we finally get FF3. And in order to play it, I gotta go buy another system. I cannot imagine what they would need the second screen for. It's a regular FF menu, it doesn't take too much time to switch between it and the actual gameplay.

Fifthly, to the guy who wanted to know a good party for being Sophie Pietos (or whatever her name was), bring Shion, KOSMOS, and either Ziggy or chaos. My KOSMOS was so buff by that point that the battle was cake.

Sixthly (I really should have bulleted this or something), where the hell is my bloody fabulous* prize?


*prize still fabulously not at my residence

That was one of the two fights where I actually used AGWSes myself, don't really recall who was in them, not that it really matters.

Anyway, on the subject of FF4, I could understand if you were wondering why people STILL say it's so amazing, but if you can compare FF4 to any RPG that came before it and not find it impressive, you're not really comparing it to RPGs that came before it.

The rest of these are rhetorical I assume.


Hey there,

I'm a longtime reader, but a first time writer. You've been hearing that alot lately, haven't you? First off, lets talk about the new Pokemon games. It's time to party!!!!! no... NO!!!! Not yet... Anyway, I can't wait. It will be awesome with the dual screen. Unfortunately, there will be a pokemon on an island that you will need a ticket to get to.... Said ticket will only be available through a Nintendo promotion. Said promo will not be held where I live. *sniff* But anyway...

What's with Square? Here is what they do/did with FF/KH:

*the game is released in Japan*

Japanese Gamers: Ooooooh! This PWNS!

*The game is released in America with 3 or 4 new features*

American Gamers: OooooOOOOoooooHHHH! PWNS > JAPANESE VERSION!

Japanese Gamers: Hey! Their version is better!

Square Enix: Alright, we'll rerelease the game in Japan, with 4x more new features as the American version.

Japanese Gamers: mwahahahahahahahahahah!

American Gamers: Grrrrrrrr.....

Isn't that annoying?


Well no, generally what happens is they get the exact same version of the game we got, and then kick themselves for buying it the first time around before they added in special new bosses. The only time it sucks is when the new features are put in for the euro version, like with FF10.



Well, I beat Koudelka. That was a GREAT game. Best voice acting I've ever seen (or is it heard?) ever. Great story too. It's so good because it's only 10 hours long. They put a LOT of time into those 10 hours of gameplay.

I just got Halley in Shadow Hearts and I'm trucking along. I can't wait to get to SH:C. How far are you in it? Which is your favorite so far?

Here's my main question. I have my PS2 hooked up to my TV (like most probably do). Everything's hunky dory except for the fact that the entire screen is shifted up and left by about a quarter to a hafl an inch a piece. This makes it so anything at the top or left of the screen gets cut off. I'm not sure if it's the PS2 or Shadow Hearts (haven't tested it). Do you know how I can realign it? I know that some games have a realignment built into the options menu but I don't think Shadow Hearts does. I also searched the PS2 menu but to no avail.

Oh, am I to assume that you dislike what happened to FF after 6? Are you unlike all the mindless fans that think FFVII and FFX (and sadly, FFVIII) are the best things since sliced bread?


I'm not going to go bashing the more recent FF games, but there was a certain little something to be found in the older ones that you can't find in them, but you can find it with Sacnoth (fine, Nautilus)'s games. Hard to say which is my favorite of the series though.

As for your video problem, well, if there's no way to adjust it in the game, you can always just adjust your TV. That or just learn to live with it is if's a minor thing. I once saw a TV which cut the bottom 10 cm off things. Made Flashback quite challenging.

Quote Fun

hey gog, ummm, you don't have to put this on the site, if you could just please reply it would equally as good,

i read the page title for this week and it says "stay a while and listen"

now i know i heard that in a game somewhere and it's eating me up that i can't remember the name of that game, do you know what game it's from? of yes, could you please tell me>

I could tell you, but then nobody would be able to guess at it for a tilde. I'm sure someone will get this one though, so it'll be posted in here.

The Last Laugh:

Sheelob was crawling across my monitor just now. Time to get the pesticide.

Googleshng "I don't mind most spiders, just the ones bigger than grapes."

Especially if they're albino and bulbous.

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