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Googleshng - October 11 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Shaun of the Dead is very good. Go see it.

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The loading time isn't bad except during battle. Everytime anyone casts a spell there's a rather noticeable load...sometimes longer than others. FYI.

Oh, and you said that there's a full list of who you get in the instruction booklet? That's why I NEVER open instruction booklets...I don't like to know who I get or whatever. I wanna be surprised. I want to meet up with a guy and be like "it would rock if I got that guy" but not actually know if I do or not. Just my thing I guess...

By the way, Princess Bride....very cool movie. "INCONEIVABLE!" "I don't think you know that that means..."

You say that a good portion of the people that worked on FF6 worked on SH and SH:C? How about Koudelka? Them working on SH and SH:C would explain why they rock so much, because Square was RETARDED to let them all go. One of the reasons that FFVII wasn't nearly as good as it coulda been (no matter what all the young new generation people say, it's good, but not THAT good and certainly not as good as FFVI or FFIV for that matter).

Anyways...question? uh...How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


Yep, all three games are by the same development team, composed of a ton of people who left Square around the time development started on FF7, and from where I sit, it really shows in both series.

Oh yeah, I posted that link didn't I.

As far as the gentlemen who is auctioning his life's collection of "game stuff" on eBay, I can understand the appeal of buying it all at once from him.

Growing up, I had the kind of parents who were convinced that playing D&D and computer games would send me down the road of drug abuse, devil worship, and collecting action figures just to never take them out of their original packaging.

Well, the jokes on them - I did the latter on my own.

Anyway. Because of this, I grew up in the 80's, but never played "Super Mario Brothers" until 1995 (on the Gameboy Color). It wasn't until I was a member of the work force and could afford to buy the old games on eBay that I could play them (like Zelda: Link to the Past and other classics).

So to a guy like me who "missed out" on all the classics that people talk about, buying a whole set of old games and reveling in the childhood joy that I missed out on is a compelling one. Then again, I don't have $4000 to plunk down, and now have more old games than I'm going to play until the kids grow up and leave for college. Only 15 years to go.

Still, the idea of all that swank at once is a tempting one.

John Hummel

Well, if we were talking about a stack of 70 NES games, I could see that logic, but we're talking about a stack of NES consoles here.

Unlimited Saga


I been using RPGamer since Brave Fencer Musashiden was realeased in the States, liked that game by the way, but anyhoot..I never really wondered around the site much. Today I did and came across your little Q&A section. I'm a 18 year old kid who has been collection RPGs since I played FF7....yeah, I'm a FF7 fan-boy I guess? But anyhoot, I spend about $200 a month on RPGs from, and rarely play half of the ones I get for more than an hour. I always find a reason to quit a game, my main reason is due to the fact that I enjoy MMORPGs. Anyhoot, after owning all these games I decided I needed to start playing them and beating them, the whole nine yards, completeing every mini-game, side-boss, annoying-nearly-impossible-hard-to-get-secret-item. So I picked a game at random, it was Silent Hill 2, which I guess isn't really a RPG, but it has a great story. After beating it, I picked another game....Unlimited Saga. What the hell happened to this series? It is like going to my local Indian Casino, every thing I did in the game was like playing a slot-machine. I couldn't figure out the LP/HP system that well either. I figured HP was a shield to my LP, but still monsters couldn't damage my LP when I had 0 hp. I would try to do side-adventures to level my guys more, each time i tried the monsters would just kill me. How do you suppose I beat this game? Or is it meant to be a game of luck? Maybe I should just give up on it.

I was about to point out that it's rather rare to be able to grab 4 RPGs in a single month, but anyway, on the subject of Unlimited Saga, and the SaGa series as a whole for the matter, it is indeed largely a matter of luck. Basically, you just want to finish each area, and hope you get a decent skill at the end. Oh, and yes, the more HP you have, and the less damage the attack does, the less likely you are to lose LP.

I am really getting sick of stressing this.


Now, I've played the first Shadow Hearts, but I've never played Koudelka. I don't plan to either. For my amusement, could you perhaps inform me of some of the characters from Koudelka that appear in SH:C? And whom exactly is this Koudelka and what is her signifigance, I only recall her having special abilities and her being Halley's mother in the first Shadow Hearts.

Also, I don't recall Shadow Hearts being 10 hours, I assume you're excluding side quests, or is that Koudelka, or just plain sarcasm? Do I use too many commas in places I shouldn't?

Just-wants-to-be-in-Q & A,

2nd disc of SH:C is exciting.

OK, once again. Koudelka is not "a pseudo-sequel" to Shadow Hearts. It's not a "vaguely related" game. It's not a game that establishes a few vague references and has a few cameos in Shadow Hearts. Shadow Hearts is the direct continuation of Koudelka's story, and every major character and event (particularly Roger Bacon and the whole Emigre Manuscript bit) matter quite a bit to the other games.

That said, I'm not particularly inclined to give a complete plot summary of a 10 hour game right here and now so you'll have to make do with what's said about it in Shadow Hearts if you aren't going to play it, but other than that, I think I managed to answer all your other questions here, along with the others that I have 10 times over in my inbox on the matter.

The whereabouts of the other characters from Koudelka during Shadow Hearts: Covenant incidently is explained somewhere around the end of Shadow Hearts by the way.

My Random Ramblings

To Google,

I always thought Andre the Giant was an old wrestler from the 70's. Is Shadow Hearts stealing his name now?


Well, there's wrestlers in Shadow Hearts: Covenant, and there's a... character... named Andre, but no, they don't overlap. That's my own weird mental connection.

The Last Laugh:

It's odd to have a Metal Gear Solid style mini-game in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Considering which character has to do it though...

Googleshng "Toss it."

Such a good movie.

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