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Googleshng - October 7 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

If you are far enough into Shadow Hearts: Covenant to get the meaning of this column title, I'm sure you'll agree. Best. Boss. Ever.

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Big Shadow Hearts type spoilage.

dear Googleshng,

I bought Shadow Hearts: Covenent today and as I do before playing any game RPG or otherwise I read the instruction manual, I couldn't help but notice in the months leading up to the game's release that I'd heard nothing of Alice SH1's heroine, when I read the first page after the setting up your ps2 mumbo jumbo I discovered apparently she had died at the end of SH1... I was crushed as she was my favorite character in the game and knowing she dies has greatly diminished my urge to finish the game, so Googleshng... my questions to you are thus

Was there an alternate ending or something in Shadow Hearts where Alice didn't die??

If not is there some way to revive her in SH2 not as a playable character but just so I want be so depressed about it?

Or did another RPG heroine fall under the Aeris/th syndrome and die never to return?

And in a non related note you don't have to worry about answering the boktai and phantom brave questions in my multiparter of doom cause I already beat them both so meo...

Also random bonus question, what anime/rpg/whatever is the girl in your banner from?? I'd just really like to know

With a some what heavy heart at the passing of Alice,

Arros Raikou, writer of the multiparter of doom from a couple of weeks ago

The androgynous sig pic elf isn't from anything but yon sig pics.

Anyway, Shadow Hearts had 2 endings, one of which involved Alice dying, the other not... although as far as I can tell, the canonical one is the one where she doesn't, and that happy sleepy train ride bit during the credits is her going comatose and dying later anyway, which sucks for her but I never really got attached. Of course, going berserk and hitting bosses with the bible for about 3 damage was always funny.

As far as bringing her back, well, given the way the series works, I'd be surprised if you didn't run across her as a ghost or somesuch but uh, basically the entire plot of Koudelka was an illustration of why trying to bring your dead girlfriends back to life in that series is a Bad Idea. I don't think you'd like to see Alice in that particular state of existance.

I'm more bothered by our Harvest Moon coverage personally.

Dear Googleshng,

Though I've been visiting this site since the very first promo video of FFVIII was posted here, I've never written until now (though I did submit a piece of music to the sound test section a couple years ago). Anyway, love the site.

My question is: This is is it not? As in this site only covers RPGs, right? Then why is there a section to Advent Children (a movie)? and The Spirits Within (a movie)? And from the looks of it, Dirge of Cerberus is shaping up to be anything but an RPG, yet there's a section of it as well. Is it because they are sequels to RPGs? Should that count? Where do we draw the line? Would RPGamer have a section on a First-Person shooter sequel to a Final Fantasy game?


Well, when we cover a game, we also cover any merchandising of that game. If Nippon Ichi started selling little stuffed prinnies, we'd run a story saying so, and throw up pictures (and I'd want one). Similarly, if someone makes a movie based on the Final Fantasy series, we mention that and post screens from it. The only reason these things get their own sections are because, well, anything with Final Fantasy in the name produces literally 50 times as much promotional fluff as just about anything else we cover, and if we didn't subdivide it, our FF7 section would be a mess.

So yes, we would, but we wouldn't review it or anything.

This is why Eidos exists.

Hey, I don't have a question about Shadow Hearts: Covenant, so much as I have a question about the ad for said game. Whenever I click a link on the RPGamer site, I get treated to some sexy redhead in that tight purpler shirt thing and almost nonexistant skirt. So... Should I buy the game on that alone, or is there something more to the game? Is it a good series or whatever? Because staring at that piece of... advertising... is lovely and all, but I'd like more in the actual execution of the game.

Personally, I think anyone who has ever bought anything because they were drooling over a girl in an ad should be, I don't know, killed by a succubus or something else along such lines. SHC is however the third game in a series which is enjoyable for a good many other reasons. Like, say, the fact that they're all made by a decent chunk of the people who made Final Fantasy 6.

There's no end to it.

::Pounces on the sexy slime::


To think, after the whole "When is Shadow Hearts 2 coming out?" fiasco, there exists an even more annoying question, one that cannot be so easily answered:

"Is Kouldeka the prequel to Shadow Hearts?"

Will this be the new trend: repedetive Shadow Hearts questions that become in-jokes for RPGamers?

Wait... two quotes isn't a trend... or is it...?

Well, technically the term prequel generally refers to something made after the original, but set before it. Koudelka was both made and set before Shadow Hearts. Anyway though, yeah, at least three people have been asking me this for the last forever. I'd say it's slowly driving me insane, but I think a bunch of other stuff already did that years ago.

Quite a lot of talk about this series.


Oooo, touche (is that how it's spelled) is all I can say for the way you manhandled me. You're right, you're right. I am a stupid SMURF...I should play Koudelka first. 10 hours you say? Hmmm, so 5 hours loading time during battle and 5 hours actual gameplay? I can deal with that.

I really don't recall any unusually long load times in that game. Audio problems, sure, but no load time problems.

Oh, and I agree, the chanting was cool at first, but it kinda grates on me as I play through. I'm about 15 hours through thus far. I've only gotten 4 peple i get more? Don't tell me who or whatever, or how many, but just if I get more characters throughout the game other than Alice, Margarette, Zhuzhen and Yuri. If you don't mind of coures. i just wanna know if I should get my hopes up or not.

That you do. I seem to recall they're listed in the instructions actually.

Oh, onto my question I guess. I loved Fire Emblem for the GBA, was mucho funness. I forget what the subtitle for it is. However, I know that ther's ANOTHER Fire Emblem for the GBA in Japan that's basically the same game (same units, same world, just later on in history) where you get to play as Roy (Eliwood's son), but it didn't come out here did it? Do you know of any plans for it to come out here? Or if the GCN Fire Emblem coming out next year has anything to do with it? (such as a remake). Or do I have to import it and just not know what they're saying?


The game we got was Fire Emblem 7. The game you're thinking of was FE6, not released here. The GC one is something new, which hopefully we'll end up getting too.

The Last Laugh:

Last I checked this was only up to $3600. The only way I can see someone amassing such a collection is if they stole it, and are also totally insane. Even then though, I can't see why they'd sell it (being crazy enough to collect it) en masse so cheap (you could sell each of those for at least $20 no problem), so many years after aquiring it (I've never had to fence anything, but common sense says you do it immediately, and in a discreet fashion). I could however see someone wanting to have one NES for game they own so they never have to blow out dust when switching games.

Googleshng "Yeah..."

Best. Boss. Ever.

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