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Googleshng - September 30 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

In the middle of the night, I heard a loud crash. It turns out that a large tree right outside my house decided it was fed up with the whole vertical orientation routine. This made for a lot of cleaning up. Also knocked out the power, that was fun.

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Greetings to Google and to readers know, I never did like leading off letters with a salutation. Maybe I'll just use a simple 'Goog' next time.

An alternate solution to the pricey games dilemma mentioned in the most recent column could be to wait a few months for the price to go down. Unless you're obsessive about getting your games on release day, the wait should be more than worth it. You'll also have the benefit of word of mouth from people who have already bought and played the game, so you'll know if it'll be money well spent or not.

Also, if one searches on eBay on any given day (a handy place to search if your local video game market sucks... all we have here is a Radio Shack outlet, and it's useless), one can usually find some SNES games (although if you want Chrono Trigger, you might have to prepare to spend quite a bit of money) and an SNES system. Maybe even NES, too. I've not been disappointed in eBay's abundance of PS1 games (Parasite Eve for US$12 on Buy It Now? Sold!). Even rare games (Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon II, Wild Arms, Rhapsody, etc.) can be found.

So now I'm curious. What do you consider your biggest eBay triumph? A hard to find SNES game you just happened to win a bidding war on? Maybe a copy of [insert quirky game here] for $5, or something like that?


Some people tell you the company doesn't get your money when you buy something used. I say that's faulty logic. When you buy something from a store, that money doesn't go to the company either. The store already bought the game from the company before you came in. Your money goes to pay the store back for what they spent on it, so they can afford to buy other games in the future. Anyone selling a used game works just like a store. You buy their old game, so they can afford a new one, and thus the industry is supported.

As for eBay, oddly enough, I've never used it.

Shadow Ocean

Hey, Google! It's such a nice web site you've got.

I don't know if this is the right place to do this, but I was wondering if you could help me out with Star Hearts a little bit. I've been stuck in Hudai and Kudai for like 4 months now and can't go any farther. Appearntly, I need to get some things to wake these four gods(bird, tiger, turtle, and dragon?) but I just can't find where they are!!! Also I need to unspell the curse on people in, I think, one of these two countries because I remember being asked by one of the kings to go save his brother. In this town, people are mad at and jealous of each other. So I need to know where the item to get rid of this demon from the castle.

Also sometimes when I walk through certain area, it goes (????), but what does it mean?

It would be great if you can answer any of my questions. Thanks a bunch and keep up with the good work!


Well, normally when I get a letter like this, I just direct the person to a walkthrough for the game. In this case though, we have a game never released outside of Japan, for an obscure flop of a system, which normally isn't an issue, but being a this being a handheld, I'm coming up blank. If anyone out there has actually played it though, I'm sure they'll write in tomorrow.

I get surprisingly few letters about it.

hey goog(insert correct spelling here to finish),

anyways, you'd figure after reading your q&a so many times I'd atleast remember how to spell your name. Phantom Brave has been a topic for a while, but I didn't have anything to say until now, seeing how Sulphur has just broke his foot off in my (beep). Other than this single obstacle (which shall be overcome by tomorrow), the game is great.

Gameplay is different, sound seems okay (I don't really dig game music because they just...I dunno...suck? My opinion, so PLEASE don't send your legion of turkeies and hungry, Bambi-look alike of a deer after me), but the one thing that makes this game better than Disgaea and La Pucelle is how cute it is. There are so many serious games out there, but this is like a kid's game for ...grown ups? Don't know if that made sense but I hope you get what I'm saying. If not, just print this off, burn it, SMURF on it and enjoy it all the while you're doing such. Well, off I go to level up like a mad monkey on coke in my Failure Dungeon Lv 128. Cheating in this game is great too!

I enjoy your column, so rock on little buddy with a name that only a linguist can pronounce! V

Yes, Phantom Brave has a very well done story with lots of moral ambiguity... that really has that aimed-at-12-year-old-girls vibe going for it. See also: An awful lot of anime. Very well done story with lots of moral ambiguity aimed at 12 year old girls (or "shoujo") is actually one of the most popular genres of fiction Japan cranks out now that I stop and think about it.

Coming Soon!

Hey there, g,

So, what's up with Mythri? Word was it was going to come out last December for the GBA, but there was no sign. Then the story was Q2 of '04, but still nothing. So where'd it go? For that matter, where'd RPGamer's collection of Mythri screens go? The links seem to be broken...

Evidently, someone forgot to change a database link when the game was moved to the GBA. Follow the links from here and you'll get to the screens just fine. As for how long it's taking, well, when you have a brand new publisher releasing a game from a brand new developer, you're going to have a lot of delays in there.

I took a quick glance at the upcoming releases for the PS2, Xbox, and GC (from about now until Christmas), and the Cube seems to be in a pretty good position this year: Donkey Konga, Paper Mario, Baten Kaitos, Metroid Prime 2, Viewtiful Joe 2, ...

I'm sure Halo 2 and the new Knights of the Old Republic will fare well, but I didn't see much on the PS2-exclusive front. How do you see the next few months of game releases (from an RPG-only stance or otherwise)? Is there some decent PS2-only title I overlooked?


Well there's Shadow Hearts 2, which just shipped. Give me about a week and I'll let you know if it's worth your time.


hey google, whatever happened to the on-off-on Phantasy Star remakes for PS2? Also, is there any possibility of the Shining series reappearing on home consoles? Perhaps a release of Shining Force 3 from the DC? Mike

Those PS remakes are still happening last I checked, but I haven't heard much. A rerelease of Shining Force 3 meanwhile on a system not labelled as dead at the time (you meant Saturn not Dreamcast by the way), would be quite nice, especially if all 3 games were included, but hasn't been announced. Here's hoping though.

September Glut!

Hey Goog

I was just wondering why so many games are coming out now, you know, in September when everyone's already gone back to school. Who does the planning for game releases?

I was just looking at the Release Dates section and noticed that there weren't that many games out in the summer, May through July...

La Pucelle Tactics May 4 PS2
Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Jun 7 GC

Front Mission 4 Jun 16 PS2

Tales of Symphonia Jul 13 GC

Sudeki Jul 20 Xbox

...and now we just have a huge glut of 'em.

Star Ocean: Til the End of Time Aug 31 PS2
Phantom Brave Aug 31 PS2
Fable Sep 14 Xbox
Mega Man X Command Mission Sep 21 Multi
X-Men: Legends Sep 24 Multi
Shadow Hearts: Covenant Sep 27 PS2

I mean 5 in 3 months compared to 6 in 4 weeks!!! C'MON!! First of all, where am I going to get the money to buy these('cept for that kooky X-Men one)? Secondly, where am I going to find the time to play them? And then that isn't even the half of it! What about all the games that are still coming? Growlanser Generations and Paper Mario 2? Me wanty! Well I guess I shouldn't gripe too much to you since you can't pick the release dates, but do you mind clueing me in as to what these companies are thinking? And I guess as a side note; which of these have you played and what'd you think of them, and which ones are you really lookin forward to? Anyway thanks for listening and keep fighting the good fight or something...


This happens every year. For some reason, everyone releases all the really drool worth games and movies in the fall, after a largely empty summer. No idea why, but I'm not in marketting. Anyway, opinions.

La Pucelle- Similar enough to Disgaea to be worth it.
4 Swords- I'm told it's fun, but very un-Zelda-like.
Tales of Symphonia- Not my thing.
Sudeki- I've heard it's rather lame.
SO3- I'm told it's much like SO2. Really cool at first glance, but terribly frustrating once you get into it.
PB- Spiffy.
Fable- Simple Hack & Slash.
MMXCM- Haven't really heard anything actually.
X-Men- Heard nothing, but it's licensed, so...
Shadow Hearts 2- See previous letter.

The Last Laugh:

Well, I pretty much just sucked this week. Sorry about that all. Enjoy your weekend, then expect me to be back on track... which hopefully you will also enjoy.


No more tree.

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