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Googleshng - September 28 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I don't live in a rural area or anything, which makes this sort of thing quite the odd sight. Over a dozen wild turkeys loitering about my neighbor's yard. Just add a pecked over corpse and you have a cheesy horror movie.

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Hey Google,

Are you and Jake Alley the same person? For some strange reason, I found Alley’s staff biography link sandwiched in yours, and both of you sound remarkably alike.

-Jeremy, the Duke of Otterland

Of course not. I wear glasses and work for the press. It's just a coincidence that I'm never around when Metropolis is in trouble.

I need context to quote Zim now? BEEEEEES!!!

Apologies for that last email, accidentally hit sent when going to another window, disregard it for the entirety of it will be here.

This title for a recent Q&A section is most certainly from Invader Zim, but I see no mention to the great invader among the Q&A, which by total coincidence I was watching it last night.

Also I would like to ask about action RPG coverage, which seems to be somewhat lacking and Im wondering what determines a Action RPG versus a Action-Adventure game, especially during the early stages of announcement when gameplay mechanics such as leveling has yet to be revealed. In fact does leveling even determine whether it is an RPG? For instance Zelda games have been covered in the past, and reviewed, but there is really no distinguishing features between that and say Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, and Devil May Cry. Or a new game being released in Japan in 2 weeks based of the anime series Berserk. Just curious as to how RPGamer determines what a Action-Adventure game versus a Action-RPG game in the earlier stages of the games announcement. And also it seems to me that the word action simply denotes a real-time system and is not a Genre on its own. I realize this is quite an overused discussion topic, so concentrating on the earlier stages of information pertaining to the game is my focus here instead.

-Sylvan Sorrow

Well, way back when Action was Action, and pretty clearly defined. So when a game like Crystalis or Zelda 2 came out, it was pretty easy to call it an Action/RPG. By the standards of 20 years ago though, you can make that argument for pretty much any game with an inventory. So from where I sit, you can't call it an Action/RPG if it doesn't have experience points. So yes, that does make it quite hard to tell if something falls under our coverage when first announced, on those occassions when publishers get rather loose with the term.

On that note, with the exception of the second one, none of the Zelda games really fall under our definition, nor does Harvest Moon for that matter. You can chalk those up as exceptions based off popular perception I suppose.

Watch me rant and rave!

Hey Google,

Long time listener, first time writer. I was reading some of the letters today when someone started talking about Vandal Hearts 2. Now, I've always wanted to get Vandal Hearts 2 and I still don't have it, but god, did anyone like Vandal Hearts like me?

Sure, it's old, but it's one of the first PS games. The graphics are bad, the blood is funny, but MAN! This was one hell of a game! For the time, it was loads of fun (you know, before FFT came out and stuff), and I absolutely loved the story and the characters (Kira, you backstabbing bitch, come here and give me a hug).

Anyway, just seeing if anyone thought this game was any good, and I was wondering if the second one was as good. Also, Konami, if you're reading this, remake Vandal Hearts with wicked badass graphics, a bigger and more in-depth story and more of those wicked tunes!

Nelfichu of the Guild

I too found Vandal Hearts to be a darn fine game, for a good many reasons. Unforunately, not one of those things is present in Vandal Hearts 2. No unique characters, no really interesting mission objectives, no weird Welsh singing when you turn it on, no kinda ugly visual style (instead it's just really ugly), even the basic mechanics take a serious turn. Heck, we don't even get those wonderful blood geysers!

So no, I wouldn't recommend it.


Just so you know, I've heard that in Phantom Brave, if you really kill one of your characters (Well, it just so happens that your friend here is only mostly dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead.) so that you have to sacrifice an item to resuscitate them, and you use an egg or the change book to do so, they'll come back and it'll be similar if not the same to the transmigrate from Disgaea.

That's nice. Of course, the bit I liked about the whole transmigration bit is turning my ninja into a better kind of ninja, which still doesn't work here.


Hi Goog.

Regarding the whole pirating issue...

I've got to say that I'm really annoyed at people who say games are so expensive.


I live in Israel, which is considered a european market. This leaded to me getting a US PS2, for the sake of playing those games that don't get released here. By ordering games from the US, I pay an extra 10$ for a completely legal copy. Luckily I have a friend who also liked video games so we end up sharing. But overall, it wouldn't be so bad "by myself".

One problem I *do* have with consoles, is the regional restrictions. I bought a european PS1 and had to pay another 50$ (don't remember exactly) just to play the games I wanted. It's even harder with the PS2 - no mod chip that I know allows you to easily play all games for both PS2 and PS1.

So the whole "pirating is justified", I don't buy it, since there's a very reasonable alternative. Now playing SNES games on an emulator is a different issue, which I agree with. There's no way I could play those older games here.

And anyway, I find that when playing a pirated game, your drive for actually finishing it is a lot lessened. You just don't feel the need to get your money's worth.

Zohar Gilboa

I find SNES games a lot easier to track down than most people tend to believe, but other than that, well put.

The Last Laugh:

Yarr! There be pirates out on the stormy seas! Pirates riding on the backs of giant man eating turkeies! ... Turkeies? See, this is why the english language sucks. Look at the inconsistances we have.

Googleshng "Why is there BACON IN THE SOAP!?!"

I made it my self!

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