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Googleshng - September 25 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I really don't like my local movie theater. They show three kinds of movies. Movies that absolutely everyone in the world is required to see. Obscure independant films. Unwatchable garbage aimed at kids. It's a "we aren't going to be carrying Hellboy because we want to give Spy Kids 3 another month on that screen" sort of theater. Needless to say, this makes it hard to see Shaun of the Dead.

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Fun with the Alphabet!

OK, so check this out:

FF7: Advent Children (AC)
FF7: Beyond Crisis (BC)
FF7: Dirge of Cerberus (DC)

What's CC supposed to be, then?

--John Z., Fanfic Dept.

Crystal Chronicles. Shame on them for going out of order.

Correctamundo #1!


You said in today's Q&A that Europe got a special SO3 Director's Cut, but in reality, so did America. Albel and Roger were added as new characters, in addition to like 2 more optional dungeons and a VS. Mode.

Everything else is a different story, though.


That's nice. I maintain that people really shouldn't worry about any extras europe might get. It's more than balanced out by all the games they don't get at all. Throw'em a bone.


Please keep in mind that I'm not trying to sound offensive with this first question.... that beloved ranting e-mail fan part of me shall not awaken until the second question.

When I look to RPGamer, it's mainly to find reviews about games that are already released. What other people might look for, be it psychotic atomicly-powered robotic grizzly bears with an insatiable hunger for naked Barbie dolls, or what have you, I have no idea. But, I believe that you are indeed a review site. Now, do you believe it fair to actually criticise a game before it is released? Let's take Fable. Since it's been released, haze all you want. If it's bad, that's fine, if it is the one true savior of all games, that's fine too. But I recall that you were actually predicting that it would be terrible. Terrible as in 'very, very mediocre to modestly bad'. Not quite 'the invasion of Poland' terrible. Granted, you knew the developer's history, which gives you some credit to your message, but it ALMOST came across that you were hoping for the game to flop. Back to the question, do you think it's fair to cast any sort of sentence on a game before its release? Then again, it is your column, so you could fill it with haikus about robots.

I CAN?!? Oh boy!

Giant metal man,
Glistening in the sunset,
Use your Rocket Punch!

OK, now that that's out of the way, on to your concerns. I don't recall ever saying Fable would be bad. I did however say whenever someone asked that the media as a whole has this odd habit of completely blowing out of proportion everything Peter Molyneux does, which they do. I also said that rather than be the sort of mindblowing revolutionary do-whatever-you-can-imagine game it was made out to be, reading between the lines made me think it was much more likely to turn out to be a hack-and-slash Action/RPG with Black and White's appearence reflects alignment bit going, which it did. I never said it would be a BAD hack-and-slash Action/RPG that I recall, although I'm not personally a fan of that sort of thing.

In the abstract, yes, it is true that nobody is going to be able to tell you exactly how good a game is until they play it. So really, you want to wait for reviews to come out before making a call on a game. If you want speculation on something though, and there's a lot of information to draw on, I like to think that I have a pretty good track record for these things. I called it right here, no?

My second question actually asumes that you are crazy, and not just for having four consenants jumbled togeather in an inpronouncable mass in your name. Why did ANYONE like Tales of Symphonia? Tales of Phantasia and Destiny were both excellent games, both with story, characters, and battle system. I'll give ToS credit for it's battle system (except that the AI wizards want to burn their TP on those world-destorying spells when the enemy has like six HP left), but COME ON! The story was cliche'd to the point of ridiculousness, the music was repetitive, and the characters lacked any sort of originality or really any personality. Some people like Teen Titans (which if I remark on further, I will be SUED), but the voices were of the typical cutsey anime style, which has apparently become much more popular. I'm honestly suprised that Raine did not should "Lloyd no BAKA!", and then everyone collapses in a wriggling pile of hysteria. So please, tell me why it was a good game.

I feel the desire to set fire to something now.


Uh... I've never really been a fan of the Tales series to begin with, so this is really more of a question for someone who digs, or at least owns, the game.

More of this sort of thing.

World War II Timeline:
September 1st - Germany invades Poland.
September 3rd - Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand declare war on Germany.
September 10th - Canada declares war on Germany.
September 17th - Soviet Union invades eastern Poland.
September 27th - Surrender of Warsaw.

So, the conflict was well underway in 1939...

I don't recall this coming up recently, but for what it's worth, there you have it.

Pirates from across the ocean!

Dear Andrew,

I've been reading your Q&A section for a long time.And from the very beginning i wanted to ask you why the heck,you Americans,buy original games?

Are you that rich or what?The newer original games cost nearly a hundred bucks so why do you pay so much? Is that because the game has a nice package or because of the manual where you can "learn" how to play or find a few tricks?

In any case almost anyone in USA has internet conection.So why don't you download the frigin game for free. In my country you can get a game for 3 bucks or make a copy yourself .Are you that spoiled?

Please enlighten me Andrew.

P.S. Come visit me and i'll get you VP for 3$ or any other game you would like ^^

OK, first off, a new videogame doesn't cost $100. These days, they tend to go for $30 or $40. Wait a month and you can probably find them used for $15. That's cheap enough that even your standard ramen-eating college student can nab one here and there.

As for why we don't just download games for free, well, I assume from the context here that you aren't talking about freeware/shareware PC games (which are underrated by the way), but rather downloading copies of console games that someone else ripped onto their computer. Well, there's two pretty simple reasons for that.

Reason #1: It's illegal. That's what keeps me from doing it though.

Reason #2: Artists deserve to earn a living. If nobody was paying for videogames, nobody could make games for a living. If nobody could make games for a living, we wouldn't have a game industry. If we didn't have a game industry, I wouldn't have a job, but more importantly, none of these wonderful wonderful games would exist.

Remember kids, when you plop down the cash for the latest Zelda game, you aren't helping Shigeru Miyamoto buy a new mansion. You're helping to put food on his table, and those of all other many many people who helped make it, the people who translated it, the raw materials and labor involved in mass-producing it, who ship it to the stores, and the people who work in those stores. That's what? Maybe 300 people? Each getting about 30 cents from you? For a year's worth of hard work? And this isn't even counting the cost of all the very very nice computers, and in some cases recording equipment, that all these people need to do what they do.

I'm posting the weirdest corrections today...

"seeing as how there's only one Ramone left." - Andrew

True, there's only one ORIGINAL Ramone left (Tommy), but there are several others still alive and kicking. These include Marky Ramone (who replaced Tommy on drums), Richie Ramone (who replaced Marky on drums, before Marky returned), and C.J. Ramone (who replaced Dee Dee on bass).

And where do the flash animation kittens fit in exactly?

The Last Laugh:

Hmm... seems I may be in for an extra long week this week, ending with a restoration of the standard weekends on weekends deal. Good thing too, I'm just as confused as you are.

Googleshng "The weekend's over! It's Saturday!"


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