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Googleshng - September 21 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I can live with a company using my name. I can live with the name of that company becoming a verb. I can live with everyone always assuming people are refering to this company when they refer me. I can even live with people constantly asking why I have the same name as this company. When this company sets up a secure e-mail service however, and bans the use of all variations of my name, I am officially Annoyed.

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Simple question really.

I just wanted to say sorry for mixing you and Andrew up. I actually didn't realize it was more than one of you until I'd already read the QNA for awhile. He hates Goldensun. Sorry man, I apologize again.

BTW, can't wait for Shadow Hearts, I wanna play Koudelka so bad but I'm freaking hooked on Fire Emblem. Know of any way to get the other GBA Fire Emblem? The one with Roy? Not to spoil anyone on Fire Emblem, but at the end it totally sets it up for another game, and I hear that's the other Fire Emblem for the GBA that didn't come out here...know how i could get it? translated if possible...


Well, Fire Emblem 6 wasn't brought over to the U.S. (and for the record the one we got was 7, so you aren't missing out on a sequel there) but if you import it, at least you don't have to fiddle with a GBA at all to play Japanese games on it. Regional lockouts are strictly a console thing.

Also simple!

Heya Google-sama, long time reader, first time...having written something in a while...

What was the name of that Final Fantasy soundtrack that had, like, a gold, silver, and bronze release, and which one you got depended on how much money you gave them? Do you know if I can still get it retail, and how much it costs?


That would be, I believe, Project Majestic Mix, which I'd imagine is sold out by now. It was a collection of fan-made reworkings though, and not a soundtrack per se.

Know your companies.

I was reading the Q and A, and somebody asked about Growlanser Generations and working designs....and then I was like...ohhh man, does working designs still do videogames? The only "recent" ones that I remember is Lunar.....Do they really still make the games? If so then....

Why in the heck are they not remaking DRAGON FORCE?!?!?!

Now that game rules all games(almost..Panther Dragon Saga comes at a tie)....for the sega saturn mind you. From what I remember working designs made the game. I heard that they are making Guardian heroes for the advance <:D so...why are they not making dragon force! >:/

No. Working Designs is a publisher, not a developer. They take good games by other people that nobody else wanted to bring over to this country (or didn't make as good of an offer in some cases), translate them, occassionally fix problems in the code, stick them in nice shiny packages, and sell them to you. So, while I fully agree that it would be great to see a remake of Dragon Force out there (or even a port of Dragon Force 2), Working Designs isn't the company we're wishing would make one. I believe Sega is actually, or possibly some offshoot thereof.

Oh, and that's Panzer Dragoon Saga for the record.

Is it just me, or does someone ask me this every 2 weeks?

Dear Q&A people...

In a previous question and answer column I say mention that Koudelka, a game I had never heard of was the prequel to Shadow Hearts, which I shall soon be receiving. My question is, without playing nor any plans to play, Koudelka, will there be any confusion when playing through Shadow Hearts. Say like plot holes, characters with unexplained motives, unexplained references, etc. Thanks

p.s. is it just me or does it seem like the women in the screenshots of Square Enix's new MMORPG are wearing quite skimpy clothing

Koudelka, a game you've never heard of, is a very unique RPG from a few years back which somewhat resembled what you'd get if you through a Final Fantasy game, a Tactical RPG, and an H.P. Lovecraft story in a blender. The whole game takes place in and around a single building, over a period of about 1 day. The sequel to Koudelka, Shadow Hearts, is decidedly bigger in scope, so while the events and characters of Koudelka do indeed come up in it, you won't really be lost if you never played it.

Crazy Concepts

So, I keep harping on it. But, Phantom Brave is the news of the month for me. I hit that point where I said 'Ok, I need a budget'. So Phantom Brave is the only newish game I'll have for a while (well, as long as my budget sticks).

What's the deal with the 4 rating? I mean, I suppose I'd agree with you, if you're rating the overall 'fun' factor, then I can dig it. But, I don't think that you give a lot of the bits and pieces of the game enough credit. In my mind, a lot of the technical side and the mechanics and whatnot are along the lines of Squares excuse for The Spirits Within: 'Well... Yah, it blew. But we sure learned a lot, and what we end up applying it to? That'll be awesome!'

Like I've had to explain to a dozen people a day, RPGamer switched to a 1-5 scale some time ago. That's why every review posted in quite some time has failed to rank anything over a 5. I still say we should have changed graphics to reflect this, but it wasn't done with a lot of pre-planning.

Also, in the last e-mail, I meant to ask whether or not you (or anyone) had (has) any inkling of what the next Nippon Ichi project is. I know that our timesense in that regard is skewed because we're the second tier distributed and we also got La Pucelle in there, but don't most producers at least announce their next game before or pretty soon after their latest game is released?

My guess would be some new crazy TRPG. I'm sure they're working on something though if they're starting their own label in this country.

And, as long as we're looking at game play and mechanics, here's a bit I'd like to know. What sort of whizbang new gimmick would you like to see done in a new game? Or, perhaps, some poorly done gimmick that you'd like to see redone well in a new game?

I'd kind of like to see a game that engaged persistent dynamicism, such that the actions within the world persisted over a grand scale of time, and major events were forced to adapt to the world. So, for example, suppose you're playing some game with two environments, a volcano/lava and a rainforest environment. You run through the earlier lava stage and cast ice on the big baddy, which freezes him to death. Well, on top of that, you had cast Ice 3 on him, which doesn't just freeze him, but freezes the whole lava pit he's sitting in. That causes the volcano to stop emitting steam, which freezes up a river in the heights, which prevents water from streaming down the mountain, depriving the rainforest of its rainforestness. So now when you go through there and get captured by 'savages' they aren't Southern AmerIndian stereotype, they become a Bedouin stereotype. Even further, the thrillage would be in the persistence. Now, if you restarted your game (or played New Game+, or someone else plays a second game with your memory card), the volcano would still be frozen forcing that first event to be relocated to some undersea adventure with a water boss instead of the lava boss.

That was actually pretty much the gimmick of Mother 3 way back when, more or less. I'd list some weird design concepts of mine too, but they're incorporated in games I'm actively developing, and I find when I mention such things here, they crop up in other people's games before I can get mine out the door in any fashion.


Mmmmm... Worcestershire sauce.


Google:The scary thing is, this was in my inbox before yesterday's column went live.

The quote is from Tales of Symphonia! I love that game~

Anyways, I'm pretty sure it's said by Raine.

--The Irken Child

Google:One would think more than two people would have gotten this one. Here, have tildes. ~ ~

The Last Laugh:

One again, this here ends the "week" given the current juggling of the Q&A schedule. Enjoy your Wednesday-Friday weekend with Andrew.

Googleshng "Grumble"

I see the logic, but I was here first.

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