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Googleshng - September 19 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

The names of certain characters in Phantom Brave just plain bug me. They aren't Lloyd-wrong, but there's an exceptionally tough guy named Sprout, and a fairly tough guy named Walnut. Who, incidently, is a dead ringer for Thor. See?

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Nostalgia Accessories

I'm bored and I read your site quite a bit... Also I can't get word wrap to work on Outlook explorer because I am lazy and I have a spy. Test to study for. Anyway, I was just wondering why Playing a game (breath of fire 1+2, Chrono Trigger+Final Fantasy VI) is always more fun then playing them on there new formats. (PS for Chrono trigger/ffVI and GBA for Breath of Fire). Is it like all in my head?(looking for the answer see, because I'm in psychology 1001) or do they have subliminal messages in the original SNES game? If so what is that code? Would it be in java? Can you convert it to C-sharp (I'm taking intro to programming so I am pretending like I know stuff)

Well, there's a combination of two factors at work here. First, ports tend to be somewhat imperfect. Things don't run at the right speed, sounds are rendered differently, or the controller doesn't have the buttons in the same places. These all hurt the experience a bit.

There's also the nostalgia factor. If you're playing an old game on an old console, it makes the nostalgia that much more intense for you.


Wut's Crackin Googs?

Now that Square and Nintendo have kissed and made up, do you think they will ever make a game together again like Mario RPG? I liked Paper Mario and I loved Mario and Luigi, but neither of those games come close to the original in my opinion.

It's possible, but there's a pretty serious conflict of style to bear in mind between the two companies, so I'm not entirely sure how likely it would be.

Do you think Growlanser Generations will be worth getting? I've heard they are great games, and Working Designs has never let me down before, but I'm just not too sure about this game. Why is Working Designs releasing Growlanser II and Growlanser III together, but we have never even had the first game out here? If I get it I'm going to get the Deluxe package with all that other extra crap that I don't need but I still will want anyways.

I've yet to see a game translated by Working Designs that I didn't enjoy. As for why we miss out on the first one here, well, it was for a different system. Getting a collection of games published in one package when they span multiple systems just doesn't work, even when they are backwards compatable.

Do you think Microsoft and it's game companies OVER-HYPE mediocre games like Sudeki and Fable just so people might be more inclined to get an XBOX. I have an XBOX and I loved Morroing: Game of the Year and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, but from playing a Sudeki demo and seeing what people have said about Fable, it seems they are nothing more then your average RPGs. Fable was hyped as the Greatest RPG ever, Chrono Trigger will always hold that claim to me. Don't they realize that over-hyping a game does more bad then good when the reviews come out and they aren't rated that good?

Well, yeah. Of course they do. When you don't have any of the big name developers working on any exclusive games for your system, you have to hype the heck out of what few exclusive things you do have, whether they warrant it or not. It doesn't do more harm than good for them though. If a game isn't a big deal, nobody's going to want to buy it. If you make a big deal of that game, then they will. True, they might regret doing so afterwards, but hey, you have their money, so it worked out for you.

Oh, and to avoid a lot of angry letters here, I'd like to point out that I'm discussing marketting strategies in the abstract here. I'd rather not get into the relative merits of Fable and Sudeki here. I'm sure both will get very good reviews for what it's worth, but let's not get into the journalistic integrity of people who write game reviews either.

Any games like Tales of Symphonia with 4-players where it isn't just for battles? I want a game with multi-player the whole game through.

Okay, I'm done rambling.


PS. I can't wait for Metroid Prime 2, multiplayer Samus intrigues me much more than Halo 2 or any other game on the horizon. Just thought I'd mention that.

Well, there's Secret of Mana, Phantasy Star Online, the Diablo series, and various other Action/RPGs.

I'm surprised I don't have more letters about this.

I always fantasized about a Vincent spinoff. Not because he was my favorite character in FFVII, but because it just seemed like the most likely choice. I always thought about it being sort of like a stealth shooter, being that he uses guns and all. And I'm guessing now that the real game will be a stealth shooter with RPG elements mixed in. But it's really a stealth killer, not just shooter, because he will be able to turn into many horrible creatures that don't need weapons. You know that scene in FFVII where the Mako monster is born out of that pod at the Nibel Mountain Reactor? That's the atmosphere that will be felt throughout the game. Lucrecia: Zelda. The point is that I love FFVII and I'm also drunk.

First off, I have to say that I love the way this letter ends.

So anyway, yes. Spin-offs of Final Fantasy 7 abound these days. Strange isn't it how setting multiple games in the same world can come off as a novelty? Nice to see one coming along for an actual console though. Might be worth checking out. I'd rather not get into speculation over the gameplay so early on though.

One heck of a followup.

Skies of Arcadia Legends Spoilers

I want to correct you on one thing. Actually, if you finish the Piastol/Moonfish sidequest in Skies of Arcadia Legends on the Gamecube you learn that Ramirez's motivations are a much deeper than originally apparent in the Dreamcast version. When Ramirez was first sent to Arcadia by the elders to collect the moon crystals, he was first stationed with an Admiral Mendosa before aligning himself with Galcian. While in Valua, due to their caste system, he got to see only the worst of humanity. However, believing that Mendosa was an honorable man despite all this, he still held out on hope for the species. Later on when he learned of the slavery in Ixa'taka he became appalled and attempted to attack Galcian, whom at that time was not leader of the entire Armada but rather the man in charge of Ixa'taka. During that confrontation Galcian mocked Ramirez for believing in Mendosa and told him that he'd be waiting when he learned the truth. Ramirez, disturbed somehwat by what Galcian said, having already had his faith in humanity shattered once, begins digging into Mendosa's activities when Mendosa tells Ramirez that he can't do anything about Galcian's slaving activities in Ixa'taka. What Ramirez found horrified him, it wasn't that Mendosa COULDN'T do anything about Galcian's slaving activities, but rather WOULDN'T as Mendosa himself would get caught too since he was secretly working them when Galcian stopped working the slaves and then pocketing the extra moon stones for himself in secret for profit. When Ramirez confronted Mendosa on this fact, Mendosa revealed that he only pretended to be all high and noble to cover his act and tried to order Ramirez killed now that he knew his secret. However, before the guards could get to Ramirez, Ramirez had already killed Mendosa. He then set fire to Mendosa's ship and left to see Galcian whom he came to believe could actually save this pathetic species because he was somehow different and not just chasing after money like the rest. So, when you kill Galcian, the only person that Ramirez believed could save our pathetic species from itself through subjugation, he decides the only thing left to do is to exterminate a species that is now unsaveable since you killed what he believed to be its only savior.

On a side note, Piastol ran into Vyse and Aika when Dyne's crew landed on the burning ship to rescue the survivors, and Vyse got his scar when he blocked a knife meant for Aika that was thrown because Piastol thought it was the blue rogues on the ship that had lit it, which is why she goes on to become a hunter of all pirates whether they are blue rogues or black pirates so as to avenge the death of her father and sister (although she is mistaken on this front, her sister is actually the girl whose bird you give moonfish to and thus not dead).

One could debate that none of that is quite canonical as a different dev team added all the extra content to the GC version, but it's nice to see what I missed out on all the same. In either case though, we have the same basic motive here. Humanity sucks, except for this guy. You killed him, so boom goes the world.

On a related note...

Heya Goog!

Since someone asked about the Wild Arms Remake, I thought I'd give some more concrete answers since I now live in Japan and own the game. From what I can tell, it is mostly a direct copy with new graphics and sound and a few changes. For starters, you now have a migrant level, just like in WA3. There is also a Vitality Guage, meaning you can recover up to 100 HP after fights. There are also red and white crystals to refill these guages. Also, now you have to find the dugeons like in WA2 and WA3, but if you remember where they are, it makes it a lot easier if your Japanese is less than perfect. This obviously will not be a probem when/if the game comes out in the States.


The other main change is the fact that there are now 6 characters, but 3 of them are extra. Calamaty Jane is one. The others are Emma and Zed actually. You can pick up Zed at the very very end of the game. However, I have yet to get that far.


The other changes are only cosmetic. Layout of towns is different, and you no longer walk into a building and the roof just goes transparent. Now the camera goes inside with you and you can see better how detailed the environments are. There is also a STRONG emphasis placed on that red balloon in the opening video which you get after you assemble your team of 3.
But yeah, aside from that, the game is pretty much the same. Cecilia still uses magic via crestgraphs and Jack still has his quickdraws.

In other news, Paper Mario 2 is one of the best games I've played in years, which brings me to a question. Are there any more Nintendo first or second party RPGs slated to come out in the next while? I know there's the new Zelda (RPG it may not be, but still looks VERY pretty,) which Japan will get on New Years, and there's the Fire Emblem series, but those are quite text heavy. Anything good coming to the States that I can import? Odd calling US games Imports....

Well, hope this helps on the WA: ACF front. I'd say get it. It's quite pretty.


Well there's the Pokémon remakes there, but that's all that comes to mind unless Mother 1&2 manages to sneak in under the radar. Getting a bit late for that though.

Where my attention will be next month.

hi Goog,

I know you're a huge farscape fan, so, how do you think the miniseries in october will be? I know a lot of people have been waiting for more closure on the series for a while.

It shall be good, but it shall be too brief. So sayeth some nerd.

The Last Laugh:

OK. Phantom Brave is in the can. Now back I go to Disgaea.

Googleshng "As fun as it is to slap people with fish, I have that alternate netherworld sitting over there."

Mmmmmm... prinnies.

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