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Googleshng - September 9 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

OK. Some of the stranger concepts in Phantom Brave include: Having to deploy characters by making them possess rocks and trees, River City Ransom style characters-as-clubs, and the fact that characters/monsters/items can be thrown or knocked off the edges of the map and instantly killed.

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This is refering to FF10. Don't leave such context out of the bodies of your letters kids.

Try as i might i cannot get into this game. i find the story to be pretty thin besides for the face value entertainment. The battle system is beyond lacking and way to easy on top of that a rip off of BOFIV. The voices in battle are annoying beyond all hell. I just realy wanna know is this a good game or all hype?

Well, you'd probably be better off asking someone who loves the game than me here. From where I sit, when you really get down to it, the sole source of all the drooling people do over FF10 is the "Final Fantasy" in the name. To each his own though I suppose. Oh, and please, let's not start up some sort of FF10 rules/sucks debate here.

Print and Anime

My question is rather simple, would you or anyone else at RPGamer ever consider maybe working for a gaming magazine or such? I think one of you guys would do a much better job than some of the "experts" in the main group of gaming magazines (EGM, OPM, etc.). Seriously, some of these people rate games lower because they're "too hard." One person at EGM thought SO3's battle system was too difficult (which it really isn't for anyone who has any experience whatsoever in games). Anyone enough of that rant.

My other question is what are your favorite animes? I'm relatively new to browsing this site, and on your biography, it's listed as one of your hobbies. I think it'd be cool if you could just tell us a few of your preferred animes, and then a brief reason why you like them.

Well, if you want to hear from me about a given anime series, there's always this here, updated entirely too infrequently.

As for your magazine writing question, that's rather odd. I mean, if you use a sufficiently modern definition of the term, RPGamer IS a gaming magazine, so I'd certainly hope everyone on staff has considered working for one. If you're asking if we'd ever consider a print mag, the answer would be yes, if we had the money to do so. If on the other hand you're asking if, say, I'd ever consider writing freelance articles for *insert magazine name here* on the side, there would be a HUGE conflict of interests there. Although I suppose I could in theory do freelance work along those lines if it was in regards to games we don't cover.

We appreciate the compliments though in any case.


I currently own a Gamecube, I am hoping to have a playstation 2 by the middle of october. I am going to need an rpg to take up the many hours of nothing between college classes, and work. So could you suggest a game for each system. If it affects your sugestion, I am still deeply rooted in The Legend of Zelda series, Final Fantasy (I feel that the crowning moment is a toss up between 6 and 7). I will am more than willing to expand my playing feild though.

My Plans are ALWAYS practical! It's the laws of physics that get in the way of my success.

Well, I could just recommend Zelda: Wind Waker and FF10-2 here and be on my way. If you want more than that though, let's go with... Tales of Symphonia, and Shadow Hearts.

The Name Game

Mr. Googleshang,

Do you know if a web site exists out there that explains the names of video games heroes and villians like their legends and histories and stuff like that? For some reason, the names behind the dot hack villians like Magus meaning mage comes to mind, and I was wondering if you knew a web site like that?


P.s. Please answer this as best as you can; I don't know of any web sites like this and it would be a great help.

Well, I could probably find a hundred nerds' personal pages listing off the origins of names in games, but if you want a single be all end all comprehensive up to date list, covering every game out there, then I think you're out of luck. Something like this might help though I suppose.

A common sight in my inbox these days.


How good did you find Shadow Hearts? Kinda wondering about that for when it rolls along with the pre-ordered SH II....And Star Ocean Till the end of time? so many games, too many reviews.


I loved Shadow Hearts. As did everyone else I've known to have played it. With SO3, I'm less enthusiastic based on some things I've heard.

The Last Laugh:

Darn strange game that Phantom Brave. Strange and good.

Googleshng "Romantic Zombie Comedy"

And somehow, I didn't write it.

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