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Googleshng - August 26 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Wow. Thursday. Having a serious disruption of your schedule can really mess with your perceptions of the passage of time. I think I'll counter that with some nice normal question answering I will.

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The flow of releases.

This question is more geared for Miss Google.

The Gamecube isn't exactly noted for its strength of RPGs necessarily. It has some good titles but these truly lack the originality to call them true RPGs for the GC. The one that came closest was Lost Kingdoms and that was really original but not in the standard aspect of an RPG.

Then along came Tales of Symphonia.

This game is definitely the first true RPG that I have seen since the launch of the Gamecube. It has a completely new feel to it than Skies of Arcadia has for being a game ported over. The success of Symphonia is relatively evident in the sales since the release date. This shows that Nintendo can still have success with RPG titles.

Is this a precursor for more companies to think about releasing RPGs on the Gamecube? Could we have another era like the wave of RPGs that came out on the SNES back in the day?

Only time and patience will tell.


You know, there never actually WAS a huge flood of RPGs for the SNES. A lot of great games came out, sure, but there were really only two or three per year. That pace is already being met and thensome. Heck, before the end of this year we have Paper Mario 2 and Baten Kaitos coming. Three droolworthy games pretty much back to back. As for whether we'll see the same sort of thing carrying into next year and beyond, I suppose that's largely dependant on how these ones fair.

I have to point out though that there has never been a point when Nintendo couldn't say they have success with RPGs. I mean, just look at Pokémon.

Of Quoteworks and NES Obscura

Querido Googleshng,

I remember that quote! It's from the old ladies in Zelda II that restore your magic. I loved all the zany quotes characters would have to crunch into one text box. "Leave me alone. Master is in woods N of river."

I've been working on Wild Arms 3, but I put it down at the spot where you're supposed to rescue Schrodinger. The whole map search system is a neat twist, but it gets frustrating when you can't find a dungeon anywhere.

It's okay, though, because I recently picked my NES back up and played The Magic of Scheherezade for about 3 hours. I always used to play in huge helpings like that. I thought it was because I was a kid and had nothing better to do, but now I'm starting to think there is something to the old games that lends themselves to being played for hours. Did you ever catch that game? It was unsung, but it had a neat dual combat system that combined Zelda and Dragon Warrior engines. I notice that it's not covered in the list, so I'll assume I'm the only person in the world who's heard of it.

Do you get G4 TechTV? X-Play is hilarious. I want a poster of Morgan Webb.

-Tommy Moo

Here's your tilde: ~ And one for the other who got it: ~

Now then, I too have mixed feelings about the whole search bit in the WA games. Nifty and realistic, but sometimes annoying. Same with G4/TTV there. On the one hand, hey, crazy anime at 4 AM! On the other hand "As we all know, Tomb Raider was the first game to ever feature a female protagonist." I know 80-year olds, who have never had more experience with videogames than passing by restaurants with old cabinets in the corners with a better understanding of them than some of these people.

As for your obscure NES game there, nope, I missed that one. There are however quite a few factors that made one play older RPGs for larger spans of time. First off, you had less chances to save it. I mean, the original Dragon Warrior has just one save point in the entire freaking world. Most games of the day only let you save in towns. Today, you can save at pretty much any time, allowing for shorter sessions. That and the goal accomplishments are closer these days too. It used to take you quite a bit to go up a level, and dungeons were huge. Today's RPGs have dungeons which one can walk through in about a minute if they don't get in any fights, if that. Long cut scenes breaking things up is probably a factor too.

Laughing at ourselves.

Gretings (I sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG

Sorry I couldn't get online for some time since I moved to finish my second half of college. I am at the University of Missouri,Rolla so if anyone else is reading this they can find me.

On the cliches lists, nobody brought up my website since it has a cliches list there. I apoligize for not updating the website but it does have link to my livejournal for people to read. Also it would be neat if an Excel-Sagaesque RPG came out where they point out those cliches there.

Imperial Mog

Hmm... the real problem with a parody RPG would be the length. When you're spoofing something, you have to be significantly shorter than it to be funny as a rule. Unless of course you're cramming a bunch of spoofs together, giving you an RPG which directly pokes fun at the most well-known elements of every major RPG out there... hmm..... you know, you may actually be on to something here.

Odd things to swim to.

I was just watching the olympics synchronize womens swimming When I realized what the song was Liberi Fatali from FVIII. Sure it isn't a question but its break through news. We the nerds of the world have taken over the olympics.

Kate the Professor

I'm not much one for sports so I didn't see this myself. That's rather interesting if true, but my skeptical side can think of a decent number of very similar sounding songs which would be much more likely to be heard in this context... but still much less likely to be heard than anything else out there. People don't tend to swim to the tune of big Latin/fake Latin chanting choirs.

Beating a dead horse.

Dear El Goog,

Your explanation of why so many of my friends positively love Legend of Dragoon was very much appreciated. It was always much of a mystery to me, despite the fact that Lavitz is actually pretty cool.

It's pretty bearable when you play the Legend of Dragoon Drinking Game, though.

(Whenever "Shana" and "Rescue" or "Save" share a text-box, take a drink.)


I assume we're refering to my "never played an RPG before" comment here. Personally, what I did to pass the time was see how many of the specifics of the game I could call ahead of time. "OK, now we're going to head to a really big town, with an arena in the back, and someone is going to talk Dart into fighting in the tournement, where I will have to fight the same set of battles from every RPG arena ever, and after beating the guy who just keeps cutting my HP in half, it'll turn out I have to fight Lloyd." It doesn't get much more formulaic than that folks.

The Last Laugh:

And thus ends my weird time warp week. Have a good weekend everyone!

Googleshng "Let's do the Time Warp Again..."

Out of my head stupid song! I hate that movie...

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