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Googleshng - August 25 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Olympic gymnasts are creepy in the number of ways they can flip around in one jump. I assume non-Olympic gymnasts are too, but I've never actually seen one.

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A Tale of Two Importers, Part 1

Hello. I have been doing much research on European video gaming lately, and have been somewhat irked about the bonus material they have been receiving (FFX International, FFX-2 International, and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix are the ones I know about). My questions:

A) Are there any games besides the ones I know about that this is occuring for? I heard something about Star Ocean being this way but I'm nto certain.

B) Could I go to Britain (the one European country which speaks English), buy the said games there, play them, and view the new content with no trouble? If not, what would you suggest (short of learning Japanese) to get ahold of this material in a playable and comprehensible form?

Thank you for your assistance.

The Pezman

Actually, there's a fair number of countries you could go to to exercise your plan here, what with there being other English speaking countries, and a good deal of European games (if not all) being released with a language selection option. In any case though, this plan would work just fine if you went and bought European consoles, hooked them to European TVs, and played European games on them. Otherwise you'd have to deal with the fun of getting around regional lockouts and differing video standards.

The alternative of course is just to accept the fact that companies occassionally throw in a couple little extras for our friends across the Atlantic to make up for them getting all their games a year late if they get them at all, and not lose sleep over it. You really aren't missing out on much of anything.

A Tale of Two Importers, Part 2


Couple of weeks ago I sent a letter similar to this on to Andrew but now I'd like your take on matters. You see when living in Europe we get about half the games you get in the states. However, there's a spiffy little invention called a mod-chip that now let's me play american ( and japanese) games PS and PS2 games on my PS2. Therefor I'm wondering which games you think are the must-haves for these two systems cause I'd like to compare your answers to Andrew's. Oh and with my semi-recent purchase of the american FFT I have all FFs so don't bother with those.

Thanks a bunch

Carl Greder

Well, one good place to start would be the reviews section, but off the top of my head we've got everything from Working Designs, the Wild ARMs series, Koudelka, Shadow Hearts, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, Vandal Hearts, Kartia, Valkyrie Profile, Disgaea, and of course, Castlevania: SotN. That should be a good start.

Limited Attention Span

is that the topic? i like voice acting in some games, can't any now cuz they all suck, but still, i like to hear some poor guy poaring his heart into voicing a character just to realize thousands gamers worldwide say he can't do it, wouldn't like to be in his Dragon Scale Runing Shoes, that's for shore, anyone hear the german accents in FM4? did i hear someone say the Governator?

anywayzzz, i have a Q for your A, what's up with Unlimited Saga? i can't go trough a single level, i can't bring healing items with me, i can't retutn to a town, and, i don't die when my HP reaches 0, bleh, worst 14.83 i ever spent

This has been the first Q for A from this guy, hope it gets in, i'l be famous, shirt and shoe contracts, and maybe videogame characters named after me, yours truly, "this guy"

I don't really do topics. You ask questions about whatever you want, and I'll answer them. In any case though, there's a difference between a German accent and an Austrian one.

Anyway though, Unlimited Saga. There's two issues here really. The first is that over the years, the SaGa series has developed a lot of unique little quirks, like how "HP" is really just a form of armor protecting your ACTUAL HP (called LP). The other issue is that they're rather sink-or-swim. Basically, what you have to do when playing Unlimited Saga is forget everything you know about playing an RPG,take some time with it, figure out how things work, and then start over. Oh, and I think the pirate girl there is probably the easiest to start with incidently.

Of course, it should be noted that is isn't a game for everyone. Just masochists really.

Phenomincal Cosmic Graphics, Teeeeeeny Little Screen.

So As we have all seen by now, the GBA can play Movies of decent quality. That being the case, why hasn't the game industry tried puting FMV's on the GBA? The largest game i've seen them put out is about 128 Mb but I know for a fact that carts can be made to hold up to a Gigabit. So why are we being jipped on the FMV's?

Well, there's two issues here. The first is the same reason the PSP isn't going to sweep the market. People don't care about eye popping visuals when their palm is bigger than the screen. I mean, look at the most popular games ever. Tetris and Pokémon. The graphics are just good enough that you can tell what you're doing. I'm not saying a nice rendered or animated movie wouldn't be nice, but it's not going to be a selling point unless the console industry completely dies out.

This brings us to point #2. The bigger the cart, the higher the cost. If a feature is going to drive costs up, and it isn't going to be appealing enough for people to want to pay more, which is why you don't tend to see this happening.


I'm sure Namco was thinking of the profit margin and localization costs of thier Tales series when they decided not to bring the (gorgeous looking) Tales of Destiny 2 on PS2 to the U.S; however it looks to me like Tales of Symphonia on gamecube was met with some pretty good reviews and success, begging the question... will the new Tales of Rebirth on PS2 stand a chance of reaching our shores? (with some mediocre voice work at least?!)
....what would your bet be?

Well, as a general rule of thumb, we get more than we don't, so I'd think it'll most likely come over, yes.

The Last Laugh:

Brand new, high quality ethernet cable: $15.

New cable modem: $200.

Travel expenses: $20.

Finally convincing the tech support guy it's a software problem at their end: Priceless.

So yeah. I've been having connection problems for, well, pretty much the last three months here. Every day I called tech support, every day they told me to do the same things I always make sure to do before I bother to call. Every day I ask them to make sure the problem isn't what it turned out to be, and every day nobody fixed anything and I had to do what I needed in the windows where it cleared up for a while.

Then yesterday I stopped getting those windows, and had to spend two days yelling at people and verifying it wasn't a problem with my hardware. Fun. It should finally be fixed now though, so tomorrow's column should go up without a hitch.

Googleshng "Cannot connect to server."

And no, I didn't actually have to buy a new modem... eventually.

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