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Googleshng - August 17 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

As I might have mentioned last week, upon realizing recently that nobody I knew honestly knew any of the specifics about the whole Watergate thing, I ended up watching All the President's Men. So now I know, and knowing is half the battle. It is weird though when you're watching a non-fiction movie and you don't really know how it's going to go. See also, Braveheart. The American educational system honestly is pretty spotty when it comes to history.

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The same answers honestly apply to most MMORPGs

Hail to the Brain sucking Jello Googleshngs,

How far can you take model creation in FFXI? Can you like change there clothing and facial exspessions and heck shoe color?

I also must ask i hear its really hard to make gil? what would be a good way to make gil without selling you body to science?


P.S : Bill Cosby is on to you and is after you!

As I understand it, what your character is shown wearing in FF11 depends on what your character has equipped. Past that, a lot of appearance customization tends to be pretty standard for the genre as a whole.

As for making money, that's just a matter of how much time you're willing to spend going out and earning it.

The first of several letters about voice acting in games.

Le yeargh, it is the return of the barrier!

Anyways. Hello, Goog. *coughs* Ah, voice acting, the double edged sword. I'll admit, FFX had some pretty cheesy acting....

But that is NOT the point! (And here you see I'm overly dramatic. Go me..)

Okay, I like some voice acting, and hate others. The thing that drives me to either like or loathe said double edged sword is how well the actor does the character. I mean, they're supposed to be believable, yes?? So if the actor does an excellent job of NOT sounding cheesy and actually bringing some life to the character, then yay. Nay if they just DO NOT fit (voice and all) the person they're supposed to be playing! THAT, IN ITSELF, IS WHY I LIKE VOICE ACTING! IT ADDS A BREATH OF LIFE THAT ISN'T FELT IN READING THOSE LINES TO YOURSELF!

Of course, again, maybe the inner voice would be very much better than cheesy acting. However, there are gems in the proverbial garbage.

A good example of a game with good voice acting would be Kingdom Hearts. And NO, I'm not such a fangirl that I'd make it out to be perfect. But overall, they covered the entire cast very very VERY well. (Of course, we all know how fanatical Disney and Square Enix are with such things.) Now, I say overall, because there were just some atrocities I will not mention. But I had to say my day was very much made when I heard the voice of the main antagonist, Ansem. It was freaking INSANE. He sounded INSANE, and I actually BELIEVED the actor. Billy Zane (for it was him) did a good job.

Again, I was glad it didn't turn out like some of the great cheese fest made by FFX.

In short (*laughs* I doubt I covered the point at all), yes voice acting can suck creamsicles. But there ARE exceptions that make it worth it. That is why I endure it all!

And that covers that.^^ So, about Aeris being revived. I very much doubt Andrew's futile efforts to have people talking about Growlanser 3, so I will state it now.


However, I have indeed seen shots of her in Advent Children!!!!!! (Yes, including from this website's lovely AC shots) O.o WHAT ON EARTH?!?!?

I wish this letter wasn't so long, but be glad I only crawl out of my video game infested room for a few topics^^ Moving on, I hope Advent Children is good. I hope the voice acting is NOT cheesy and shudder inducing! And I hope the movie acually has some PLOT! I bet you two shiny rupees that Hojo made those clones and is the geezer person in the wheel chair. *grins*

And one thing about music with Xenosaga. (It's been mentioned the past few days, and I felt like commenting.) Ep. 2 is done by the composer known as Yuki Kajiura, so hopefully most of the soundtrack will be good and not as yawn inducing as the previous episodes. (For those who have no clue who Yuki Kajiura is, she has worked mostly on anime titles, including Noir, .Hack, and a little bit on Gundam Seed. So there.)

I am done, and will thus return to my bastion of anime and games.


Well, that was a bit on the long and rambling side, but yes. Kingdom Hearts is a good example of a game with some very nice voice acting. If you're filling your game with famous cartoon characters, and you get their usual VAs, the end result is going to be very good indeed. You also tend to be in good shape if you end up hiring top notch pro voice actors as a general rule, as opposed to passing a microphone around the office like some people do.

International Disputes

I'm not sure why I'm bothering to write this considering you'll probably get a dozen letters just like this, but while you say voice acting is generally better here than in Japan, I haven't really found that to be the case. I haven't played Disgaea even though I probably should, so I can't comment on that one, but with the two notable examples of RPGs with voice acting that I can think of, Final Fantasy X and Xenosaga, the Japanese voice actors where much better. The Japanese voice actor for Tidus didn't have him sound quite as annoying and whiney and Yuna was a bit more believable. With Xenosaga the voice acting in Japanese was a bit better all around. Plus, with both of those games you didn't have the annoying lip flapping. I suppose it just would've been better if they gave you the option to choose the language. And I suppose the English version of Final Fantasy X-2 did a pretty exceptional job, though I haven't heard much of the Japanese version with that one. I won't even mention Star Ocean 2, though. *SHUDDERS* I think with some exceptions the original Japanese tends to be better, and as you mentioned with the other genres, English voice acting is often pretty good if it's the original language like in Koudelka, though I'm not sure how that explains about what I've been hearing about Sudeki.

Again, here it all comes down to who's doing the voice casting, and how much they're willing to pay. If a publisher is handling a lot of action games with heavy voice acting in them (like say... Capcom and Konami), odds are they're going to have a lot of very talented people on hand to get the job done right. When you have someone who doesn't have a lot of call for it on the other hand, like most people who primarily publish RPGs, it's going to be more hit and miss. The general trend though these days is towards very high quality voice work when games come to North America, and you can really see the difference when a game offers you a choice between Japanese and English voices like Disgaea does.

Watch the language people.

hey you know what game i really love but the voice acting is SMURFing annoying FFX man every sentence is ended in "yah know". it gets really redudant and annoying..

Kate the Professor.

Upon breaching the subject of voice acting in games, one message comes in across the board. FF10's is just plain terrible. Every letter up here says so. Everyone who was randomly talking to me over the course of the day about the column says so. I am not at all inclined to disagree.


how could i get mondo? how to go to rokkaku?

First, these would appear to be the sort of questions to which you could easily find the answers by looking in our Guides section. Second, it should be noted for future reference that I have a much easier time answering questions when you take the time to form complete coherent sentences and enough context to discern what exactly you're asking about.

The Last Laugh:

Having to slap together that chart yesterday has put me in something of a Dragon Forcey mood. So does happening to see some episodes of Crest of the Stars. Easy mental leap from there to Crest of the Star Dragon. I have half a mind to dust off my Saturn, pop in DF2, and start working out translations of all the various formations in it.

Googleshng "Black Death Mask"

Jackal disturbs me. He really does.

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