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Googleshng - August 12 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I finally got around to seeing An American Werewolf in London today, something I've been meaning to do for something like 15 years. It has now been added to the strangely long list of movies about which I can say "that would probably have been terrible if not for the zombies." There's just something about laid back walking corpses that always brings a smile to my face.

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Oh hey, look, a multiparter!


I got a couple of question today.

What is the usual lifespan of a Slime? Considering that every time a Slime meets a sword wielding punk, the Slime end up splattered on the ground (sorry if I bring bad memories of friends from the past) So anyway, seems to me you are the oldest Slime ever. Also, while we are on the Slime subject, what makes a Red Slime stronger than a Blue Slime?

I get the strangest assumptions made about my personal life, I really do. Anyway, to respectively answer your questions in an arbitrary and silly fashion, I would say that the average slime lives about two weeks before being killed by low level adventurers, and that red slimes are stronger due to their higher iron content. That or because they've come back from the Dark World.

Trying to stay on subject here, Shadow Heart... Let's go back a little. A long time ago, I saw pictures of a nameless RPG. It looked cool, quite like Final Fantasy VII but the pre-rendered background seemed more interesting, impressive at the time. Also, EGM (God I hate that game mag) was saying that it was a Survival Horror type of RPG. THAT got my attention, me being such a Survival Horror fan. Then I learned it was named Koudelka and that was the last I heard of it. Years latter (about 3 years ago) I managed to secure a brand new, factory sealed copy of the game. With joy I bought it, brought it to my sanctuary and I haven't played once. Later on I learned (through you) that Shadow Heart was actually a sequel to Koudelka. So, I got Shadow Heart... not even knowing if I liked Koudelka. So anyway, now I feel the need to play at least Koudelka. I am encouraged by the fact it's actually short. But like any pre-rendered RPG of the past, they can be hard to stomach today. Anything you can say (without spoiling anything) that can push me in the right direction? (the one where I end up playing the game)

While I really don't see what connection there is between the style of artwork a game uses for the backgrounds and the enjoyability, here we go. Several reasons to play Koudela.

  1. You've already payed good money for it.
  2. It's made by people who worked for Square back in the mid-90s.
  3. It has a very unique plot.
  4. It has a strange pseudo-tactical system of combat.
  5. 1800s horrorish goodness abounds.

Last question is not RPG related. I think you know your stuff with Anime so let me ask. What's up with Japan lately. I got into Anime for the different view on story, character building and especially action scene. Then Evangelion came out and it all changed. Then it seems like all Animes have great concept, but they concentrate on how the character deals with real life problems outside of there "out of the ordinary" life. I was a fan of Nadesico because it had a little of everything. I got the whole box set and watched it in one day. But then the movie came out and to my surprise, it's Evangelion. Well I'm exagerating... but it definately sucked compared to the serie.

For the record, I own everything Evangelion and I like it quite a bit (although the last movie puzzles me to no end) It's just that, you know, variety is a good thing...

Thanks for your time


Well, first off, I feel I should point out that Eva is creditted with starting dozens upon dozens of trends that were in fact in full swing a good deal before it came out. That off my chest, let me just rattle off the titles of some fairly recent anime series that come to mind which really don't focus much on characters angsting over personal problems. Let's see, we have Excel Saga, it's just pure wackiness. We have Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, it's just pure near-future-upbeat-cybernetic-mystery fun. We have One Piece, it's just pure... sort of show I used to watch on Saturday mornings when I was a wee little Q&A host. Presumably we have Naruto, it's just pure show I haven't seen involving wacky super powered ninjas... I think. In any case, I don't believe angst ridden shows are really all that common, they're just rather popular these days is all.

Pogo Power!

How do you do a downward thrust in Zelda 2 The adventures of Link

I am trying to get a key and all the faqs say is that use downward thrust.

What are the controls for this.

Jump, hold down and B. Most people tend to agree it's the most amusing move available in the game.

Portable Tactical Goodness

Ho Googleshng,
I go to thinking today that Nippon Ichi could probably make a very fun tactical RPG on a handheld. Disgaea was a lot more fun the FFT Advance, and the ridiculous amounts of leveling that you could (which was strangely fun) would work really well on a system that you can take with you anywhere. what do you think?


Well, Disgaea is a darn spiffy TRPG. The GBA is a darn spiffy platform for TRPGs. Seems like the perfect match to me, yeah.

Random Weirdness A


Uh, nope. No Viktors here. Try down the hall.

Random Weirdness B

What happened to all the RPG's Googlespank?

Well, I'm not entirely sure what Googlespank is, but if the RPG's personal stash of it has gone missing, then I blame... uh... how about that Viktor guy?

The Last Laugh:

Today someone posed to me the rather interesting question of how Working Designs manages to stay in business when they sink as much time and money into stuff like the Arc collection all the time. That really is a good question. Best I can figure is they have a very low overhead on their day to day business. That or something involving zany magical robots. Either way, I'm glad they have it.

Googleshng "So you're undead, and I'm a werewolf."

That zombie sure did rot a lot in the course of just a month.

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