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Googleshng - August 10 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Did you ever stop to ponder how annoying it is that we're stuck with months named after various important figures in Roman history?

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That special little something.

Googleshng. No one's ever asked why on earth you've been given this nonsensical monicker.


Ahh it's a Q&A so I'll ask an RPG-related question. Why don't RPGs seem to possess the same captivating qualities that they did before the jump to the 128-bit systems? Final Fantasy 7 drew me in and wouldn't let me up for air until I'd spent all of 6th grade breeding those damn Chocobos for that useless KotR summon. I bought Tales of Symphonia for 'Cube and if I reviewed it, it would get 10s in every collumn but it's just lacking whatever the games of yore had. Lufia 2 and Chrono Trigger come to mind. I'm just wondering what facet games these days are missing cause I just don't have the desire I used to.


-Doby G

Well, let's see. There's three things that make for a good game. First we have the presentation. The graphics, the music, etc. etc. No problem here I assume. Then we have the original gimmick. Lufia 2 for instance had the whole bit with puzzle filled dungeons, Chrono Trigger had the whole bit with multiple characters combining spells, not to mention plus games, FF7 had the materia system and mini-games out the wazoo. This might be the problem you have with a lot of games, but I've seen plenty of interesting concepts out there. That leaves the third thing, the fundementals. No matter how nice a game looks, and how inovative the concepts in it, it can still fall flat on it's face if it doesn't try to keep you engaged for 30-60 hours. Most mediocre RPGs out there follow the same formula of sending you from town to dungeon, town to dungeon, town to dungeon, over and over, never mixing things up with sudden spikes in difficulty, bosses requiring unique strategies, or even just a break in the pattern or a deviation from the clichés of the genre. This would be where a lot of recent games have been dropping the ball, but I still say it isn't as bad as you're making it out.

Mega Mega Mega

Seeing as how you were talking about there being no Megaman 9 yesterday, I thought that I'd have to point this out: There was one last Megaman game in the main series after Megaman 8. Megaman and Bass (originally Rockman and Forte on the Super Famicom) finally got a US release on the GBA in recent years.

Capcom did get a bit lazy and reused two of the bosses from Megaman 8... Astro Man and Tengu Man. The other 6 bosses are new, though. The new bosses are: Cold Man, Burner Man, Pirate Man, Ground Man, Magic Man, and Dynamo Man. There's also a new bad guy, King. I haven't played all the way through this game yet, but it's pretty much a given that Wily is involved somehow.

Also, here's the Lunar 2 XA Ripping file.

R. Bemrose

Well aware, but you're pretty much proving my point with that boss list. How many Fire Men do we have to put up with? Anyway, thanks for yon random audio fun.

OK, we need to get it out of our systems.

Wait, Glong, you think that they might not have made it because of a lack of boss concepts? Come on. I can think of at least ten right off the top of my head. Hose Man! Sludge Man! Game Franchise Man! Tired Man! Mucous Membrane Man! Two Men Man! Wom-Man! Writing Impliment Man! Rock-Paper-Scissors Man! Q&A Man! There. That's a game, complete with the two really tough bosses you fight on the way to Wily. Oh, and you need the little theme music: De deh de neeh neeeeh... De deh neh de neeh neeehhhh. Deh neh neh! Deh neh neh! Neh Deh ne neeeeh NEEEEEHHHHH!!!! (Cue Wily's Eyebrows.) It's far more likely the Megaman X (the letter) vs. Megaman X (the Roman numeral for 10) argument. Well, I personally think that Megaman could easily keep on living with the most obvious choice: GBA. No dashing, no kickball BS attack, and no castrated voice actors. Well, Plick the flimple, Goog.

Kenny the C.

You know, there already WAS a "Two Men Man" back in MM3. Anyway though, the smaller screen of the GBA would really just aggrivate the main problem of MM7 and 8 I'd think.


Two words: Bubba Nyarlahotep.



Uh, yeah...

The Last Laugh:

Well... that there was an odd little column. Let's see if tomorrow people ask questions about more RPGs.

Googleshng "Groovy."


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