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Googleshng - August 9 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Good old Army of Darkness. You're just so spiffy.

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That there series.

!gnhselooG iH Feople like to knock Final Fantasy Unlimited. I thought it was interesting and enjoyable. It's sure as hell not related to the gamesor anything, but it still is an interesting show. To that guy who bought the first volume: I don't know if you want to buy the rest, but if you enjoyed the first ones, get the others leisurely. If you just barely watched the first ones without shooting yourself, it gets a little better, but the focus of the show is never on battles and cataclysmic events, so much as it is on strange and interesting events and all. I mean, lets face it, Kuroki Kaze (Or Black Wind, or Demon Gunner, whatever the actual english version calls him,) is really the only one who can do any damage to anything at all. Personally, I think the anime is a commentary about FF games de-evolving into the pattern of "Summon, Summon, Summon, Heal!" I mean, I beat FF5 by summoning Bahamut, and just having everyone use Mimic for the next hour.

I find it odd that you use FF5 as an example there. Summoning wasn't really The Thing To Do until FF7 last I checked. This does bring up an interesting point though. What the heck ever happened to MP? It used to be that in every RPG, when you want to cast a spell, it costs MP. Since MP is a very precious and limited resource, you had to be very careful about only casting spells when it was a life or death situation, keeping as much MP as possible saved for the upcoming boss, or just the trip back to town.

What the heck happened to that? RPGs still have MP, but it's no longer something you have to worry about. I can't recall the last time I played an RPG where I didn't have my mages and healers constantly casting their biggest spells without even coming close to running out of MP. Of course, to be fair, it's been roughly as long since I've seen an RPG where spells do more damage than regular attacks. Strange trends indeed.

Wacky sound files

I noticed the other day that you posted the Working Designs track from the Sega Saturn CDs.

How about posting the Playstation Lunar 2: Eternal Blue XA Audio Ripping "track"? The one buried inside the Outtakes file on disc 2?

Actually, I can send it to you if you need a copy of it.

R. Bemrose

Why that's really quite simple. I don't post it because that would require me to actually find some program to poke around in the game's files and convert something to an MP3... or have someone randomly fling it my way. That'd work too.

Well, I posted a letter about an anime series base on an RPG...

So, after almost 20 straight hours of mega man yesterday, I came to a realization. The reason they didn't make mega man 9 is because if they did, then they'd have confusion between the mega man and the mega man X series, seeing as how they use roman numerals for all the mega mans.

Oh, and it's a sorry state of affairs when you can't go to sleep because every time you close your eyes, all you see is side-scrolling strategy.

A lot of people are confused by that as is actually. Other possibilities of course include:

They wanted to save a couple sequels so that when they get around to linking all the franchaises together, they can do so without making more than a dozen games per.

They just flat out ran out of boss concepts.

They realized that nobody would buy a 9th game, as 7 and 8 made it quite clear that attempts at making MM games on modern systems yields complete garbage.

Take your pick, although I'd say it's a combination of a few. I cringe at the thought of Megaman.exe having to face off against Springman though.

The Last Laugh:

I've been bombarded with zombie paraphenalia of late. Not that I'm complaining mind you, keep it coming.

Googleshng "Good, bad, I'm the one with the gun."

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