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Googleshng - August 4 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I have a lot of crazy relatives. A lot of people say that, and they don't really mean it. A lot of other people mean it, but it's simple stuff like someone who thinks they can see the future, or someone who plots to destroy all the world's cell phones. Then there's a third group who say it and REALLY mean it. I'm pretty sure I fall into the second, but I'm pretty close to the third when it comes to a few people.

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Ok, this one should be easy... I am looking for a recording of the audio track with "kiss your tweeters goodbye" as a joke for a friend... I had a disk that had that on it but it belonged to my roommate and I have moved 1200 miles . . .

Lemme know?

Assuming you're refering to the little track that played when you stuck a Saturn game by Working Designs, like say, Dragon Force here, into a CD player, like say, iTunes here... *RIP* then here you go. Assuming of course I'm not breaking any sort of copywrite law posting that.

Not a thought I like.


Do you think that the new Nintendo console will allow players to play current gamecube games or do you think they'll use an entirely new format?


Possibly, but this is so very much not the time to be thinking of a new generation of consoles. The ones out now aren't exactly showing signs of aging. I don't even think these portable systems on the horizon are warranted.

Dammit Jim! I'm a Q&A host, not a strategy guide!

I need help on how to get Anrietta in Arc the Lad 3 to join my party.

During job 90 when I got her flower I gave it back to her and in job 100 I can't seem to get her to join!!!?

I only have aborted 1 job and I failed 2 and I have like 3 or 4 incompletes and 4 that other hunters took, but I don't see how they could stop her from joining? I don't want to beat arc the Lad 3 without her but yet I don't want to start over and play the 52 hours over just to get her. Please Help me.

Anrietta Trouble.

My normal response for this would be to point you at a walkthrough, but if I recall, the real trick to it is that you are given a choice at one point. With one option, you complete the job, with the other, you fail but the freaky little kid joins you. Hope that helps.

The Last Laugh:

Ack! When you have friends 12 time zones away, it's very easy to stay up until dawn.

Googleshng "Remove the head and scatter the ashes."

Don't ask for context there, trust me.

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