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Googleshng - August 3 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Seriously. Why do people allow The Daily Show to interview them? Even if you've lived in a cave for the last 7 years, once the interview starts, you should be able to clue in and attempt to save yourself from being a complete idiot for my amusement. Not that I'm complaining.

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Some Sum

Hey Googleshng,

How are ya?

Ok on to the real Question. Of all the screenshots of Final Fantasy XI i have yet to see a screenshot of a summon. I was wondering if there are summons in FFXI? (Need my fix, need Bahamut) Square-Enix you better not make me pull out my chefs knife!


There is indeed a summoner class in FF11, for all your summony goodness needs. Odd there's no screen shots to go along with it though.

Getting back to something I said earlier.

I'm having a momentary memory lapse. I can't recall one RPG that had any sort of 200 foot tall purple girls in it.

In pretty much every RPG released during the 16-bit era, the last fight in the game is with something, and it has multiple forms, and the last form is, arbitrarily, a giant purple nude girl, or something along those lines. Heck, you still see it a lot in modern games. That or some sort of angel deal. FF6 of course managed to squeeze both in there to bridge the gap.

Ask a simple question...

how do u play 2 players?

Generally, you give each person a controller, and pick the two player game option.

Forget to ask a question...

So, I went to Blockbuster and rented Blues Brothers 2000. Great movie. But the DVD was bad, so I had to return it. I went the next day and they had a different copy, so I grabbed that one. Completely different DVD label and everything, and that sucker didn't work, either. Talk about a little miffed.

In any event, I'm having issues with my nerdiness. I'm getting married at the end of August. It just so happens that's when Pikmin 2, Phantom Brave, and World of Warcraft come out (among others, I'm sure). So, I can't get the games that come out at the beginning of august, because that leads to issues of not spending enough time with the people I need to spend time with. And I can't at the end of August, because I'll be on a cruise in the middle of the ocean. Talk about SOL.

So your question is...?

Assuming it's "which of these games mentioned won't ruin yon marriage?" I'd have to say you'll be good with everything but WoW. Pikmin 2 is 2 player, so you're all set there, and Phantom Brave is a TRPG so you can at least talk while you play, but that is not the sort of situation where you want a MMORPG eating away your life.


Hey! Why don't we rid the world of semi-colons; no one uses them anyway.


Because then we'd need a new end of line character for programming languages. C++ really gets mad if it isn't placated with thousands of semi-colons. Did you ever see a programmer with a black eye? Don't buy that "fell down the stairs" line. That was their compiler.

The Last Laugh:

Geneshaft has been slain. No more awful anime to bring me down after I watch my amusingly cheesy goodness. Huzzah!

Googleshng "Shaft!"

You're daaaaaaamn right.

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