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Googleshng - July 20 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Recently, I was messing with WarCraft 1. It honestly loses pretty much all challenge the second you can start summoning stuff. A constant steady supply of free ANYTHING in a game like that will let you win really.

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Now I'm picturing Hitler with silver hair and wings. Thanks.

Hey, am I the only one getting sick of the constant vomiting out of the same Pokemon game, with a new color attatched to it. I mean, holy crap on toast, how many times do I have to get a Bulbasaur up to level 100 before I have to shoot myself?

Cheerier topic: I love games. Really. Especially ones that are original and fun. Kingdom Hearts, Wild Arms, Megaman, Final Fantasy 6, and a bunch of others. But they don't show up too often anymore. What we need is a World War II RPG, where you have to stop a secret Nazi plot to make Hitler omnipotent with the power of an aztec god or something. It would be easy to plan and all, since the SS and Hitler was all into the Occult, and actually thought that they were reincarnated pagan gods. I'd like that. And in the end, you can fight him, beat him, and then shoot him in the head and leave him in that bunker that we found him in, having committed "Suicide." Well, I have to go watch GTO. Take care, goog.

Kenny the C.

Hmm... well, there's a lot of Indiana Jones games out there as is, which is really what we're talking here when it comes down to it. The problem with making an RPG along such lines though is that if you kept it grounded in reality, it just plain dozen fit to have a party of 4 characters running around trying to kill Hitler. Of course, if you play Shadow Hearts, it actually sets something up like this for a potential sequel now that I stop and think about it.



Really quick questions:
Is there a NewGame+ feature, or something similar, in Xenosaga?

What did you think of Bubba Ho-Tep?


No Plus Game sort of thing no, but you get a nice little clear file to carry stuff over to the second game.

As for yon movie, I'm pretty sure I've covered that. For a movie about Elvis and a crazy old black guy who thinks he's JFK fighting a mummy in a rest home, it has a surprising amount of serious insight and whatnot. Plus JFK is hilarious, and there's a couple scenes that have a nice Army of Darkness vibe, like the scarab bit.

Didn't I just cover this?

Hail Ye-Of-Unidentified-Gender-shng,

I was wondering what your opinions of those Cell Phone RPGs in Japan are? Remakes of FF and DQ games are one thing, we're still able to get our hands on the originals and play them (through legit means or not *cough*). But these new RPGs for Cell Phones got me worried. It's possible we might be missing out on some real good RPGs here, since the games just won't fly in the NA market.

Of course, I'm talking about FFVII: Before Crisis, and Xenosaga: Pied Piper (which seems to have a lack of coverage at RPGamer). Both of which are prequels, and both look really neat. You can't go wrong with The Turks, and an RPG based on Ziggy's backstory is really appealing to me, since he's my favorite XS PC. It doesn't look like, however, we have much chance of seeing them reach this side of the Pacific, and that's too bad.GBA ports would be neat, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Though it'd be more likely Squeenix would port FFVII:BC than Namco would port XS:PP, because Squeenix seems to be the biggest corporate b*tch when it comes to milking a game for what it's worth in terms of ports. (Pop Quiz: Which has been ported the most times so far? FF1 or DQ1?)

Anyhow, this was less of a question, and more ramblings on the fact we're going to miss out on two spiffy looking RPGs. The Cell Phone market in Japan probably won't end up growing too big, but every now and then there's going to be a really good game released that we'll never see.

-Spoony "Wave 'o Babies" Bard

Like I said the last time someone brought it up, from where I sit cell phone gaming is a passing fad. The hardware isn't suited for them, everyone has hardware that is already, and it just isn't worth it for developers to bend over backwards to throw some high quality games out on them. If anything worth playing that happens to come out of this little gimmick, it will be ported to an actual system once the novelty wears off, and like you said, I doubt much of anything will bother trying to skip the pond in any case.

The Last Laugh:

Now that I stop to think about it, it's a shame you can't build walls in StarCraft. They'd actually be handy there. In WC1 they really just seem darn pointless.

Googleshng "Whaaaat? What!"


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