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Googleshng - July 15 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Bubba Ho-tep is honestly a surprisingly insightful movie with a lot to say about life. Seriously. Sure, you've got the inherent hilarity of a decrepit Elvis fighting a mummy, but you also have some really serious commentary about the inherent loss of dignity that comes with old age.

At least, relatively serious.

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Random Praise!

I've been really bored the past couple of days, so I woke up REAL early to go run over like a psychopath to EB Games and pick up Tales of Symphonia..

This is an old-school RPG at heart. The quest (immediately apparent from minute one) is rather standard RPG-fare, but you know what? There hasn't BEEN a standard RPG-fare plot in quite some time...FAR too I'm more than happy to sink my teeth into this one. Equipment slots for head, arms, and body, accessories, special attacks with cheesy names...yes, it's been far too long.

Two things stand out. First is, of course, the battle system...frenetic fun and craziness so far, and the game just keeps throwing more stuff at me before I really feel like I've mastered the last concept...but you know, it keeps me on my toes. PLENTY of strategy here, and the "orders" system REALLY adds another layer. Secondly, the voice acting...really, really great stuff. Best I think I've ever heard in an RPG. Lloyd (Robin from the Teen Titans! Score!) and Colette stand out in particular, and I haven't even encountered the character of my favorite voice actress, Tara Strong, yet. Woo-hoo!

Anyway, go pick it up. Or feel the pain of a thousand suns.

- Feep "Raindrops are fallin' on my head..."

For a second I thought you said a thousand puns. Wonder which would be worse?

Anyway though, nice to see someone finally mentioning the most recent RPG to be released around here.

A surprisingly common sentiment.

Okay, I'm a big Nintendo fan, and I have to say that the Pokemon games are fun RPGs....

But holy triforce, how many are they planning to do? Will it be like Final Fantasy (I love the series, by the way), with the never ending games till doomsday comes?

I mean, really. Yeah, Ruby and Sapphire had *some* new tricks to it, but other than that, more than seven games of same old, same old?

But what is your opinion? Does it look worth it?


I personally pretty much gave up on the Pokémon games when they announced the GBA remakes of the first two. We started with a nice game with a funky gimmick (which soon became the gimmick every game was using). Then we get a weird little extra version of it designed to capitalize even more on the cartoon series, which can largely be ignored. Then we get a sequel which really does a great job of improving on just about everything, and has backwards compatability so that you can carry over all those Pokémon you've spent the last hundred hours collecting and improving. And of course some weird tie-ins, and another alternate version which isn't really noteworthy.

THEN comes the third game, for the GBA, and it's honestly pretty much just a remake of the first one. We have a bunch of new Pokémon though, and there's a bunch of old ones we need the old games to get- but what's this? No backwards compatability? Perhaps there was some issue of hardware compatability, and we'll need some sort of gimmicky adapter?

But then it turns out, no. If you want to have every single Pokémon horded on one cart (and let's be honest, we do), we must now repurchase the first two games, in their various colors, reinvest all that time into catching them all, and possibly have to do it all again the next time the series gets a hardware upgrade. Count me out.

In any case, for those keeping score, the most recent announcement would be 3.5. History tells us it will be a slightly more gimmicky remake of Ruby/Sapphire that you can most likely live without.

We hateses the keitais!

Dear Goog,

Just to clarify things a bit with the region lockouts and stuff like that. If you buy a Japanese SP make sure you have a transformer if you take it back to your own country. Voltages differ between dfferent countries and you could blow up your powerboard and vid warranty on everything. Also if you live in a PAL country make sure your TV has NTSC capabilities.

Also, what's your opinion on FFVII: Before Crisis? I think it's inventive idea to put it on mobile phones but they'll have to make sure it is compatable with as many phones as possible because in a lot of Western countries mobile technology is vastly different from manufacturer to manufacturer instead of the standard the Japanese have.



Gooooogleshnnnnng! What do you think is the chance that mobile phone games, such as Before Crisis, are going to make it to the U.S.? -Thor

I have always been strongly against cell phone games in any form to be honest. There's a variety of reasons for this, ranging from soundly rational to over the top supervillain rantings, but I think the one that best applies here is that, quite frankly, a cell phone can never hope to be able to provide a better gaming experience than an actual videogame system. You don't have the proper focus, the installed user base, or the proper price range. Plus the interface of a cell phone just isn't designed for playing games, and if you try to change that, you get the N-Gage. Enough said there.

So ultimately, cell phone games are doomed to be a novelty, not unlike calculator games and watch games. A few people may end up doing some fairly interesting things before the novelty wears off (like FF7:BC here), but odds are they won't really pan out, especially outside of Japan, dropping off the radar until being rereleased later in some form of anthology.

Incidently, am I the only one who finds it odd how both these people happened to use the handles of former Q&A hosts?

The Last Laugh:

You know, Bruce Campbell really is a surprisingly good actor.

Googleshng "TCB"

It was really hard to think of a quote from Elvis usable in polite company.

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